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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 956 Battling the Demon Wolf

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Two mountains and a river. This represented the middle stage of the medium extreme of the Mountain River Tier.

Two wolf heads meant medium extreme, so did three wolf heads mean… high extreme?

Even Ling Han stood no chance against such existence. In fact, there was even a possibility that his Godly physique could be torn to shreds.

No wonder the three guards assigned to Hu Feiyun by the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire were all killed. That Demonic Beast was indeed far too powerful.

However, middle stage of the medium extreme?

Ling Han didn't flee. Instead, he was brimming with a boundless fighting spirit.

That beast had wings, and it was also at the medium extreme. How could they escape if no one obstructed its advance?

Ling Han still had a trump card in form of the Black Tower; thus, he wasn't flustered by the Demonic Beasts. Rather, he took out a bow and arrow.

Facing off against such a powerful Demonic Beast, it was just the right time for him to test the might of the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow's Ultimate Arrow.

"What should we do… What should we do?!" Hu Feiyun was already running around in panic. Surprisingly, however, she was loyal enough not to ditch Ling Han and flee by herself. Of course, there was also the possibility that she had been scared silly, so much so that she had forgotten to flee.

Ling Han activated his Eye of Truth and locked onto one of the Demon Wolf's heads. Then, he drew his bow, and the profound meaning of the Ultimate Arrow circulated in his mind. He gathered all of his focus onto the body of the arrow.


Amazingly, the divine pattern on the arrow lit up even without the addition of blood.

This divine pattern was extremely unique, and it could only be activated and release a devastating might when it came into contact with blood. Even Origin Power couldn't suppress this arrow, and it had the ability to obliterate even Godly physiques. However, now that Ling Han was channeling his full power into the arrow, it actually lit up in advance!

Ling Han's mind became devoid of other thoughts, and his eyes also stopped seeing other objects. His attention was solely focused on the Demon Wolf that was racing over.


He released the arrow.

A feeling of exhaustion instantly swept over his body. His body was like jelly, and sweat trickled down his body like a small stream. If it hadn't been for his sturdy physique, it was very likely that he would have already plonked on the ground by now.

The Ultimate Arrow—which was imbued with all of his essence, energy, and spirit—was fired out.

How powerful was this arrow?


The arrow tore through the air as quickly as a meteor.

The Demon Wolf was astonished, and it beat its wings in a desperate attempt to evade. However, it was already too late. With a plop, the arrow penetrated the left eye of its red head, and sunk all the way to its wing.


Its red head was instantly obliterated. Crimson flames blanketed the sky as raging flames burst from its violently severed neck. In fact, these flames even burst onto the silver head of the Demon Wolf, causing it to shriek loudly in agony and frantically beat its wings.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

'It didn't die!

'Is this because it still has another head? When fighting against such Demonic Beasts, must one decapitate all heads to kill them?'

The vitality of this Demon Wolf was far too immense, and it furiously glared at Ling Han with its last remaining head. Its eyes were glowing with hatred.

Ling Han loaded his bow again.

The Demon Wolf let out an angry howl as it abruptly turned around and fled back toward the mountain peak.

Ling Han immediately plonked to the floor. How could he still fire another arrow? He had merely been faking it just then. Unexpectedly, the Demon Wolf actually fell for his bluff due to its relatively high intelligence. If it were one of the fearless Demonic Beasts that he had killed before, it would charge regardless of whether it was stronger or weaker.

Ling Han felt completely drained. Both his stamina and Origin Power had hit rock bottom.

The might of the Ultimate Arrow was indeed overwhelming. However, it came at the price of instantly draining his power.

After injecting all of his power into the arrow to imbue it with the might of a Godly Arrow, Ling Han—who could ordinarily exert a power on par with the early stage of the medium extreme—was finally able to achieve a destructive power on par with the late stage of the medium extreme. Otherwise, the arrow would have never been that powerful.

