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It had to be admitted that aside from the fact that Ling Han had defenses that could match a cultivator in the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, in other areas, he was still too far away from Mountain River Tier. With this effort exerted by Shui Yanyu, their speed abruptly increased over a dozen times.

However, these waves seemed to possess different strength according to the different cultivation levels they had. Ling Han did not even feel a thing, whilst Shui Yanyu looked like she was struggling. Very soon, their speed slowed down.

"Let me!" Ling Han took the initiative once more, and advanced with Shui Yanyu in tow.

In this way, Shui Yanyu merely had to use Origin Power to boost herself and increase her defenses, so the pressure on her was greatly reduced.

Though Ling Han did not go very fast, every step he took was incredibly firm. Overall, he was actually not that much slower than Shui Yanyu.

In his opinion, the impact of the water flow had reached 16 Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Thus, it would be extremely difficult even for an elite of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier to stand against these waves. After all, the water flowed endlessly, which was equivalent to the elite having to endure this kind of attack at all times.

And there was no way he could fight back, either!

Furthermore, the power of the waves differed according to cultivation level. Otherwise, the great elites of the Heavenly Body Tier could directly escort them to the real entrance. As he imagined, it would not be a problem of struggling if these great elites entered—there would be a chance that they would be directly crushed.

Thus, the stronger one's battle prowess was on the same cultivation level, the more advantage he would have here.

Ling Han's strength had reached 20 Stars, and he had attained the true maximum limit of the Shattering Void Tier. Added with his physique that was on the level of Godly metal, he could be considered invincible in this place.

Could he hide himself here to ambush others?

Ling Han gave it some thought, but ultimately still gave up this tempting idea.

The reason why there was so much bloodshed and massacre in the Mystery Realm was because there were no witnesses at all, and no one could prove anyone guilty. There might not even be a body left, so how could the murderer be found? Yet this place was different. Everyone had to pass through here, so if he did make a move, there would be too many witnesses.

To kill a student of the Academy or a descendant of a court official in public was a heavy crime in the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire.

Moreover, he might not be successful, either. After all, they were all going into the Mystery Realm to hunt for treasures, so who would not be bringing some treasures that could save their lives?

Ling Han shook his head, and, holding onto Shui Yanyu's hand, continued ahead.

Although he started later, he was faster, and surpassed those ahead of them one after another. He was obviously not moving very fast, yet maintained an incredibly steady pace.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

On the way, even Mountain River Tier cultivators could only watch, and did not dare make a move due to feeling humiliated by being surpassed. In here, the majority of their Origin Power had to be used to oppose the impact of the water, and if they split out some Origin Power to make a move, that was practically courting death.

About two hours later, Ling Han finally brought Shui Yanyu to the bottom of the water, and a pair of doors appeared in front of them.

That was a pair of stone doors as tall as three hundred meters. There were various shapes of beasts carved on the doorposts, and Ling Han could not recognize most of them. However, he could feel as if these beast carvings were alive and exuding an endless intimidating energy.

They were obviously just carvings.

Though he called them stone doors, it was actually just a stone entrance. On the door lintel, there was a stone dragon coiled above, vivid and lifelike as if it would struggle free of the door lintel and soar into the wilderness at any moment.

"Let's go!" Ling Han felt much pity as he had not spotted that piece of Godly metal at all on their way here. Otherwise, he would have been able to take it just by stretching his hand.

The two of them entered the stone doors. They were drawn by a strange attraction as if it could pull them into pieces at any moment. They hurriedly grabbed each other's hand tightly so that they would not be separated.

Peng, peng. The two of them were tossed onto the ground at the same time.

The surroundings had changed. They were no longer in an environment of water.

"Let go!" Shui Yanyu rebuked, rolling her eyes exaggeratedly at Ling Han.

Ling Han could not help but feel rueful inwardly. Before he had seen the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, he felt that every move that Shui Yanyu made was filled with allure. But now, though she was still as beautiful as before, compared with the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, she was missing an endless grace.

