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Shui Yanyu did not dare to let her guard down in the slightest.

An enemy that was capable of instant teleportation was too terrifying.

"Be careful!" she advised Ling Han.

Ling Han could not help but smile as he said, "Be careful of what?"

"That old man!" Shui Yanyu was a little driven mad; didn't you see that a human being had suddenly disappeared?

"Oh, him…" Ling Han scratched his head, and then spread out his hands in front of him. "It should be impossible that he would reappear."

"You, you, you?" Shui Yanyu suddenly realized. "You drew him into the Spatial God Tool?"

"You finally realized!" Ling Han sighed.

Shui Yanyu shook her head, and said, "No, no, a Spatial God Tool should only be capable of storage. If others were not willing to enter, could you still force them to? With the abilities of that old man, it is impossible that you would be able to force him in! Furthermore, it has already been so long, so no matter what, he should have already fought his way out by now."

"My Spatial God Tool is a little different; even it was a great elite of the Heavenly Body Tier that entered, whether they stand or kneel would depend on my mood," Ling Han said, smiling.

Shui Yanyu looked at Ling Han in astonishment; this was too shocking.

It also meant that even if the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire entered into this Spatial God Tool, her life or death would be in Ling Han's hands as well?

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"What is it? Struck dumb by my handsomeness?" Ling Han asked with a laugh.

Shui Yanyu's eyes turned, and then she said suddenly, "We have encountered so many Demonic Beasts before; you could have actually drawn them into your Spatial God Tool easily, right?"

"Er…" Ling Han hummed. It wasn't a very good thing for a woman to be too clever.

Shui Yanyu was instantly angered. "There were a good few times that I was almost heavily injured! It is because you did not trust me, so you did not use your Spatial God Tool!"

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Well, I have still trusted you now, haven't I? Otherwise, I could just watch as you get yourself killed by that old man, couldn't I?"

"You are merely twisting the facts; in any case, you just did not trust me!" Shui Yanyu was still displeased.

Ling Han shrugged with a smile, and said, "Senior Sister, have you gone too deeply into the act? We are only pretend lovers, but we have not really done anything like handing our hearts to one another."

Shui Yanyu's beautiful face turned ashen, and she slashed her sword at the vines in front of her, biting tightly down on her lip.

Were his words too heavy? Ling Han wondered. Still, he and this Senior Sister Shui were indeed merely pretending to be lovers. Aside from that, they did not have any deep relations. When it came to a secret as huge as the Spatial God Tool, how could he easily reveal it to another person?

If it was a decisive and ruthless man like Rain Emperor, he might have already killed Shui Yanyu to ensure this secret remained a secret. Him stepping out to save her was already his heart being soft, but why did it now seem like he was someone who had done something wrong?

Women were really baffling!

Ling Han first dealt with the corpses of the two young people of the Lang Clan, and then headed to help Shui Yanyu slash at the vines.

"Stay far away from me!" Shui Yanyu said, her expression icy.

This time, Ling Han did not obey. Instead, he quietly continued to cut away at the vines.

"Thick-skinned!" Shui Yanyu spat, but her expression took a turn for the better.

Ling Han breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like the rain was over, and the sky was beginning to clear.

After another while, more people came from behind them. However, this time, they were from the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, and knew Shui Yanyu. All of them worked together, and their progress instantly sped up considerably.

From behind them, more and more people came. Now that there were a lot of people, it was hard for fights to start because no one had absolute confidence that they could kill anyone else. If they rashly started a fight, it might possibly result in neither side winning, and both sides coming off worse.

Moreover, everyone had come here for the Mountain River Stones. If they wanted a fight, they could get on the battlefield. There had never been an end to the minor scuffles between the three great Majestic Empires.

When the numbers reached over a hundred, it became an indestructible force. They swept aside all obstacles in their way, and even the Demonic Tree could only uproot its roots and flee, not daring to chance a battle.

From this aspect, the tree that lacked a brain was, on the contrary, smarter than Demonic Beasts, which would make others click their tongues in amazement.

After leaving the ravine, this temporary alliance was immediately disbanded. Everyone used their motion techniques and went their own way. No one had a feeling of camaraderie brought about by battling side by side. To form a group with people who had no relation to them was too dangerous.

Putting aside complete strangers, they might not be able to really trust even the people that had originated from the same clan.

In truth, Ling Han and Shui Yanyu were quite unique. They were obviously pretend lovers, yet had travelled together for such a long way, and a kind of mutual understanding had developed between them.

Since he had already made known a little of the abilities of the Black Tower to Shui Yanyu, Ling Han did not hide this card any further on the rest of their way. When they encountered Demonic Beasts in the Mountain River Tier, he would directly act. He would first strike them unconscious, and then draw them into the Black Tower—as easy as a pie.

But this was only limited to the low extreme. If they encountered those in the medium extreme, even Ling Han could do nothing, and they would have to retreat in defeat.

Even so, their harvest was still amazing. In a short two days, they had killed or captured over a hundred Demonic Beasts, which was something that made Shui Yanyu feel like she couldn't believe her own eyes. Putting aside Mountain River Stones, the Spiritual Meat was already extremely valuable.

And they finally obtained a Mountain River Stone as well!

It was a stone completely dark green in color. It looked slightly translucent, and holding it in one's hand would give them a refreshing feeling.

It was indeed extraordinary, and could be recognized with a single look.

Shui Yanyu tossed the Mountain River Stone over to Ling Han, and said, "Hurry up and refine it. Once you form your Mountains and Rivers, you will truly possess the ability to move around in this place."

Ling Han nodded. He did not need to advance very far in the Mountain River Tier. The most important thing now was to form his Mountains and Rivers, and become a cultivator of the Immortal level!

Unfortunately, this Mountain River Stone did not possess any special trait.

"Halt!" A shout rang out from ahead of them, and they saw two groups of people race out from the side. The group in front was a group of three, and the group behind was a group of seven. Obviously, one group was in flight, whilst the other group was chasing them down.

"Leave the Mountain River Stone, and we can spare your lives!" the group of seven called out.

The group of three in front turned a deaf ear. This was really a joke; they were here for the Mountain River Stone, so they would naturally not compromise so easily. They gritted their teeth, and one of them drew out a pair of wings, which he then pressed down on his back. Hong, two giant nine-meter-long wings actually spread out from his back.

The other two grabbed hold of his thighs, and as the giant wings flapped, they instantly flew into the sky.

In the Immortal Realm, even Mountain River Tier cultivators did not possess the ability of flight—unless they were of a specific race that possessed wings. Otherwise, they could only make use of Flight God Tools.

When the seven behind them saw this, they all stopped weakly. This naturally exceeded the bounds of their control.

In truth, the three people in front had initially not planned to use this treasure. It was completely because they had spotted Ling Han and Shui Yanyu, and were thus afraid that they would be trapped in a pincer attack from the front and back. Hence, enduring much heartache, they used this treasured item.

This was something that had a limited number of uses, so it was indeed a heartache.

When the eyes of the group of seven swept over Ling Han and Shui Yanyu, they all smirked coldly.

"So the Mountain River Stone is with the two of you, hand it over!"

"It's something that we've only managed to obtain after much painstaking effort, and was then stolen by the three people just now. The two of you had better hand the item over; this is not something that belongs to you!" the group of seven called out.

Shui Yanyu and Ling Han exchanged a glance, and their only thought was that this group of seven was really quite shameless. Weren't they simply spewing lies right in front of them?Referring to how her expression was overcast before, and now it was all bright and sunny.
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