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"It's a Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros!" Shui Yanyu exclaimed in surprise.

"Is it very strong?" Ling Han asked. His knowledge about Immortal level Demonic Beasts was naturally close to zero; this should be his first sight of an Immortal level Demonic Beast.

"This kind of Demonic Beast is on par with a two-star genius of the same cultivation level," Shui Yanyu declared solemnly. "Its power is primarily manifested by its silver horn, which is incredibly sharp, and it is extraordinarily strong by itself, with quite astonishing defenses. Its only inadequacy is that its speed is slightly low."

While they were speaking, this Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros was also scuffing its heels. An image of a great mountain appeared behind it, but there were no rivers.

This meant that its cultivation level had yet to reach the late stage of the low extreme of Mountain River Tier, or the image of a river would have appeared. Furthermore, looking at the size and solidity of this mountain, it should have reached the middle stage of the low extreme.

"Its real battle prowess is on the level of the peak of the low extreme!" Shui Yanyu compared the difference in the battle prowess of both sides. "We only have a 20% chance of winning!"

"Hey, hey, hey, have you included my battle prowess in the calculation?" Ling Han called out.

"It's precisely because you are here that we only have a 20% chance of winning. If not, I could have a 30% chance," Shui Yanyu said indifferently.

"Haha, are you resenting me for being in the way? That's so funny."

Shui Yanyu shook her head, and replied, "The chances of winning are too small. It would be best not to fight!"

Ling Han shook his head as well, and said, "Too late for that. This wild bull seems like it has no plans of letting us go."

Hong, long, long. That Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros was charging towards them.

Its speed was indeed not too quick, but its weight was really too terrifying. Hence, when it started its mad dash, its momentum was incomparably frightening, and the ground caved in behind it. This was also because the Regulations in this place were not firm enough. Otherwise, it would definitely be impossible that the low extreme of Mountain River Tier would have such destructive ability.

"This guy's actual size should be even larger than a mountain, and now that it has shrunk to this size, its charge is incredibly frightening!" Shui Yanyu explained seriously.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I will create an opportunity, and you kill it in a single blow!"

"Are you crazy? You are only in the Shattering Void Tier!" Shui Yanyu exclaimed in surprise.

"Don't forget, my defenses are something that even you can do nothing against!" Ling Han said.

When she remembered the first battle between them, Shui Yanyu's face was flushed red, and she could not help but call him pervert inside her heart. A strange feeling rose up inside her, causing her to feel a kind of nostalgia, which scared her so much that she hurriedly shook her head. She did not dare think about it further.

Peng, peng, peng. The Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros had already raced over, and rushed towards them like a mountain.

Ling Han stepped out, activated the Eye of Truth, and raised his right palm. Circulating the two Mystical Powers of the Earth Overturning Seal and Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, he suddenly clapped out with a palm aimed right at the eyes of the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros.

This great rhinoceros did not even have the intent to dodge. It lowered its head slightly, and then, with a flick, peng, its silver horn crashed into Ling Han's chest. Abruptly, he was flicked up, and then ruthlessly sent flying following the impact.

Like a cannonball, Ling Han was directly sent flying into the distance.

That full-powered blow of his did not even injure a hair on the great rhinoceros. Demonic Beasts, by nature, had tough and strong skin. At least, the physique of Mountain River Tier was not something that could be penetrated by a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, and this was completely different from human cultivators.

Yet Shui Yanyu took advantage of the opening to draw her sword. With a flick of her blade, she sliced towards the neck of that Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros.

But this big guy suddenly turned around, its back facing Shui Yanyu. Its legs abruptly bounced up, and aimed a fierce kick in her direction.


Shui Yanyu was also sent flying with the impact. However, she was similarly in the low extreme of Mountain River Tier, after all, and while she might be slightly inferior in terms of strength, the difference would not be too large. After turning over a dozen somersaults in the air, she finally diffused the force of the blow completely.

It was merely a single blow. This huge rhinoceros had shown its full might, and had the upper hand.

Ling Han got to his feet, and rubbed his chest. His clothes were naturally torn open from the impact, and there was actually a bloody mark on his chest. His skin had a slight scrape, so there was a bit of blood.

"No wonder it is called 'Silver Horned'. Its destructive ability is indeed shocking, even my physique could not completely block its attack," Ling Han mumbled to himself.

But if this scene was seen by others, they would definitely be so stunned that they would not dare believe this was reality. He was a mere Shattering Void Tier cultivator, yet he could actually take a blow from a Mountain River Tier beast head on, with only a bloody mark left behind?

One had to know that the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros was best known for its single horn, which had incredible destructive ability. Even a lion-type or tiger-type Demonic Beast of the same cultivation level would not dare take the might of this horn head on, as the result would definitely be either severe injury or even death.

When Shui Yanyu saw this, she breathed a sigh of relief. Though she had long since prepared herself, her small mouth still formed an 'O' shape. It was likely that she would not be able to get used to it this entire lifetime.

Ling Han laughed long and loud, and, leaping out, once again charged towards the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros.

"Senior Sister, let's work together!" he said. "Move on my word."

Shui Yanyu wanted to object at that moment. 'I am obviously more powerful than you, and stronger by who knows how many times, so why am I the one to follow your lead?' But in this time and place, she could not act difficult, so she could only suppress her displeasure and settle the score with Ling Han later.

Sword in hand, she charged towards the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros, but did not rush to attack. Instead, she waited for Ling Han's signal.

"Attack!" Ling Han shouted. Weng, he, too, activated the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, which rushed towards the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros.

This Demonic Beast was rushing towards Ling Han, its silver horn just about to reach Ling Han's chest. His spiritual attack was naturally unavoidable, and the attack instantly landed solidly. The rhino's legs softened, and its head slanted to one side. The silver horn missed Ling Han, and crashed to the side.

Shui Yanyu took the opportunity to rush right up to it, and slashed down on the neck of the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros.


A bout of sparks flashed. Though the long sword had slashed into the huge rhino's neck, it had not penetrated too deeply. Furthermore, the Silver Horned Mad Rhinoceros immediately regained its senses with the pain, and released a furious roar.

It suddenly tossed its head, and once again sent Ling Han flying. Then, it charged out, so the long sword was pulled out of its body.

Fresh blood continuously dripped from its neck. This Demonic Beast had been enraged, its size suddenly increasing by ten times its original one, with its black body exuding endless strength. Peng, peng, peng. The ground around it actually caved in as if a mountain range had crashed down on it.

"Yi, this Demonic Beast's Mountains and Rivers actually has a unique alignment!" Ling Han exclaimed in surprise. The Left Minister had mentioned before that there were some Mountain River Stones that possessed unique alignments. For example, some could produce terrifying weight. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

And now, what this Demonic Beast showed was extreme weight!

"I think it is not that the Demonic Beasts here cannot refine Mountain River Stones, but already possess this kind of special ability by nature!" Ling Han suddenly thought of this possibility.

"Whether that is the case or not, how should we resolve the situation now?" Shui Yanyu arrived in a single leap. Her hand wielding her sword, she looked beautiful and exuberant. However, she was the type to be elegant and graceful like water, and with the interweaving of these two kinds of bearing, she was like a fatal poison.

Ling Han took another look, and then said, "Just like before, I will stun it, and you take the opportunity to attack. Its physique is not tough to the extent that it is invincible."

Shui Yanyu turned her head, and asked, "Can you endure it?"

"Are you worrying about me now?" Ling Han countered with a smile.

"Who cares if you die!"
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