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Reaching the island four times was unrealistic, so Ling Han could only give up.

Shui Yanyu had also attempted to reach the island before, but she was only able to cross 80 steps even though she was extremely talented. It looked as if she was very close, but 20 steps was in fact quite a huge distance.

Hu Feiyun also made an attempt under Ling Han's encouragement, and surprisingly, she actually succeeded. Moreover, she still had power to spare, causing the surrounding people all clicked their tongues in wonder.

Sure enough, the Ninth King—who was highly regarded by the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire—was not merely a naive and beautiful woman.

Ling Han encouraged her to try again.

Hu Feiyun had a blind trust in him as he had "rescued" her before. Thus, she quickly began her second attempt.

This time, it was clear that she was feeling much more strained. She stopped and retreated after crossing 60 stones.

When seeing that she could advance as quickly as a rabbit, Ling Han instantly knew that she was still far from reaching her full potential. It was just that the Ninth King didn't possess the mindset to endure pain, so her first reaction when facing difficulties was to retreat.

Ling Han believed that even if she couldn't reach the island a second time, reaching 90 steps was still completely within her capability. In fact, if she gritted her teeth and pushed forward, it wouldn't be too difficult for her to complete the grand feat of reaching the island twice.

He believed that if the Ninth King were someone else, they would definitely give it their best effort. First off, special attribute Mountain River Stones were extremely valuable. Secondly, reaching the island was also a tremendous honor. Moreover, who would dare target the Ninth King?

Ling Han involuntarily shook his head. Hu Feiyun was extraordinarily talented in martial arts, yet she lacked a competitive mindset. As such, it was possible that her future achievements might even be surpassed by Shui Yanyu.

"Let's go."

Hu Feiyun was very satisfied that she had obtained a special attribute Mountain River Stone. She hadn't come here to train herself, nor had she come here for Mountain River Stones. Instead, she had only come because the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire wanted her to do so, and she didn't want to disappoint her sister.

'What an innocent girl. With such a personality, she should have never taken a martial arts path.'

They left Crimson Lake, and headed toward Flame Cave.

Flame Cave was another location in this Mystery Realm that was certain to produce Mountain River Stones. Moreover, these were special attribute Mountain River Stones. They could provide cultivators with flame divine patterns, thereby imbuing their attacks with the might of divine flames. This was extremely powerful and useful.

However, Flame Cave was far more dangerous than Crimson Lake, a place where people couldn't voluntarily advance or retreat.

Flame Cave was like a demonic cave, and it was brimming with Lava Beasts, a type of Demonic Beast. They were born with the ability to control divine flames, which caused their battle prowess to exceed their cultivation's by a full level.

So be it if this was all. However, the most important point was that the most powerful Demonic Beast here had already reached the level of high extreme. This was extremely terrifying, and whoever came across them could only choose to flee. In fact, they might not even be able to escape.

Of course, there was only one such Demonic Beast—the King of the Lava Beasts. This Demonic Beast barely ventured out, and would usually remain in the deepest part of the Flame Cave. However, if one were unlucky enough to run into it, they would definitely meet a wretched end.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Of course, Ling Han definitely had to visit the place. He had the Black Tower, so he wouldn't be flustered even if he came across the King of the Lava Beasts. Anyhow, his physique was incredibly powerful right now, and there was no way he could be insta-killed by someone of the high extreme. How could he die when he had the help of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll?

The three of them set off after studying their map for a while.

Hu Feiyun had no enterprising spirit, so she couldn't care less where they went. She had come merely because the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire had told her to do so. There was nothing more to it.

Ling Han familiarized himself with the gravitational effects as he walked. This was so he could fuse it into his battle prowess.

'Even though I have three divine patterns, it's still not enough to elevate my battle prowess by one star.

'The higher my battle prowess, the harder it is to elevate it by another star. The number of stars will only go up if I increase my battle prowess manifold, perhaps even several dozen times.

'However, the divine patterns of gravity can produce wonderful effects if used properly.

'The so-called star geniuses aren't absolute, either. For example, I have a 90 percent chance of success if I ambush someone at the perfection level of the low extreme with my Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow. However, can I say that my battle prowess had reached nine—or even ten—stars?

'These numbers can only be used as rough estimates.'


A fierce wave-like fluctuation suddenly appeared in the dense forest ahead.

Ling Han and Shui Yanyu immediately stopped, yet Hu Feiyun was completely oblivious and continued forward for a few steps, only stopping when she realized that both Ling Han and Shui Yanyu had already stopped. She turned around, and asked, "Why did you both stop?"

Xiu, xiu, xiu!

Three people suddenly dashed out from the dense forest, all of them extremely disheveled and one of them drenched in blood. All three of them sprinted toward Ling Han and the others as if their lives depended on it.

Ling Han didn't dare let his guard down. It was possible these three people were being pursued, yet it was also possible that they were merely acting, with their true aim being to ambush Ling Han and the others. One had to be extremely careful in Mystery Realms; otherwise, they would die without even knowing what had happened.


At this moment, a gigantic beast also charged out from the dense forest. It was a giant ape that was around 30 meters in height. It was almost as tall as the trees in the dense forest.

Its body was raven-black, and it looked like a magnified version of an ape. The only difference was that it had no eyes, bar for the vertical one on its forehead. This eye was extremely large, and almost took up half of its face.


The gigantic ape grabbed the person who was closest to it. Its body was 30 meters tall, yet its arms were surprisingly also 30 meters long. Its hand instantly arrived behind that person's back.

"F*ck off!" the person screamed in shock and terror. They instantly unleashed their strongest sword strike.


The gigantic ape completely ignored this attack, and firmly gripped the person's body. The sword slashed into its palm, yet it was merely able to cut off a few strands of hair. The gigantic ape casually tossed the person into its mouth.


The person was immediately crushed into three segments.

Blood sprayed through the air as their head and legs fell from the corners of the gigantic ape's mouth. However, the gigantic ape curled its tongue around them, and immediately swallowed them into its belly.

That was a cultivator at the peak stage of the low extreme, yet they had died just like that.

"Single Eye Demonic Ape!" Shui Yanyu exclaimed in surprise. "When mature, it can reach the peak stage of the high extreme! We're definitely no match for it… Run!"

As she spoke, the gigantic ape had already caught up to another person, and tossed them into its mouth.

A cold chill shot down Ling Han's spine when he witnessed this sight. Although he liked eating Demonic Beasts, he was definitely no fan of eating in such a bloody manner. Those who weren't brave enough would definitely wet their pants in fright.

"I-I-I can't move!" Hu Feiyun stammered in a shaky voice. She was a timid person, so it was already praiseworthy that she hadn't wet herself yet.

"Run away with her first. I'll hold it back for a while," Ling Han said to Shui Yanyu.

"No, this gigantic ape is too strong," Shui Yanyu said in a resolute voice. "There's no way you can hold it back by yourself. I'll help you."

'Women are so troublesome!'

However, Ling Han had to admit that he was slightly touched by her actions. Before such a terrifying gigantic ape, how many people could utter the words "I'll help you"?
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