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The Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros once again charged over. Peng, peng, peng. It used the special ability of its Mountains and Rivers, and with its charge, the ground was severely compressed. Furthermore, the pieces of stones that were flying in all directions were all crushed into dust.

In its field of gravity, how many were there that could maintain their usual battle prowess?

As it neared, Ling Han's Godly bones cracked loudly. If it was any other Shattering Void Tier cultivator, they would definitely be compressed into a pulp. Even for a Mountain River Tier cultivator, if they did not use their Origin Power to defend themselves, they would suffer the same fate.

Yet in Ling Han's case, it was merely his bones that gave a few cracks; his physique as tough as Godly metal was really too powerful.

Ling Han repeated the same trick. He delivered another strike with the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, and caused the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros to once again enter into a state of confusion, and the gravity around them also went back to normal with that.

Shui Yanyu took the opening to strike, and slashed onto the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros's wound.

With a new wound added onto an old one, the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros was finally severely injured. Releasing a cry of agony, it charged madly in all directions, its hooves flying, bulldozing the surrounding ground into a mess.


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Thankfully, the Demonic Beasts here did not have much intelligence. If not, after being wounded so many times, it should have fled. With its physique and speed, the chances that it could flee successfully from them were still quite high.

Shui Yanyu felt some disbelief; such a powerful Demonic Beast actually died under her blade.

"What kind of secret technique did you use that could actually stun the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros?" Shui Yanyu asked with surprise. If that had not been the case, how could she have possibly succeeded so easily?

"Hehe." Ling Han merely smiled, but did not want to reveal his trump card.

Shui Yanyu could not help but feel annoyed. Still, when she remembered that the two of them were merely pretend lovers, what position was she in to demand Ling Han to tell her about his trump card?

… If it wasn't for the fact that Ling Han did not want to expose the secret of the Black Tower, he could directly draw the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros into the Black Tower after it had lost consciousness. That way, he would be able to easily decide the life and death of this Immortal level Demonic Beast.

Ling Han's abilities were not enough, so Shui Yanyu cut open the body of the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros with her sword. After searching awhile, she finally pulled out a piece of meat that was only about the size of the pinky finger.

Unlike other meat, this piece of meat was completely snow-white. Furthermore, it had a sweet scent, and weighed only about 50 grams at most.

Spiritual Meat.

The very most valuable object in a Demonic Beast. For cultivators, it was extremely nutritious as it could greatly boost their cultivation and replenish their stamina.

Shui Yanyu sawed off that silver horn. Even though this Demonic Beast was huge, the only really valuable objects were the Spiritual Meat as well as that silver horn.

"I heard that if the horn of a rhino is ground to powder, consuming it would boost the male sex drive. It can't be that you're planning to make me take it as a tonic, right?" Ling Han remarked suddenly.

Shui Yanyu instantly went berserk, and began to chase Ling Han around, brandishing her sword with killing intent.

After much hassle, he finally calmed her down. The two began to search thoroughly again, but did not find any Mountain River Stones in the vicinity.

"So, in the end, what does a Mountain River Stone look like?" Ling Han asked.

"It glows slightly, and will be recognizable with a single look," Shui Yanyu said.

They did not immediately consume the Spiritual Meat, but kept it instead. Refining Spiritual Meat would need a lot of time, but they had no idea how long they would be able to stay here. Hence, they naturally had to make as much of the time as possible to find Mountain River Stones, and try their best to hunt Demonic Beasts to harvest more Spiritual Meat.

Of course, that piece of Godly metal was also one of their targets.

If it had been just Ling Han alone, he would definitely have lost his way, with no idea where he was supposed to go, but now that Shui Yanyu was here, she had a map that had been drawn by uncountable generations of people who had entered into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm—it was very detailed.

Thus, they did not worry that they would be running around for no reason.

With this special weapon of Ling Han's, they swept through all on their way, killing a great many powerful Demonic Beasts, and also harvesting multiple pieces of Spiritual Meat, which Shui Yanyu was overjoyed at. She had not thought that their harvest would actually be so bountiful.

Unfortunately, they had still not spotted a single Mountain River Stone.

This was very normal. How could the extraordinary stones be so easily found?

Of course, they were not invincible. If they encountered a Demonic Beast in the medium extreme of the Mountain River Tier, they could only choose to flee. Ling Han's Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique was completely ineffective on them. At most, it could only cause a target of this level a slight piercing pain.

After a whole three days, a ravine appeared in front of them.

This was the path that they had to pass through to get to the Crimson Lake—they chose that place for their next stop as it was definite that there would be Mountain River Stones there. On both sides, there were extraordinarily steep mountains, which were fraught with danger, and could not possibly be climbed. Hence, they would have to pass through this ravine.

However, this ravine was not all that safe. It was only relatively safe in comparison.

If one wanted to be truly safe, he should not leave home at all.

"According to rumors, the most dangerous creature in this ravine is a type of Demonic Tree. Usually, it pretends to be motionless, but when prey passes by, it will suddenly become hostile. The moment you become entangled in its branches, even a cultivator at the peak of the low extreme would find it very difficult to struggle free," Shui Yanyu explained.

"The Shui Clan is a fifth-tier clan at the very least, so your clan should have prepared something for you, right?" Ling Han asked.

Shui Yanyu nodded, and said, "Flame Bullets, which possess great destructive effect on that Demonic Tree. However, there are only three."

"Are there any treasures on the Demonic Tree?" Ling Han asked in high spirits.

Shui Yanyu rolled her eyes, and said, "There has never been anyone that dared to bear any intentions on this ravine. The faster they got through, the better, and you still plan to reap a good harvest here?"

"Can't I?" Ling Han felt slightly disappointed.

Shui Yanyu shook her head. "There isn't any Spiritual Meat on the Demonic Tree. At most, its trunk is extremely hard, and could be used to forge a weapon, but it would not be very effective, as it could be overcome by flames, so there is an obvious weakness."

"Then forget it. Let's just quickly pass through." Ling Han had lost all interest.

The pair walked into the ravine. This place was so quiet it was a bit scary. They could not hear any chirping of insects or animal cries. It was like a dead ravine, and the silence would make one shiver in trepidation.

There was no obvious path in the ravine, so they walked under the trees.

The trees here were not very tall, the tallest being only about 30 meters tall. There was absolutely no way they could compare to the trees outside which were easily over 3,000 meters tall. Once they walked further, they could see there were even vines covered with sharp black thorns growing beneath these trees.

These thorns were extremely sharp. If one did not actively use Origin Power to defend himself, they could easily penetrate the skin. Furthermore, they were covered with poison, which could practically turn their prey into a pool of blood in an instant to be absorbed as nutrition by the vines. The only thing remaining would be a pile of bones.

Advancing further ahead would be difficult as they would need to open up a new path.

There was nothing else that could be done; who asked them to be the first here?

The two of them began slicing apart the vines, but did not set them on fire, because it was useless even if they did. Ordinary flames could not possibly damage these vines—it was necessary to have a cultivator that had especially cultivated in a fire element secret technique, and his cultivation level had to reach the Mountain River Tier at least. This was because this was the Immortal Realm, and a Shattering Void Tier cultivator would really not be able to cause much of a ripple here, being equivalent to a mortal in the small world.

After quite some time, the sound of movement was heard from behind them. They turned to take a look. It looked like someone else had come.

"Great, more hands mean more effort. If we open the path together, we can increase the speed of our advance," Ling Han said.

"Careful, it is difficult to guess the hearts of others," Shui Yanyu reminded.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "If others do not offend me, neither will I offend others. If they bear malicious intent, then I will definitely make them regret that fact!"
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