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However, much to You Hao's surprise, many people actually wore expressions of interest upon seeing Ling Han attempt to cross the river.

'Am I seeing things?'

A strong sense of jealousy welled up in You Hao's heart. He was the one who had succeeded in reaching the island, so why was everyone more interested it that person?

'F*ck! He hasn't even reached the late stage of the low extreme yet! He only has a mountain, but doesn't have a river!

'Could it be that he's a descendent of some powerful figure?'

You Hao was a small-minded person, and his expression instantly darkened when he saw that his thunder was stolen by someone who hadn't even reached the late stage of the Mountain River Tier yet. He secretly decided to give Ling Han a lesson when he came back.

Anyhow, he wasn't a person from his country, so it mattered little even if he was a descendant of a powerful figure. Everything would be fine as long as he didn't kill him in front of everyone else.

After experiencing a large growth in his cultivation level, Ling Han's speed was naturally quicker this time around. It seemed as if he were walking along flat ground, and the ease with which he advanced caused the onlookers to almost spit their tongues out in astonishment.

One had to realize that this was the second time that Ling Han was attempting to reach the island!

This was already on par with Zhao Lun!

Moreover, when had Zhao Lun completed his grand feat of reaching the island two times in a row? It was when he was at the peak of the low extreme!

In reality, no one was given any special treatment. The gravity fields bearing down on the stones were the same every time, so it was clearly advantageous to have a higher cultivation level. There was no notion of having it easier just because one was undefeated in their own tier.

It was evident that Ling Han still hadn't reached the late stage of the low extreme yet. This meant that there was still room for him to grow stronger, and as such, it was completely possible for him to reach the island for a third time, or perhaps… even a terrifying fourth time!Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.


After arriving before the last 10 stones, Ling Han finally felt some pressure bearing down on him. However, he still took large and decisive steps forward.

98, 99, 100!

He reached the island once again.

Everyone was holding their numb heads.

Both had reached the island two times, but Ling Han was even more freakish than Zhao Lun.

If news of this traveled back, it was likely that the entire Imperial Capital would be stunned. It could elevate Ling Han's standing immensely, or it could also plunge him into a dark and bottomless abyss.

Ling Han grabbed at a Mountain River Stone with one hand and tossed his Blood Sucking Origin Gold outward with another in an attempt to obtain another Mountain River Stone. With his current ability, of course he could complete both these actions at the same time. However, when his hand and the Blood Sucking Origin Gold came into contact with Mountain River Stones at the same time…


The Blood Sucking Origin Gold violently bounced up, and wasn't able to grab that Mountain River Stone.


Ling Han was sent flying back to the bank of the lake again.

'This brat actually succeeded as well?'

A look of jealousy fell across You Hao's face. He had originally been unique and unmatched. Now, however, someone was standing neck and neck with him and stealing part of his glory.

Being the petty-minded person that he was, he immediately walked up to Ling Han. He clapped his hands, and said, "Congratulations, congratulations! You've also managed to successfully reach the island after me. Huh? I've heard that the difficulty will significantly decrease for a short while after someone has successfully reached the island. Heh, in that case, you've benefited from my glory."

The shamelessness of this person was quite startling.

Was he purposefully playing down someone else's achievement to elevate his own standing?

Those who had been here for a long time all started to roar with laughter. They had personally witnessed Ling Han reaching the island twice with very own eyes. What did reaching the island twice signify? At least in the past 1000 years, only one other person had managed this feat—Zhao Lun.

'You've only reached the island once, yet you dare to say that Ling Han is benefitting from your glory? What an absolute joke!'

Embarrassment and anger appeared across You Hao's face. "What are you all laughing at?" he asked coldly. "Is there anything to laugh at?"

"Heh, young man, you're still unaware, aren't you? Before you arrived, our young friend Ling Han already reached the island once," an elder explained. As everyone here was at the low extreme, he didn't dare refer to himself as a senior even though he was clearly older.

This was a rule of the martial arts world—seniority could only be determined by ability.


You Hao spluttered in shock as an incredibly colorful expression spread across his face.

He was struck with disbelief. How was this possible? He was well aware that it would become insanely more difficult to reach the island after successfully arriving there once. It was simply an impossible task. In the past 1000 years, only Zhao Lun had managed to accomplish such a feat.

Once had to realize that Ling Han hadn't even reached the late stage of the low extreme yet! If all this were true, then didn't this mean that there was a possibility of him reaching the island for a third time after leveling up to the late stage of the low extreme?

"Bullsh*t! You're definitely spewing bullsh*t!" You Hao furiously shook his head.

"Heh." More people cracked up in mocking laughter. In fact, if they hadn't witnessed it with their own eyes, they also wouldn't have believed that Ling Han could possibly be so powerful.

Hearing the mocking laughter of so many people, You Hao finally accepted the fact that he had made a great fool out of himself. His face involuntarily flushed red. He glanced at the island in the middle of the lake. Then, he gritted his teeth and dashed toward the stones once more. He was going to attempt reaching the island for a second time.

He crossed the first 10 stones with great difficulty, but after that, his body would sway with each extra step that he took.


In the end, he still fell into the lake.

He instantly shrieked in pain, and started to hurriedly swim back to the bank.

He had failed.

As he had failed at a relatively early stage, he arrived back at the bank in no time. His wounds weren't too serious, yet the mental blow was significant.

He was lesser than another person!

That person was a whole two sub-minor levels below him, yet he had managed to reach the island twice. With such results as a comparison, it was abundantly clear who was more able.

Ling Han merely flashed a smile at him. Being able to reach the island once was already a commendable feat. He withdrew his gaze and started to ponder how to reach the island a third time.

With his current ability… it would be impossible.

He could still spare a shred of power when reaching the island for a second time. However, he could at most only make it a third of the way if he made his third attempt now.

Well, he still had two Mountain River Stones, ones with special attributes no less. Would refining an extreme weight Mountain River Stone here create some resistance to the extreme weight bearing over from the island?

'Let me refine another one and test this out.'

Ling Han retrieved a earthen-yellow Mountain River Stone, and started to refine it in his hand.

Many people looked at him with envious expressions. However, Ling Han's abilities and physique were clear for all to see, and Hu Feiyun was also standing just to the side. Most people only dared to think about but not act upon their greed.

"Young Master, let's leave," the two elderly servants said to You Hao. They had a special Mountain River Stone on them, and such an item would attract greed from others. It was best to leave earlier.

You Hao stared at Ling Han, and only nodded after a long time. "Fine!" If he refined the Mountain River Stone here, then it was extremely likely that he would directly break through to the medium extreme. As an end result, he would be targeted, and then killed, by the regulations of this place.

It wasn't as if no one had tried this before.

Ling Han continued to extract power from the Mountain River Stone. In his Dantian, a river was slowly forming from nothing.

'No wonder Mountain River Stones are such hot property. Their effects are even more outstanding than amazing pills and medicines.'

Although the number of Mountain River Stones needed to level up would increase along with one's cultivation level, a maximum of 10 would probably suffice to help him reach the peak stage of the low extreme.

Thankfully, Mountain River Stones could only forcefully form Mountain Rivers. They couldn't aid with one's comprehension, nor could they help one surpass a minor level. Otherwise, such items would be even more astonishing.

To Ling Han's surprise, he discovered that a streak of earthen-yellow veined pattern had appeared on the "mountain" that he had formed not long ago. It was very shallow in the beginning, yet as the power of the Mountain River Stone continued to surge in, this veined pattern also became deeper and deeper.

This was a divine pattern!
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