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Ling Han chuckled, and asked, "What if we don't?"

He had completely no intention of arguing whom the Mountain River Stone belonged to exactly; this was completely obvious. The other side simply wanted to take theirs.

"You're not going to hand it over?" The seven smirked coldly. Was there need to deliberate on that issue further?

"This woman is really quite pretty; if we kill her, it's a real pity!"

"Hehe, then we'll have our fun first before we kill her."

"It's too bad we couldn't possibly bring her out of the Mystery Realm. Otherwise, it would have been a real pity to kill her."

They stared at Shui Yanyu, completely making no effort to hide the lust in their eyes. In their eyes, it was a fight of seven elites of Mountain River Tier against a single Mountain River Tier and a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, so they were naturally certain of victory, and had no doubt about it.

Though the group of three managed to escape, wasn't there still another Mountain River Stone here? There was also a captivating beauty. This meant they profited.

The more they looked at Shui Yanyu, the more their hearts fluttered. They became impatient, wanting nothing more than to leap over and snatch her away.

"Hey, hey, hey. Swallow down your saliva; she is my wife… though only temporarily," Ling Han said with a smile, leaping out, and taking the initiative to strike.

"You are courting death!" One of them laughed coldly, and casually struck out a palm strike at Ling Han.

Meanwhile, the other six paid absolutely no attention to them. In their eyes, this was naturally a matter of an instant kill. They were focused on Shui Yanyu; the more they looked at this captivating beauty, the more their hearts fluttered.

Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, draw in!

Ling Han was more and more accustomed to using these two moves, and in an instant, the battle was decided.

The remaining six looked astonished at this. Right in front of their eyes, their companion had actually disappeared into thin air in an incredibly bizarre manner.

Were they seeing things?

"You, what kind of trick did you use?"

"Where did Tu He go!?"

They exclaimed in harsh voices.

"Is there any need to ask?" Ling Han smirked coldly. "Daring to have thoughts about my wife, the natural consequence is to be killed without pardon!"

Shui Yanyu's beautiful face flushed, but she realized that she seemed to have less and less resistance towards the address "wife" as she was actually not as angry as she used to be.


The six made their move at the same time. Though the moves Ling Han showed were very bizarre, they believed more in their own abilities; how could it be that six Mountain River Tier cultivators were still insufficient to deal with a Shattering Void Tier cultivator?

Peng, peng, peng. Ling Han was instantly hit. He naturally was not a match for a Mountain River Tier opponent, and was sent flying with the barrage of blows. But when he landed back on the ground, he was actually completely unharmed.


The six of them gaped in shock; no matter what, they could not accept this reality.

Ling Han moved his muscles and bones, and said, "Not bad, not bad. Though the impact is still not that great, there is at least some feeling."

The six people were almost driven mad by their fury. Did he think they were giving him a massage? But how could this man's defenses possibly be so tough? It had practically reached a frightening extent.

Ling Han countered, and delivered another strike with the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique. However, this time, a flash of lightning actually passed on the forehead of his target, which blocked his spiritual attack.

"A spiritual secret technique!" The man's eyes immediately lit up. "I get it now. Just now, you used your spiritual secret technique to confuse Tu He's senses, and caused him to disappear with some kind of method! Haha, you didn't know that I have cultivated a secret technique so that my spirit is incredibly firm?"

"Could it be a Spatial God Tool?" another man questioned.

"That's right. It must be a Spatial God Tool. Otherwise, it would be impossible that a real live human being disappeared without a trace."

None of the six were idiots. With one word here and another there, they had pieced the truth together.

Their eyes became heated. According to legends, Spatial God Tools could only be forged by ultimate elites of the Genesis Tier because the inside of the God Tool could accommodate living beings. It could be claimed to be a world of its own, so, naturally, only ultimate elites of "Genesis Tier" had the ability to do for visiting.

Ling Han possessed an invincible body. She, on the other hand, would only drag Ling Han down. Thus, she acted decisively here, not being unreasonable and not saying anything more unnecessary.

She immediately leaped, and ran towards the side.

"Don't even think of running!" the two people who were responsible for tying down Shui Yanyu shouted immediately, but after they suffered two subsequent spiritual attacks from Ling Han, their figures abruptly paused. Meanwhile, the other four also caught up, which gave Ling Han no further chance to make a move.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and declared, "Come, I will play with you all!"

"Shi Hao, Dong Ming, the two of you go and chase that woman!"

Two of the group of six split out to chase Shui Yanyu, but Ling Han summoned the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, and stopped the two from going further, firing two consecutive shots. In that one instant, Shui Yanyu had run so far that all that was left of her was a small black spot in the distance.

All of them were in the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, so they would definitely be incapable of catching up with her now.

The six of them were all furious, and surrounded Ling Han, all of them filled with burning killing intent.

"You want to be a hero to save the damsel in distress? How touching."

"However, how are you going to protect yourself now?"

"Your physique is indeed tough, but we have all the time in the world. We can slowly refine you after we subdue you! You have to know that even the highest grade Godly metal could be forged into weapons, so who do you think you are?"

"We will refine you to death, then pluck out your memories and get everything!"

The six spoke out one after another. One of their prey escaping was extremely displeasing to them, but Shui Yanyu was thankfully merely an appetizer, whereas Ling Han was the real treasure trove.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Then you had better find me first. Great Shift of Yin and Yang!"

Xiu, he disappeared.

The six of them were gaping in shock before going crazy.

"Where is he?!"

"Even if he has escaped into his Spatial God Tool, where is the Spatial God Tool?"

"Could it really be that whatever Great Shift of Yin and Yang?"Genesis Tier in the raw could be directly translated to 'World Creation', hence only Genesis Tier could create a world.
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