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Xiu, a black arrow immediately transformed into a flow of light, and shot towards the back of that young man.

How could the young man have imagined that Ling Han would still manage to make a move on him even with the old man impeding him? Furthermore, this arrow was really too fast; it had practically reached the standard of the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Elder Yang!" the young man roared in anger. 'You did it on purpose, didn't you?' He surely wanted them to die so he could take that spiritual secret technique for himself!

He forcibly turned back around, and delivered a sword strike.

Yet Ling Han had used two Mystical Powers in this arrow. The Eye of Truth had long since spotted the place where his defenses were the weakest, and added with the fact that the arrow that had been shot was forged from Level One Godly metal, how sharp would it be?

Xiu, the black arrow pierced through the image of his sword strike, and with a pu, shot right into his body.

Thanks to the fact that he managed to lean to the side in the nick of time, the arrow just missed the vital point—his heart. This arrow instead pierced into his shoulder, creating a shower of blood.

"Ah…!" The young man's expression changed drastically. "There are patterns to eliminate Immortals on this arrow!"

Peng, his shoulder suddenly exploded, and he directly lost the other half of his body.

The vitality of Immortals was too strong. This had not killed him. The young man swayed slightly, and hurriedly drew out a bottle of liquid, pouring it down on his own body. Suddenly, a green-colored light appeared, and his body actually began recovering quickly.

Still, his heart ached painfully. This was a Divine Fluid that his clan had bestowed on him to save his life in a crisis! Not only was it extremely limited, he could only use it once in his entire lifetime; using it a second time would have no effect.

This meant that if he met with any life-threatening danger in the Mystery Realm again, he would not have another chance to survive.

But the Divine Fluid did quickly take effect. The destroyed half of his body was currently regrowing blood and flesh at an amazing speed.

Just at this moment, multiple black shapes shot towards him as if they were sharp arrows.

In these circumstances, the young man had only focused on the two great threats posed by Ling Han and Shui Yanyu; how could he have imagined that there would be a third party in this battle? He was completely unguarded, and was instantly tightly wrapped around by those black shapes.

Upon another look, these were multiple branches, and they originated from a great tree in the ravine.

The Demonic Tree!

"Ah!" the young man screamed out horribly. Those branches stabbed into his wound, and were endlessly absorbing his life energy.

The abilities of this Demonic Tree were extremely frightening in the first place, and even if he had been in his prime condition, he would have to pay a great price to be able to struggle free. Now that he was severely wounded, how could he have any way to resist?

His body immediately wilted at a visibly fast pace. That was because his blood and flesh had been sucked out by the Demonic Tree. The vitality and life energy of a cultivator was inside these substances.

"Demonic Tree, how dare you!" The old man from the Lang Clan could no longer bother with Ling Han, and hurriedly delivered a slash with his saber.

He was really very strong. It did not have any effect on Ling Han, because Ling Han's physique was really too inhuman, but the Demonic Tree was not Ling Han, and it could not help but loosen its branches and retreat after suffering a few slashes.

Its roots were in the depths of the ravine, and it was there that its battle prowess was the strongest.

But the young man had received a severe injury in the first place, and leeched by the Demonic Tree, he had practically become a dried corpse. Even if he was not dead yet, he was not far from it.

"Ah!" The old man had just picked the young man up when he heard a horrible cry behind him. He turned around, and only saw that Shui Yanyu pierced straight through the other young man's heart. That was definitely complete death.

The old man was both enraged, his whole body trembling with the emotion.

This result was definitely not within his expectations. The enemy was obviously only a Mountain River Tier cultivator and a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, so how was it that the tables had turned, and it was them that had suffered serious damage?

His talent was not outstanding—advancing into the Mountain River Tier had already expended any potential that he possessed. However, the clan still spared no expense and gave him a great many Mountain River Stones to refine. Their purpose was to make him into an invincible existence in the low extreme so that he could obtain even more Mountain River Stones for the clan.

In the last ten thousand years, he had indeed done so, and had also been very successful, but this time… his losses were too big!

Out of two heirs with boundless prospects from the Lang Clan, one was dead, and even if the other was not, he was crippled. How was he going to explain this to the clan?

His eyes spewed fire, and he shouted loudly, "You all deserve to die!"

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "The evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear!"

The old man tossed the young man onto the ground. The latter was already crippled, and there was no meaning in bringing him back to the clan. The priority now was vengeance!

Now that he had nothing to worry about, with his battle prowess of a four-star genius, even if he could not kill this brat, how could it be that this woman would also be as difficult to kill?

Ling Han stood in front of Shui Yanyu with a smile, and said, "See, you still need me to protect you."

Shui Yanyu was very speechless, but who asked this guy to be such a monster that he could not be treated like a Shattering Void Tier cultivator at all!? She could not help but wonder—when Ling Han entered into the Mountain River Tier, what kind of a monster would he be?

"I, too, want to know how strong I'll be when I become a Mountain River Tier cultivator," Ling Han remarked with a nod of his head.

"You know what I am thinking about?" Shui Yanyu asked in surprise.

"It's all written on your face."

The old man from the Lang Clan roared angrily, "Do you two think I am not here?"

Brandishing his saber, he charged over.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Come, let us work together just like we did before."

"En!" Shui Yanyu nodded. Previously, she and Ling Han had worked together to kill a great many Demonic Beasts whose battle prowess was superior to theirs.

Peng, peng, peng. They engaged in a furious battle. The old man from the Lang Clan was indeed very mighty. After he had closed the distance so that there was no way to exhibit the full might of the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, Ling Han could only affect him slightly with his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, though the effects were not obvious.

The old man had been cultivating for several dozen thousand years, so his spirit was very strong, and it was very difficult to influence.

Additionally, he focused on attacking Shui Yanyu. With his stronger battle prowess, he battled at close quarters with Shui Yanyu, so even if Ling Han managed to pull out the distance, he would not dare to activate the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, as the possibility of him accidentally hitting Shui Yanyu was extremely high.

WIth the high pressure exerted by the old man, Shui Yanyu immediately looked like she was struggling. Her battle prowess was in the late stage of the low extreme, but the old man was equivalent to being at the peak of the medium extreme. This gap was not just a little small.

In the Immortal level, no one could afford being inferior by a mere sub-level, what more when the gap between them was more than a minor tier.

Merely after over a hundred moves, Shui Yanyu was wounded.

Now, it was only a light injury, but it would very soon become a severe injury, and would finally lead to her tragic death.

If the old man had possessed any extremely filthy thoughts previously, he now only had one intention, and that was to kill Shui Yanyu. At least, he could then take half of his revenge.

Ling Han's brow frowned, and he finally came to a decision.

He could not bring himself to sit by and watch as Shui Yanyu died in battle.

Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique!

With the spiritual attack, the old man was briefly stunned. This could only resolve Shui Yanyu's dangerous situation temporarily—if that had not been the case, how could she have been able to block over a hundred moves from the old man?

Ling Han wrapped his divine sense around the old man, and directly drew him into the Black Tower.

Shui Yanyu was just about to slash out with her sword, yet suddenly realized that she had lost her target. She could not help but gape widely in shock, and asked, "Where, where has he gone?"

Could this old man also be capable of instant teleportation?
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