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The expressions of the six people were all very serious.

Power that reached the medium extreme and battle prowess that reached the medium extreme were two completely different concepts.

Take, for example, the two individuals in the group of six who were at the peak stage of the low extreme—Yu Lihui and Wu Fu. They were both one-star geniuses, and their battle prowess was already comparable to ordinary cultivators at the early stage of the medium extreme. However, in terms of power alone, they were still at the peak stage of the low extreme.

Power was only one part of battle prowess. However, it was also the most important part. If Ling Han's power alone had already reached the early stage of the medium extreme, then what level could his peak battle prowess reach?

It was only normal that the group of six was scared. That person had only just entered the Mountain River Tier!

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A satisfied smile spread across Ling Han's face. His strength sure did live up to the fact that he had only leveled up after cultivating his strength to 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Right now, just his power alone had already reached the stage of a four-star genius. So, what would it reach if he took his Eye of Truth, Three Styles of Black Origin, and other Mystical Powers into consideration as well?

"Come, come, come. Let's fight to our heart's content!" He appeared extremely enthusiastic, and he couldn't wait to test out his strength.

"You think we're scared of you?!" the group of six roared. Even the wounded Shi Hao hurriedly swallowed a few pills to forcefully set his broken bones back into place. Then, he used his Origin Power to hold it in place. With such treatment, he would be able to fight at full strength for a short period of time.

However, these six people were certainly not brave or honorable individuals, and they all drew out their weapons. Some wielded swords, and some wielded sabers. Their formation appeared very neat.

Ling Han laughed loudly as he took the initiative to launch an attack. His physique was on par with Level Two Godly metal, so whom in this Mystery Realm would he need to fear?

Peng, peng, peng! Ling Han was like a lion tearing into a pack of wolves, and the six people were too afraid to even face him head on! They all skirted to Ling Han's side before launching attacks toward him.

As the swords and sabers flashed about, one of them suddenly started to pulsate with a divine pattern.

It wasn't as simple as the weapon being forged from Godly metal. It had been imprinted with a divine pattern, meaning that it possessed an additional power.

It was a God Tool!

This was the first time Ling Han had seen a God Tool in the Immortal Realm. He couldn't help but find it fresh and interesting.

The additional power that this God Tool possessed was flames. A wave of flames would occasionally sweep out from the tip of the sword blade. They were extremely thin, yet they were incredibly powerful. After purposefully allowing a wave of flames to hit him, smoke wafted from Ling Han's hand. He also felt a hint of scorching heat.

However, it was merely a little hot. Perhaps these flames wouldn't even be able to wound his previous physique, which was only on par with Level One Godly metal. That being so, how could it wound the current him?

But what if the level of this God Tool was slightly higher?

Ling Han nodded imperceptibly. Even though he possessed a powerful physique, he still couldn't be too careless. After all, his current cultivation level was still too low.

He retrieved his Heaven Transformation Bowl to test whether he could snatch this God Tool.

Weng! Streaks of divine patterns lit up on the Heaven Transformation Bowl as it rose into the sky and faced off against that God Tool.

They were an even match.

Ling Han involuntarily sighed. By the looks of it, the grade of the Heaven Transformation Bowl was only so-so. As it couldn't snatch that God Tool, it was evident that its grade was merely that of a Level One God Tool. In fact, this made a lot of sense. If its grade had been too high, how could he have activated it?

In the small world, Ling Han's wealth was quite enormous. The Heaven Transformation Bowl, the Vial of Curses… which of these wouldn't incite envy and jealousy if they were shown to others? However, looking at them now, they were merely Level One God Tools, the lowest grade tools in the Immortal Realm.

Ling Han unleashed his Three Styles of Black Origin, Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and other secret techniques as he analyzed his own battle prowess.

If he didn't use any martial arts techniques and relied on his power alone, then his battle prowess could reach a four-star level. When he activated any one of his secret techniques, however, his battle prowess still remained at a four-star level. His battle prowess couldn't rise to the fifth-star level.

