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95, 96, 97…

As the saying went, to cover 90 miles out of 100 brought the traveler no farther than midway. Although only a few steps remained, these steps just so happened to be the most difficult to cross. In fact, calling it midway was already being generous.

98, 99!

Ling Han faltered slightly. Then, he drew on all his power and took the last step.

The overwhelming power that weighed down on his body instantly vanished. He immediately lost balance and stumbled forward a few steps before regaining his balance.

This so-called island was incredibly small, measuring no more than six meters in radius. It was also extremely even, and appeared much like a large boulder with its tip cleanly cut off. There were a dozen or so earthen-yellow Mountain River Stones scattered around this island.

'Can't I pick up two—or even more—at once?'

Ling Han bent down and grabbed a Mountain River Stone.


A burst of power instantly erupted from the island and sent him flying outward, all the way to the bank of the lake. He plonked heavily to the ground.

He scratched his head as he trained his eyes on the island once more. He wanted to visit the island again and use both his hand and Blood Sucking Origin Gold to grab a Mountain River Stone. If he performed these two actions at once, would he be able to obtain two Mountain River Stones?

However, several ill-meaning people were already glaring at Ling Han as they walked over.

Although ordinary Mountain River Stones could arouse one's greed, they were still not valuable enough for people to fight over before so many others. Who could guess who would become the final victor? However, it was a different story right now. This was a Mountain River Stone with a special attribute!

Special attributes in Mountain River Stones could bring permanent improvements to one's battle prowess. It could elevate one from a one-star genius to a two-star genius, or from a two-star genius to a three-star genius. Of course, such improvements definitely required more than one special Mountain River Stone. However, without the first Mountain River Stone, where would the second come from?

Say, who could control their greed?

Even if there was only a 1% chance, people would still take a punt on it.

'So what if you're a four-star genius? Your true cultivation level—the early stage of the low extreme—is clear for all to see. At best, your battle prowess will only reach the early stage of the medium extreme. Many here have also reached this level. In fact, some have already surpassed it.'

"Hand the Mountain River Stone over!" The first person to act was an elder at the peak stage of the low extreme. With the help of a secret technique, his battle prowess soared to the peak stage of the medium extreme. The elder was confident that he could crush Ling Han.

Ling Han didn't say anything nonsensical like "I obtained this Mountain River Stone, so what right do you have to take it?" He placed the Mountain River Stone in the Black Tower, and said calmly, "Take it if you can!"

In the martial arts world, only strength mattered. Only weaklings would yammer and complain.

"Brat, don't ruin yourself." Several other people walked over, all of them individuals of an older generation. Right now, only cultivators with a battle prowess at the peak stage of the medium extreme had the right to fight over the Mountain River Stone.

Without five-star geniuses, four-star geniuses at the peak stage of the low extreme were undoubtedly unrivaled beings in this place.

There were 22 such people here, though only seven of them had stepped forward. The rest remained put as seven people were already enough to deal with the matter. Afterward, the most important matter would be deciding which of the 22 people the Mountain River Stone would belong to.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and asked, "What's the hurry? Look, I'm planning to obtain another one. So, why don't you fight over it after I obtain a few more?"


Everyone looked at Ling Han dazedly. 'Is this person smart or retarded?'

Who would complain about not being robbed enough? And he'd even go out of his way to earn more resources so others could snatch more?

The elders looked at each other and nodded. Ling Han wouldn't be able to escape anyway, so what harm could this do?

"Leave that Mountain River Stone here, then you can go and retrieve the second one. No one will stop you." Another elder stepped forward, greed glistening in his little eyes.

It would be a huge achievement if he could obtain a Mountain River Stone with a special attribute. He himself didn't have room for improvement, but his grandson was extremely talented, and could perhaps become a two-star genius after absorbing the energy of an extreme weight Mountain River Stone.

Originally, Ling Han hadn't wanted to waste his time on these elders. After all, his battle prowess was only five-stars if he didn't use the Ultimate Arrow. Yet, these people were hell-bent on causing him trouble.

It seemed like he had to show off his might.

Ling Han retrieved his bow and pointed an Ultimate Arrow at that elder.

A cold chill instantly gripped at everyone's heart, causing their bodies to tremble involuntarily as a feeling of uncontrollable terror formed in their minds.

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"I can only use this technique a limited number of times," Ling Han said calmly. "However, I can guarantee that a person will die with each arrow I release. Who wants to try?"

No one dared to answer. Although they were a little doubtful, what if…?

The aura emanating from the arrow was indeed petrifying. It possessed an overwhelming might that seemed to be able to destroy everything in its path. No one was willing to become its first victim.

"So, does anyone else want to command me?" Ling Han swept his gaze over the others, the tip of his arrow following his sight. Sweat poured down the faces of those who were targeted by the arrow.

Although this arrow possessed an incredible might, everyone knew that Ling Han could only fire a few shots. There were more than 20 of them gathered here, so they definitely had the ability to capture and suppress Ling Han.

However, who was willing to sacrifice themselves?

No one!

They weren't from the same clan, so why would they fight for the benefits of someone else? Even if they were from the same clan, there was still the problem of close relations or distant relations. Unless it was for their own child or grandchild, who was willing to risk their lives?

The group of elders slowly stepped back. This was a sign that they wouldn't attack Ling Han. Of course, how long they would maintain this attitude was a completely different matter. Once they smelled a chance, they definitely wouldn't hold back.

Ling Han also put his bow away. If it wasn't for the fact that he wanted to keep the existence of his Black Tower a secret, how would he need to worry about these people?

He started to cross the lake again.

However, he immediately felt an astonishing weight upon stepping onto the first stone. This weight was on par with what he had felt on the 80th stone during his first crossing. When he reached the 30th stone, he had no option but to stop and head back.

If he kept going, he would only end up being pushed into the water by the gravity fields.

Some breathed sighs of relief upon seeing Ling Han give up, while cold smiles appeared on the faces of others.

"He was only able to obtain one Mountain River Stone. In the end, he's still unable to compete against Senior Brother Zhao."

"Naturally. Senior Brother Zhao is the most powerful prodigy of these past one thousand years, and there's a chance he'll reach the Heavenly Body Tier in the future. He's not a one in one thousand year prodigy, but a one in ten thousand year prodigy!"

"Pei, Ling Han's merely an ant from a small world!"

Numerous people started throwing barbs at Ling Han. This was naturally because of their jealousy.

Shui Yanyu and Hu Feiyun both walked over. "Don't lose hope," Shui Yanyu said. "You've already obtained one Mountain River Stone, and such a result is already outstanding. Moreover, you've only just reached the Mountain River Tier. You definitely won't be weaker than Zhao Lun when you reach the peak stage of the low extreme."

Ling Han smiled, and replied, "Protect me for a while. I'm going to try again after refining a few Mountain River Stones."
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