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The old man's saber slashed down onto Ling Han's neck from the left, while the young man's sword stabbed into Ling Han's lower abdomen from the right. Their attacks landed on Ling Han at about the same time.

Logically, Ling Han should have been split apart into three pieces. These were attacks from Mountain River Tier elites, so how could a mere Shattering Void Tier cultivator hope to block them?

However, Ling Han's physique was on the level of a monster.

As the saber and slash struck simultaneously, it just so happened two flows of energy came from completely opposite directions and crashed into him, hence canceling each other out. Otherwise, whether it was the saber slash or the sword strike that Ling Han took head on, he would have been immediately sent flying.

"Ah!" The young man released a scream of pain, the web between his thumb and forefinger splitting open.

The present Ling Han was a "piece" of Godly metal. Hence, when the two of them struck simultaneously on a piece of Godly metal, it was equivalent to the both of them exchanging a blow with each other. The old man was probably comparable to a four-star genius, so his talent was naturally completely superior to the young man's. An attack that met force with force naturally resulted him being on the losing side.


The old man was so stunned his eyeballs were almost popping out of their sockets, his mouth wide open. Ling Han did not even need the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, and he was already stunned.

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The simultaneous strikes of two great elites of the Mountain River Tier did not even manage to harm a hair on his head?! On the other hand, one of them even had the web between his thumb and forefinger torn open. Was this a dream? Otherwise, how could something so unbelievable happen?

Ling Han gritted his teeth, feeling displeased.

He was not a sandbag, so why should he stand there and keep letting others hit him?

Without entering into the Mountain River Tier, it was impossible!

He took the chance to attack, and with the landing of a spiritual attack, the young man abruptly became stunned—that scene earlier had too much of an impact on him, so he had forgotten to guard his divine sense.

"How dare you!!" The old man came back to his senses. Raising his blade once more, he slashed out at Ling Han again.

His abilities were stronger than Ling Han's by who knew how many times. Though he started later, the saber's blade instantly caught up to Ling Han's back, and his slash landed heavily.


Ling Han was instantly sent flying. His strength was ultimately incomparable to the Mountain River Tier, after all.

He flew back more than a thousand meters away before finally stopping. Thankfully, he had not crashed in the direction of the deeper parts of the ravine. Otherwise, he would have possibly been pierced by the vines. However, it was not certain they could do it, either. His physique was too tough, so perhaps even those sharp thorns would have no effect on him.

The old man then turned to charge at Shui Yanyu. The other young man was already approaching a state of crisis. After all, Shui Yanyu was a genuine Mountain River Tier cultivator. Furthermore, she was a two-star genius, so how could she be underestimated?

Ling Han got back up, and drew out a bow. The Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow was circulating, and there were images of suns, moons, and stars flickering in his eyes.

A feeling of ice rose up in all three members of the Lang Clan at the same time, and none of them actually dared make to any rash moves.

Their instinct told them that if they were not careful, they could possibly die.

A Shattering Void Tier cultivator?

They all looked at Ling Han, all of them wearing an expression of shock at how unfathomable this was.

"What kind of archery technique is this? He is obviously just a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, yet he gives off a threatening feeling for me?"

"That arrow… must have been forged from Godly metal!"

Only the wounded young man did not let out an exclamation of shock at all. That was because Shui Yanyu had been chasing him down all this time, seeming like she would not rest until she killed him.

Ling Han smiled slightly. Mystical Powers were inherited from the Immortal Realm. Though they were all known as Mystical Powers in the small world, in the Immortal Realm, there definitely had to be a ranking system for them. However, if one's cultivation level was too low, then he would not be able to release the full might of the Mystical Power. Hence, the level of the Mystical Power itself was naturally meaningless.

But it was different now. He was just one step away from advancing into Immortal level, and the might of his Mystical Powers had also experienced an obvious boost.

The Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow was the strongest among his Mystical Powers, and its might was not just a little bit stronger than the rest.

After all, it was a secret technique that was passed down from an Immortal!

Ling Han only pulled the bowstring, but did not shoot, exerting full pressure on the old and young duo. His purpose was very simple, and that was to drag the time out so Shui Yanyu could kill that wounded young man.

Injuring all of a man's fingers was not as effective as chopping off one!

The other two members of the Lang Clan also understood this logic clearly. They exchanged a look before suddenly shooting off into opposite directions, and charged back at Ling Han.

Which one were you going to shoot?

With your abilities of the Shattering Void Tier, you would only be able to shoot one arrow before they could get near enough, and would definitely be incapable of shooting a second one.

Ling Han laughed, his figure retreating backwards. His task had been to cause a delay in the first place.

However, no matter how fast he retreated, he could not match the speed of two elites in the Mountain River Tier, and the two once again struck out with their sword and saber.

"Haven't you learnt your lesson?" Ling Han put away his bow, his hands stretching out to grab at the saber and sword.

This, in the eyes of others, would be an action that courted death, but Ling Han's using it was a smart move. He was going to once more manipulate these two members of the Lang Clan and let them "massacre one another".


The old man took the initiative to change his attack. He struck downwards with his saber in a slash, whilst the young man maintained the course of his sword strike. In this way, even if they both struck Ling Han at the same time, they would not be pushed back due to another opposing force.


Ling Han took these two blows head on, and was instantly sent flying once more.

"This is… really displeasing!" he mumbled. In the small world, when had he ever been so pitiful that he was unable to fight back in the slightest when he was being pummelled by others?

But the two members of the Lang Clan were even more depressed than he was. Were you really in the f******* Shattering Void Tier? How could you take a hit better than even them? One had to know that even if they were the ones being on the receiving end of attacks from two elites of the same cultivation level like this, they would have to throw up one or two mouthfuls of blood at the very least, right?

Ling Han did not come out completely unscathed, either. After all, the duo's weapons were both forged from Level One Godly metal. After multiple attacks, a few bloody marks finally appeared on his body.

"Hey, hey, hey. You two are really too cruel. Did you see? I'm injured!" Ling Han said deliberately.

The two members of the Lang Clan were almost mad with fury; this bastard was definitely showing off.

"Hehe, we did not have any animosity between us initially, so what need is there for a battle to the death?" The old man took the initiative to put away his saber, and said smilingly, "This is only a misunderstanding. Let us just go our separate ways like this, all right?"

"Misunderstanding your sister!" Ling Han gave him the middle finger.

A muscle in the old man's cheek twitched. He had also seen that the injured young man was not going to last much longer, and thus thought of first halting the battle and saving him. Then, he would think of a way to deal with this young couple.

Ling Han was really too strange. He had to get ahold of his secrets; their value even exceeded the Mystery Realm itself.

He gave a cold humph, and drew his saber once more. He said, "Do you plan to force us to act?"

"Wretch!" Ling Han only spat out this word.

The old man pondered for a moment, and said, "I will block him. You go and assist Ziwei."

"Yes!" The young man did not argue anymore. Ling Han was practically an unkillable monster; he naturally had no intention to become the first to kill Ling Han and pluck out his soul any longer. He immediately charged towards Shui Yanyu; otherwise, it was highly possible his companion would die.

Ling Han smirked, and drew out another arrow.

"Don't even think about it!" The old man, brandishing his saber, delivered a slash.

Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique.

Ling Han delivered a spiritual attack towards the old man. The old man had obviously ensured his divine sense was closely defended, but he still experienced a slight moment of inattention. This bit of time was not enough to allow Ling Han to cause him damage, yet it did allow Ling Han to increase the distance, his arrow already notched.

Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow!
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