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Ling Han circulated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, and reformed his Godly bones.

Destruction followed by construction was a tempering and a qualitative boost.

However, this process was really not an enjoyable experience.

Ling Han obviously possessed the Indestructible True Fluid, but he could not use it now, because he needed to allow his Godly bones be tempered by the heavenly tribulation to wash away the impurities within. Only with that could his physique advance towards the level of Level Two Godly metal.

This caused him so much pain that he wanted to die.

Temporarily existing without one's body was only possible when one had reached a cultivation level as high as his and had a strong spirit. Otherwise, if it had been an ordinary human being, the body being shattered would have naturally led to definite death.

"Oh no, this brat failed to pass the tribulation and died!" the six people on the sidelines all exclaimed, their expressions filled with disappointment.

It was naturally impossible that they were sad about Ling Han's "death", but if this brat had died, they would not be able to pluck out his soul and obtain the profound secret techniques on Ling Han. But with the raging of the tribulation now, who would dare make a move on Ling Han?

Causing a disturbance when another was passing the tribulation, they would be treated the same by the said tribulation.

"That's not right. If this brat was dead, why has the tribulation not dispersed yet?" someone immediately called out.

"That's right. If the person was dead, the tribulation would immediately disappear, so why is it still continuing now?"

"This brat is not dead yet!"

"Hehe, it's best if he's not dead. Now, this brat has such heavy injuries, with his physique completely disintegrated by the tribulation, so it would be a piece of cake for us to kill him later."

They immediately became excited again. They had an incredible trust in the tribulation because it was a threat that any great elite was incomparably afraid of. Even the ultimate elites of the Genesis Tier did not dare clap their chests with confidence and claim that they were absolutely certain of passing a tribulation safely.

Who would not lose half their life every time they passed a tribulation?

After four hours, Ling Han's Godly bones finally completed a qualitative change. He circultated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll to allow his Godly bones to heal. Now, these Godly bones were on par with Level Two Godly metal, and had been boosted up another level in terms of quality.

After the reforging of his skeleton, flesh and blood immediately regrew, and he was quickly recovering.

He had a bit of spare attention, so he took the initiative to absorb the power of lightning, and began once more to temper his Body of Lightning. But, this time, he discovered that his ability to absorb the power of lightning was limited. It was not that his physique was inadequate, but rather that the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven seemed not to be as strong as he desired in transforming the power of lightning.

It was a Mystical Power, but in the Immortal Realm, it was perhaps a very common technique.

It already appeared to be less strong than he desired when he had just entered into the Immortal level.

Ling Han could not help but shake his head. Upon further thought, the Three Styles of Black Origin originated from the Heaven's Sword Palace, and the strongest character in the Heaven's Sword Palace was only in the Sun Moon Tier, so the might of this sword technique would very soon touch the highest bottleneck it could reach, and it would no longer be possible to improve it further.

With a technique that he had not created himself, he would always encounter this kind of awkward situation. In this aspect, he could not help but admire the Rain Emperor, who had invented his own Son of Heaven Fist Technique. As long as his cultivation level increased, he would naturally boost the might of his self-invented Fist Technique, and endlessly become stronger.

Of course, this process was definitely not simple.

Weng, golden characters flipped and turned in Ling Han's mind. Some became words, whilst others took the form of pictures.

Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow.

No, this was not the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow that he had learnt, but rather a new archery technique.

This was the real Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow. One arrow would annihilate a dragon, and one arrow could shatter a galaxy! Only after stepping into the Immortal level would he attain the qualification to learn this archery technique.

There was only one move because this was not a fixed move, but rather a method to convert power, instilling the full power in one's body into the arrow, which would kill any god or Buddha that deigned to block its path.

It did not appear before, because Ling Han had not stepped into Immortal level at all.

Ling Han revealed a smile. The heavenly tribulation was dispersing. He would soon become a real Immortal—forming the Mountains and Rivers was only a sign of the Mountain River Tier. Whether it was successful or otherwise would still have to depend on whether he could pass the tribulation.

When the last bolt of lightning fell, the black clouds in the sky also began to quickly disperse, returning to the mass of red they had once been.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. The six men on the sidelines immediately leaped over, surrounding him closely.

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"However, you have suffered heavy injuries passing the tribulation. Though you have forcefully facilitated your recovery by taking Spiritual Herbs, there must have been extremely serious problems left behind."

"Quickly surrender, and we can grant you a quick death!"

The group of six sneered coldly, their expressions arrogant.

Although they were all in the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, two of them had reached the peak of the low extreme, while three were in the late stage and one was in the middle stage. Furthermore, the two that had reached the peak were one-star geniuses, so their battle prowess was comparable to the early stage of the medium extreme.

Wouldn't it be very easy for them to deal with a rookie that had just broken through to the Mountain River Tier?

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "I am really expectant. After being a human punching bag for so long, it's finally my turn to fight back! Come, come, come, the six of you, do you plan on attacking one by one, or will you attack together?"

"Such an arrogant tone!!"

"You think you have reached the heavens with a single step just by entering into Immortal level?"

"Shi Hao, you go deal with him!"


One young man moved, and very casually pressed down on Ling Han. Weng, the image of a huge mountain and river appeared in midair behind him. There were divine patterns glowing on the mountain as well as on the river.

He was in the late stage of the low extreme, so his river was clearly much smaller.

The appearance of the Mountain River meant that though his attack looked casual, he was actually serious. Otherwise, he could completely conceal his Mountain River, just like how it was when he had not made his move. It was obvious that though he possessed a disdainful attitude towards Ling Han, in his heart, he dared not be careless.

After all, they were all in the low extreme, so he would naturally not dare be too careless.

Ling Han did not have much of an idea of his own power, so he similarly dared not be careless. With a thought, his Mountain River took form.


The remaining five instantly choked with laughter; this Mountain River was really f***king small!

They had looked too highly on him.

Though the Mountain River would become larger with the increase of cultivation level, with such a low starting point… he definitely did not have much future prospects.

Even that Shi Hao who had made his move showed a hint of a smile. He had really been too cautious. His opponent had just broken through, so how much might of the Mountain River Tier would he actually be capable of showing?


The two fighters' hands finally came into contact. After a momentary pause, Shi Hao's hand actually formed a wave as if it was made of noodles. Pa, a broken bone directly pierced out of his shoulder. The bone shone brightly, covered with bits of blood, yet it was like they were agate, forming beads, but merely gathered and did not fall.

All of a sudden, the surroundings were frighteningly silent.

Had their sight blurred?

The remaining five tried their utmost to blink. It should have been Shi Hao who had broken Ling Han's bones with a single punch, right? But no matter how hard they blinked their eyes, the scene in front of their eyes did not change in the slightest.

They inhaled sharply, and an expression of astonishment appeared on their faces.

How much strength would that require? What kind of physique would Ling Han have to have to be able to break the bone in Shi Hao's arm with a single punch?

"Ah!" Shi Hao was also dumbstruck. Only now did he feel the agonizing pain, and he could not help but release a terrible scream. He took a few successive steps back, revealing an expression of extreme terror.

"This force is definitely not something that a cultivator in the low extreme could possess!"

"Early stage of the medium extreme, or perhaps even more than that!"
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