He loosened his grip with a smile as per her words, and asked, "Now where should we go?"

It was not the first time that Shui Yanyu had entered the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, but it was still only her second time here. She had come here 10 years ago, but if it was 20 years ago, she had still been too young, and her abilities were inadequate, so her clan did not dare to allow her to take risks.

"Before entering here, we would randomly appear in the surroundings of the Mystery Realm, and the further we go into the core area, the higher the chances that there would be Mountain River Stones nearby," Shui Yanyu explained.

"And there's also that piece of Godly metal!" This was constantly on Ling Han's mind.

Even if that wasn't Divine Metal, to be able to withstand the force of the Heavenly Sea and remain undamaged, it had definitely surpassed the level of the Heavenly Body Tier. At the very least, it would be a Level Thirteen Godly metal!

Regarding this matter, Shui Yanyu could only shake her head in bafflement. Previously, there had never appeared a piece of Godly metal that could actually go against the water flow and enter into the Mystery Realm; who knew what corner it would be in right now.

"If it had fallen down randomly, then it could possibly be in any corner of the fringe of the Mystery Realm. We may not even have enough time to make a whole round, what more when there would be a higher chance that it would be picked up and taken away by someone else," she analyzed.

That was very logical.

Ling Han sighed. Then he could only hope that Godly metal was different, and would appear in the core area.

He looked at the environment around them.

This was a very strange place. All around them, it was a bright crimson. This was a plain, but there were hills, which had stone thorns piercing through the air, in the distance. A crimson fog was twining above them; they could not see through it, nor could their divine sense pass through.

"Ang!" A beast's roar sounded from afar, so loud that even the ground itself was trembling. Innumerable pebbles bounced off the ground from the impact.

This place was not a desolate area without life. On the contrary, a lot of the danger came from the native Demonic Beasts here. The majority of them was in the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, but there were some that had reached the medium extreme, or even high extreme.

When encountering a creature in the late stage or even the peak of high extreme, even a four-star genius would have to make a strategic retreat.

"Thankfully, it is similarly in the low extreme." Shui Yanyu scanned it for a moment, and let out a sigh of relief. Then, she revealed a burning fighting spirit. "We can try a fight."

In this place, aside from Mountain River Stones, hunting Demonic Beasts was also a very important part. Without elaborating on anything else, the Spiritual Meat of Immortal level Demonic Beasts was very nutritious, though slightly inferior to some natural Divine Herbs, and had surpassed the majority of alchemical pills.

However, there were too many cultivators. The Demonic Beasts on Joint Peace Planet had suffered over-hunting, and now, one could possibly find Demonic Beasts only in the uninhabited regions of the wide mountains, but this kind of Demonic Beast would usually be incredibly powerful, so the chances that they would be countered and killed in return were even higher.

The other option was the Mystery Realm. Because there was a limited time that the Mystery Realm would be open, and there was also a limit on the number of cultivators that could enter, as well as on their cultivation level, they could not create fundamental damage to their population.

"Where there are Demonic Beasts, there usually are Mountain River Stones," Shui Yanyu continued.

Ling Han was curious, and asked, "Why do these Demonic Beasts not refine the Mountain River Stones?"

"Probably because they can't," Shui Yanyu guessed. Aside from this reason, what other explanation could there be? Otherwise, with the passing of so many years, even if this whole place was scattered all over with Mountain River Stones, they would have been refined completely with none left.

Ling Han nodded. He had presently reached the true maximum limit of the Shattering Void Tier, and could break through to the Mountain River Tier now. Hence, he very much needed these Mountain River Stones to help him reach the top in a single step.

The two of them walked in the direction they heard the roars of beasts coming from. In a short while, they saw that a huge rock had appeared in front of them. A Demonic Beast akin to a water buffalo was feasting there as it chewed on an eight-legged black deer.

As if it had smelled Ling Han's and Shui Yanyu's scent, this Demonic Beast suddenly stood up, and turned to look in their direction. There shockingly was a single silver horn growing on its forehead, exuding cold sheen of a metal.
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