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"You have to be careful!" Although Shui Yanyu wasn't a fan of Ling Han's smugness, she still warned him. "You also saw just then. The lake water is overflowing with corrosive power. If you're pushed off the stones by their gravity fields, you'll be severely wounded even if you aren't killed."

Ling Han nodded in understanding. He had seen the might of the lake water, and even he didn't dare pat his chest and guarantee that his Level Two precious metal physique would be able to resist its corrosive property. After all, he hadn't personally experienced it yet.

"If someone has wings, can't they directly fly over?" he asked curiously.

Demonic Beasts could shapeshift into human form when they reached the Immortal level. They could even mate with humans and have half-human, half-demonic offspring, which would also have special abilities. For example, they could have fish gills and be able to breathe underwater, or have wings and be able to soar in the skies.

In the Immortal Realm, such beings were called Half Humans.

"It would be great if it were so easy." Shui Yanyu shook her head, and said, "The higher one is, the more potent the force of the gravity field. Otherwise, you could simply expand into a gigantic form and stride onto the island in a single step."


Ling Han smiled and nodded. To elites of the Immortal level, expanding or shrinking their body one hundredfold for a short period of time was no difficult feat. If one could stride onto the island in a single step, then this lake and island would have lost their meaning.

"If that's the case, then it's obvious that someone has purposefully laid this out as it is," he speculated. "Did a great elite of the Genesis Tier really lay things out here in the past?"

"Perhaps," Shui Yanyu said, nodding. That was already a matter from hundreds of millions of years ago. Who could survive for so long and live into the current age? Anyway, one hundred million years was merely how far back history could delve. Perhaps this Mystery Realm had existed since a long, long time before that.

"Forget about it," Ling Han said. "Regardless of who created this place, I'll give the stone path a shot first."

"Be careful!" Shui Yanyu warned again.

Meanwhile, Hu Feiyun was brimming with confidence. "Ling Han will definitely succeed."

Ling Han laughed loudly, and acted as if he were going to pinch Shui Yanyu's pretty face. "Your tone is becoming more and more like you were my wife."

Shui Yanyu cussed as she hurriedly dodged Ling Han's hand. "What can you expect from a hog but a grunt."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Ling Han strode toward one of the lake's "bridges".


"It's that brat!"

His appearance instantly attracted the attention of a few people. Two youths instantly walked over with their arms wrapped around their chests. They stared at Ling Han coldly.

Ling Han swept his gaze over them, and also recognized who they were. Before entering the Mystery Realm, Shui Yanyu had already told him about these individuals.

One of them was called Ye Wenshan, and another was called Tang Hua. They were both students of the Northern Institution, but they weren't members of the Shattering Void Tier Division. Rather, they were students of the Low Extreme Division. Their ranks were very high as well, with one ranked at 480, and the other ranked at 522.

In addition, they also had another identity. That was, they were the subordinates of Bai Yuansi, one of the three great followers of Zhao Lun.

In simpler terms, they were the lackeys of Zhao Lun's lackeys.

"Junior Brother Ling, this is not an easy path to cross," Tang Hua said. "Each floating stone is slippery and inhospitable to the feet. In addition to that, there're also the extremely powerful gravity fields. You've got to be careful not to fall into the lake. That's something that could easily melt you to death."

"If I were you, I'd rid myself of any thoughts of advancing," Ye Wenshan added.

Ling Han flashed a smile, and said, "No need to provoke me. Since I've already walked over, I have no intention of giving up halfway. On the other hand, if Senior Brothers want to target me while I'm crossing, and—for example—push me off the floating stones or something… Heh, let me warn Senior Brothers in advance. Be careful of becoming victims of your own evil deeds!"

"You…" Anger flashed across Ye Wenshan and Tang Hua's faces. This ant from the small world actually dared to threaten them back?

"You think you're on top of the world just because you broke through to the Mountain River Tier?" Tang Hua sneered. "In a short while, you'll realize just how laughable your belief is!"

The two of them stopped talking, and merely continued to glare at Ling Han. They would follow him whenever he started to advance forward. Then, they would push him into the lake. As such, they would also have an excuse afterward. The gravity fields on the floating stones were immense; thus, it was very understandable if they lost their footing.

Ling Han naturally knew what they were thinking. He chuckled coldly in his mind as he confidently strode forward.


His body suddenly felt a lot heavier when he stepped onto the first stone. His hair and clothes all sagged downward.

These were things that usually didn't experience much gravity. Now, however, there were extremely evident changes. This was enough to show the power of these gravity fields.

Ling Han unleashed a tiny bit of his Origin Power, and his speed barely faltered as he strode onto the next stone. As he did so, the gravity field became a few degrees stronger. Clacking sounds could be heard as his bones collided with each other.

In total, there were 100 stepping stones. If the second stone was already this powerful, then how terrifying was the stone at the end?


Ahead of him, another person fell into the water. They frantically swam toward the bank, and naturally, their state was a horror to look at.

"Motherf*cker! The gravity fields here are so bloody freakish. Can people truly reach the island?" someone shouted.

"Of course they can!"

"Just cast your mind to 10 years ago. The Western Institution's Pang Yue succeeded in reaching the island."

"If we go further back, Senior Brother Zhao Lun also succeeded a few hundred years ago. Not only did he succeed, but he was also able to obtain two Mountain River Stones in a row!"

"What? Two?! Don't the gravity fields become numerous times more powerful after one has succeeded once?"

"Indeed! That's why the strength of Senior Brother Zhao Lun is unfathomable!"

"Gasp! Senior Brother Zhao Lun was already freakishly powerful to begin with. Now that he's refined two extreme weight Mountain River Stones, just how terrifying has his battle prowess become?"

Many people were rendered speechless at the mention of Zhao Lun's great name. This was a god-like male whom they could only look up to. His lofty standing was not something they could dream of reaching.

"Heh, do you guys know that Senior Brother Zhao's three great followers—Bai Yuansi, Zuo Xiao, and Fan Yong—have also obtained a Mountain River Stone from here before?"


Numerous people had never heard of this secret information before, and their minds all became numb with shock. 'Even his followers are that freakishly powerful?'

"Otherwise, what right do they have to become followers of Senior Brother Zhao?"

In the end, an elder concluded, "It's not impossibly difficult to obtain a single Mountain River Stone from this place. Every time, there are a dozen or so people who are able to complete this feat. However, in the past 500 years, only one person has managed to obtain two Mountain River Stones."


Many people clasped their heads in shock. No wonder Zhao Lun had the title "number one prodigy in 1000 years". His strength was indeed a long way ahead of other prodigies'.

Ling Han's mind was calm, yet a feeling of pride welled up in his heart.

Zhao Lun could obtain two Mountain River Stones here? Then he would obtain three!

He raised his foot, and steadily took his third step.

Ye Wenshan and Tang Hua weren't in a hurry to make their move. They were both waiting—waiting for Ling Han to walk further first. That way, Ling Han would receive more severe wounds after he fell into the lake. In fact, there was a possibility that he wouldn't make it back to the bank, and even his bones would be dissolved into nothing.

Before long, however, the expressions on their faces changed. 'Why is he running so fast? He's already crossed over 30 stone steps!'

They exchanged a glance, and didn't hesitate any longer. They raised their speed and hurriedly chased after Ling Han. It was evident that their aim was to knock him into the lake.
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