Only when he activated several of his Mystical Powers together could his battle prowess finally surge up to a fifth-star level.

From this, it could be seen just how difficult it was to punch above one's weight in the Immortal level. At the same time, Ling Han rejoiced that he had persisted in raising his power to the level of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Otherwise, his battle prowess right now would only be able to reach a maximum of four-stars.

'However, I still haven't tested the Ultimate Arrow of the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow yet,' Ling Han thought to himself. He wasn't planning on testing it, either. This arrow would drain all the power in his body, and it would most likely take him a very long time to recover after launching such a strike.

Moreover, the strength of these six people was far too weak. As such, he wouldn't be able to determine the limit of the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow anyway.

'Then let me test the Vial of Curses again.'

Ling Han wounded each of the six people and collected their blood into the Vial of Curses. In the end, one person was killed, and two had their hands and feet rot away. The remaining three were merely rendered dizzy.

Sure enough, the Vial of Curses was also a Low-Grade God Tool.

"Enough with this waste of time!" Ling Han raised his battle prowess, and quickly disposed of the two people whose hands and feet had been rotted away by his Vial of Curses. Then, he swung his sword and slashed a third person to death. With that done, there were only two opponents remaining, both at the peak stage of the low extreme.

The two people exchanged a glance, and each could see a look of sheer terror on the other's face. They immediately turned around to flee, both speeding off in a different direction.

"Hah!" Ling Han cast a Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, and the expression of the person on the left instantly froze. Once Ling Han caught up, he slammed his Earth Overturning Seal into his opponent's head, instantly extinguishing his mind.

However, in that instant, the person on the right had already fled over three hundred meters.

Ling Han drew a bow and activated his Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow.


An arrow shot out.

He didn't use the Ultimate Arrow. However, this arrow was still tremendously terrifying, and the fleeing person simply didn't have the courage to turn back and resist. How could he evade such attacks if all he knew to do was run?

Pu! The arrow penetrated his body and pierced through his heart.

That person dazedly turned around, and it looked as if he wanted to say something.


However, his entire chest exploded violently. It was a swift death.

"Impressive!" Ling Han walked over to retrieve his arrow. He had obtained this arrow from the assassin of the Dark Night Hall. In the beginning, he hadn't realized that the shaft of the arrow was imbued with divine patterns, which raised the lethality of the arrow immensely.

Fortunately, his physique was suitably strong. Otherwise, if he had been run through by this arrow at that time, he wouldn't have the chance to be standing here right now.

"This is an important lesson," Ling Han mumbled to himself. "I can't become careless just because I think my physique is powerful. Otherwise, I'll only be digging my own grave."

After cleaning the Spatial Spirit Tools of the six people, he discovered a few hundred True Origin Stones! This was a small mound of wealth. What delighted him further was that there were also three pieces of Spiritual Meat as well as two Mountain River Stones!

"No wonder so many people like to kill and loot. Indeed, it's a great way to rapidly accumulate wealth.

"However, just as you're able to kill others, others are also able to kill you. This is an endless cycle of grief and destruction.

"I won't seek to actively kill and loot others. However, if anyone is blind enough to target me, heh…"

Also, that Divine Sword suited Ling Han quite nicely. However, he didn't dare use it here, or he would be announcing to the world that it was he who had killed the group of seven. Although it was common knowledge that battle and slaughter was inevitable in this Mystery Realm, it was still a bad idea to be too showy.

'I'll test it out when I get back.'

Ling Han carefully determined his direction. There was no sun or moon here, and north, south, east, and west were all relative. These directions had been artificially decided after countless years of exploration.

He had already memorized Shui Yanyu's map a while back. Thus, after analyzing the terrain for a while, he started walking in the direction of the Crimson Lake.

"Wuwuwu…" After a short while, the sound of eerie sobbing traveled over from the dense woods to his side. It sounded like the sobbing of a ghost.
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