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Since Ye Wenshan and Tang Hua were excellent students ranked 480 and 522 in the Northern Institution's Low Extreme Division, they were naturally at the peak stage of the low extreme. Moreover, they were both one-star geniuses, and their true battle prowess was on par with the early stage of the medium extreme.

They had already tried their hand at it before, and advancing 80 steps was the limit of their abilities. Thus, even though they did face some pressure before this limit, they still had the energy to perform some other actions.

For example, pushing someone into the lake.

Xiu! Xiu!

They speedily leaped forward.

The floating stones weren't overly small, and they were large enough to fit one person comfortably. However, it would become a little crowded if two people stood on the same stone, and three people definitely wouldn't be able to do so.

Like a sweeping breeze, Ye Wenshan and Tang Hua drew closer and closer to Ling Han. A cold smile crept across their faces.

'You're about to run out of luck.'

"Out of our way!" they roared in unison. They leaped once more, and hurtled toward the nearby Ling Han.

Ling Han had been waiting for this moment, and launched his fists toward their faces without as much as a single glance backward. He didn't hold back, and a small Mountain River appeared behind him as he unleashed his full power.


The people around the lake all burst in laughter.

They had seen all kinds of Mountain Rivers before, but they had never seen one this small.

Shui Yanyu was even more confused. Ling Han had been so powerful in the Shattering Void Tier, so how had he become so weak after breaking through to the Mountain River Tier?

The size of one's Mountain River directly correlated to their power.

"You're seeking death!"

Ye Wenshan and his Tang Hua both wore malicious smiles. Ling Han had only just broken through to the Mountain River Tier, yet he actually dared to clash with them? He truly didn't know the spelling of the word "die". In fact, they even held back a fraction of their power so as not to directly crush Ling Han to death.

Crushing a junior brother to death under the watchful gazes of everyone was quite a large crime.

Peng! Peng!

The two peoples' arms were easily pushed aside by Ling Han's fists. Meanwhile, Ling Han's fists were barely affected as they continued hurtling toward the two peoples' faces.


The two of them didn't even have the time to cry out in alarm. However, the expressions on their faces said everything.

There was shock, bewilderment, and terror.

He had only just entered the Mountain River Tier, and his Mountain River was also so small. How could he possess such terrifying power?

Before this thought had finished flashing through their minds, a fist had already smashed into their faces. As though they had been belted by a God Tool, the flesh on their faces started rippling like waves.

Then, tooth after tooth came flying out of their mouths. Afterward, even their bodies started to flail about like ragdolls. After drawing a long arc through the air, both of them landed in the lake with a loud plop.

"Ahhh!" they instantly shrieked in pain, and started frantically swimming back to the bank.

Their skin and flesh started dissolving at a rate that was visible to the naked eye. Even when they channeled their Origin Power at full strength, the effect was only minimal. They were only able to delay the dissolving of their flesh by a short moment.

Everyone was dumbstruck by this sight. Who could've envisioned this result?

Although Ye Wenshan and Tang Hua were only ranked in the four and five hundreds, one had to realize something: just how many students did the Low Extreme Division of the Northern Institution have?

Almost 500 students could enter the Northern Institution every 20 years, and it would take them a maximum of 100 years to advance to the Low Extreme Division. Also, just who entered the Scarlet Heaven Academy yet couldn't break through to the Mountain River Tier?

In other words, everyone could advance to the Low Extreme Division.

However, it would become especially difficult to advance starting from here. Taking tens of thousands of years to break through to the medium extreme was a common sight.

Of course, the Scarlet Heaven Academy only accepted prodigies. Thus, one would be expelled from the academy if they couldn't break through to the medium extreme within 10,000 years. Even with the assumption that one would only remain in the low extreme for 5,000 years, the number of students in the Low Extreme Division would still exceed 100,000!

So, was being ranked in the top several hundred out of 100,000 impressive? Converting this number, such ranks would be equivalent to ranks of top 20 in the Shattering Void Tier Division!

However, Ling Han had sent them flying with a mere two punches. He… was far too powerful!

More importantly, he had only just entered the Mountain River Tier!

He was already so powerful now, so how powerful would he become in the future?

"It's rumored that this person from the small world passed eight levels of the academy's assessment, meaning he has the potential to become a four-star genius."

"If he has the potential of a four-star genius, that means he'll have a battle prowess on par with the early stage of the medium extreme upon breaking through to the low extreme. No wonder he's so strong."

"But don't Ye Wenshan and Tang Hua have battle prowesses at the early stage of medium extreme as well? And there's two of them!"

"No, no, no. They obviously didn't know how powerful Ling Han was. They underestimated him, and didn't use their full power, so of course they could only eat the fruits of their own evil deeds."

"I see!"

Everyone nodded in agreement. First off, Ling Han was indeed strong. Second, Ye Wenshan and Tang Hua had both underestimated their enemy. This allowed them to breathe sighs of relief. Although four-star geniuses were freakish, at least they were still within their realms of acceptance.

However, there were also some who fell into deep thought. It was clear that Ling Han had only advanced into the Immortal level after refining Mountain River Stones. If the distance between the early stage and middle stage of the low extreme was represented by 100 steps, then he was at most only standing on the first 10 steps right now.

So, would his battle prowess reach the level of a five-star genius when he arrived at the 100th step?

It wasn't likely, but it was possible!

This was the most terrifying part. Five-star genius… Just thinking about it was enough to make one quake in fear.

Ling Han turned around. In his eyes, he had merely swatted aside two flies. In any case, his target wasn't these two people, nor was it Bai Yuansi and Fan Yong. Rather… it was Zhao Lun!

He continued forward, and his advance was still relatively relaxed.

Just his power alone had already reached the early stage of the medium extreme. This was especially advantageous as what good was a powerful battle prowess in this place? The best way to resist these gravity fields was naturally one's own power.

Thanks to the restriction on cultivation level, how many people here could compete with Ling Han's power? Moreover, in addition to having outstanding power, Ling Han had an even more terrifying physique.

Under the pressure of the gravity fields, others had to protect their hearts, brains, and other vital organs with their Origin Power. Otherwise, these organs would be mercilessly crushed by the immense pressure of the gravity fields. However, Ling Han didn't need to do this, as his physique was already on par with Level Two Godly metal. How could the gravity field hurt him?

Thus, everything was fine as long as his power could stand up to the weight of the gravity fields.

60 steps, 80 steps, 90 steps… He walked at a brisk pace, and only slowed down after reaching the 90th step. A look of exertion appeared on his face.

Indeed, only 10 or so people could reach the island and obtain a Mountain River Stone each time. This was definitely no easy feat.

Sweat rolled down Ling Han's forehead. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Qiang, qiang, qiang!

His Godly bones clacked, and his skin also trembled slightly. The gravity fields became increasingly terrifying, and tried to rip his skin and snap his Godly bones.

However, Ling Han's footsteps remained firm as he continued to walk forward.

"F*ck! This guy's a freak!" someone by the lake shouted in astonishment.

Everyone nodded in agreement. "Freak" was the only word that could describe the advancing male.

After all, there were a few locations in this Mystery Realm which produced Mountain River Stones. As a result, those who entered were scattered in several places. Although people had already arrived at the Crimson Lake three days ago, they all had yet to reach the island and obtain a Mountain River Stone.

However, it was evident that this was about to change.
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