'I've surpassed six stars.'

Ling Han was extremely pleased. Five-star geniuses only existed in legends. However, he had already reached the level of a six-star genius. Although part of the reason was the Godly Arrow itself, one had to remember that he had only just reached the low extreme. If he stabilized his cultivation level a little, he would be able to generate a six-star destructive power even when using ordinary Godly metal arrows.

"Howl!" Upon seeing the small beast become injured, the large Demonic Beast flared up in rage. Its three heads roared toward the sky, and even at such a long distance, Ling Han and Hu Feiyun could still feel a wave of terrifying pressure.


It flapped its wings as it soared into the sky and streaked after Ling Han and Hu Feiyun.

Its flapping wings were like bolts of lightning!

It would be futile even if Ling Han were at full strength and could fire another Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, to say nothing of his current state of feebleness. There was a whole two minor levels of difference, and the Joint Peace Planet definitely didn't have anyone who could surpass such a large difference.

Ling Han only had a fraction of a second to make a decision.

"Don't resist my divine sense!" Ling Han shouted to Hu Feiyun.

He had a fairly favorable impression of the Ninth King. She was innocent and kind, and he was also indebted to her as she had once gifted him the "Jade Sun Pill". He couldn't bring himself to watch her die in the mouth of the Demon Wolf.

To his surprise, Hu Feiyun still had the time to roll her eyes at him at this moment. "Why are you so aggressive?" she asked pitifully.

Where did Ling Han have time to explain? He hastily unleashed his divine sense and wrapped it around Hu Feiyun.


His divine sense bounced back toward him. This was a sign of resistance.

There was only one last method if he still wanted to wrap her in his divine sense. That was, he had to knock her out with his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, and then pull her into his Black Tower. 'That's not a bad option, either. At least she'll be kept in the dark. Otherwise, with her innocent personality, she'll definitely spill the beans if someone were to probe a little.'

Ling Han immediately unleashed a spiritual attack. Unexpectedly, however, a pink barrier materialized around Hu Feiyun's body, and forcefully reflected his divine sense away. At the same time, a terrifying aura radiated from her body, and made Ling Han feel as if he were a tiny and insignificant ant.

'This aura… It's quite familiar…

'It's the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire!

'The empress definitely cast some secret technique on her to protect her divine sense. However, isn't it having the opposite effect right now?'


The speed of the large Demonic Beast was incredible, and it caught up to them in the blink of an eye. Its mouths expanded and then opened as its three heads glared at Ling Han and Hu Feiyun. Dozens of golden light swords shot out from its golden head.

Meanwhile, threads of white silk sprayed out from its silver head and formed a large net. The silk threads were thin and dense, and they radiated a cold and ghastly glow. If one came into contact with them, they would most likely be sliced into several pieces.

The red head spat out columns of flames. These flames were incredibly hot, and even Level One Godly metal would probably melt under the intense heat.

Ling Han didn't have any other option now that things had come to this. He could only hide into the Black Tower by himself. Otherwise, he would die alongside Hu Feiyun. Such a death would be completely meaningless.

However, just as he was about to enter the Black Tower, he heard a humph from Hu Feiyun.

Her voice was surprisingly frosty, and it was brimming with the overwhelming might of a ruler.


The blanket of attacks in the sky instantly vanished. At the same time, the Demon Wolf heavily plunged to the ground. It was completely unmoving as if it had been scared to death.

Ling Han was stunned as he turned to look at Hu Feiyun. The frosty humph just then definitely didn't belong to Hu Feiyun. Rather, it belonged to the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire!

There was definitely no mistake about it. That empress was far too dazzling, and it was impossible to forget her demeanor and voice even if one had only seen or heard her once before.

However, Ling Han was stumped as to how the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire had borrowed Hu Feiyun's body to launch an attack and suppress a Demon Wolf at the high extreme of the Mountain River Tier with a mere humph.
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