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"The Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm is about to open!" someone called out, and everyone turned their heads to look skywards.

Ling Han could not help but turn to look at the sky as well, and saw that the previous sky that had been clear and sunny had, in a mere instant, actually been torn open, revealing a colossal sea.

The width was unknown, but the waves were fierce. There was a frightening divine sense interwoven within, and a mere look would scare one witless.

Hong, long, long. The desolate plain ahead of them also split open as well, revealing a huge tunnel. All of a sudden, a pillar of water shot up into the sky, forming a waterfall that was flowing backward—towards the sky.

The waterfall was flowing upside down into the sky, and connected with that sea in the sky. Suddenly, endless waves surged in the opposite direction upwards into the sky.

The sound of the waves boomed like thunder, suppressing all other sounds. At this time, even if someone tried their utter best, he would not be able to hear what he himself was saying at all.

Ling Han looked on with shock. This was too grand. There was a great sea floating in the sky, and it was so wide that it seemed like it could crush the entire Joint Peace Planet if it flowed downwards. Furthermore, the water underground was actually gushing in the opposite direction into the sky, completely going against natural laws.

He finally found out why this Mystery Realm was known as the "Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm".

A sea in the heavens—it was not just in name, but rather the actual reality.

Everyone could only use their divine sense to communicate now as their hearing was completely disabled—they could only hear that endless thunder produced by the waves.

"That would be the Heavenly Sea; no one can fly above to get a clear look at it. There are no living beings inside that huge sea, and there is no end, either," Lin You mused ruefully. "There was once an elite of the Heavenly Body Tier that steered a galaxy-level warship and entered within, but as a wave broke over him, the warship turned into pieces, and that elite did not even manage to flee with his spirit in time. He was crushed along with his physical body."

The Heavenly Body Tier, on the Joint Peace Planet, was synonym for invincible, but even Heavenly Body Tier cultivators ended in that manner, so that sea in the sky naturally became a forbidden area.


"There's something!"

Someone pointed at that waterfall that connected the heavens and earth.

Ling Han focused his gaze and looked over. There was a white-colored object flickering in the waterfall, but he could not exactly distinguish what it was.

This was extremely shocking. A waterfall flowing upside down was in itself a very bizarre happening, but now, in the Heavenly Sea, there was actually an object that was going against the water flow and floating down the waterfall, which was an even more unacceptable fact to them.

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth, and could finally make out the rough features of that white object.

"It's a piece of metal!"

"A white-colored metal!"

"Heavens, the waves there could easily crush a galaxy-level warship, and kill an elite of the Heavenly Body Tier, but now there is actually a piece of metal that is still completely preserved."

"That metal must be extraordinarily heavy; how else could it possibly flow down the waterfall, going against the flow of the water?"

"A top-grade Godly metal! It must be a top-grade Godly metal, which can be forged into the strongest Spirit Tool in this world! It could even block the destructive power of the Heavenly Sea; is there any force capable of destroying it in this world?"

A few important people all exclaimed in surprise. They were all elites of the Heavenly Body Tier, and as something that could move even them… The value of this piece of Godly metal could be imagined.

In that moment, everyone's eyes became fiery.

One had to know that if this piece of Godly metal fell down, where would it fall to? Into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm!

That was right. The Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm was not that piece of sea in the sky, where even if an elite of the Heavenly Body Tier entered, he would be directly eliminated. If they went there, wouldn't they just be heading to their deaths? The Mystery Realm was under the ground, and only when the Heavenly Sea appeared would this Mystery Realm appear as well. Otherwise, even if you dug through the entire Joint Peace Planet… don't even think you would be able to find it.

Ling Han also felt a rush of excitement. Top-grade Godly metal… Who would not want such a treasure?

Moreover, others might not be able to mold this type of Godly metal, but he had the Black Tower, so he should be able to, right?

He could not help but ask, "Small Tower, could you do it?"

"I haven't seen it, so how would I know?" Small Tower humphed. "However, as long as it is Godly metal, it would be a piece of cake."

Ling Han caught the implication of its words, and asked, "So there is something that is even tougher than Godly metal, and even you would not be able to refine it?"

"Of course! Think, what material has the Black Tower been forged from?" Small Tower said in a tsundere tone.

"What was it forged from?" Ling Han continued to ask. He was indeed very curious.

"Divine Metal!" This time, Small Tower did not give an excuse like "your cultivation level is too low, so telling you would be pointless". "Above Godly metal, there is Divine Metal. However, Godly metal is divided into many grades, and though there are many different types of Divine Metal, there is only one grade. It either is Divine Metal, or it is not.

"Every piece of Divine Metal has its own unique consciousness, and possesses incredible might. According to legends… hehe, we'll speak more on this subject when you actually get a piece."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Small Tower was beginning to keep him in suspense again.

When they were speaking, that piece of white-colored metal had already glided into the ground.

"The Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm is already open, go in quickly!"

"If you are not entering now, what are you waiting for?!"

"You must get that piece of Godly metal!"

"Whoever can obtain that piece of Godly metal for me will be heavily rewarded!"

The important people all spoke up, urging the masses to descend. At the same time, they were offering amazing rewards to obtain that piece of top-grade Godly metal. There was nothing else that could be done; they could not enter into the Mystery Realm, and so could only place their hopes on these youngsters.

One could foresee that there would definitely be a fierce battle full of bloodshed that would be caused by this piece of Godly metal.

"Let's go!" Ling Han tugged on Shui Yanyu's hand. If they did not enter at the same time, they would appear in different locations when they entered into the Mystery Realm.

"Blockhead, wait for me!" Li Weiwei hurriedly chased after them.

"Fourth Young Miss!" Yet Tang Feng stepped out to stand in her way. He still wanted to be alone with Li Weiwei, so he was naturally hoping there would not be a third wheel with them.

"Damn it!" Li Weiwei stretched out a hand in a palm strike. It was naturally impossible for her battle prowess to pose any threat to Tang Feng, but when she delivered her palm strike, a beaded bracelet she was wearing on her wrist exuded brilliant light. Peng, Tang Feng was suddenly sent flying, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

'A God Tool!' Tang Feng exclaimed in his heart. Moreover, it was no ordinary God Tool. Otherwise, a Shattering Void Tier cultivator would definitely be unable to activate it. It should have been refined multiple times by the Left Minister, and because of their blood relation, Li Weiwei was capable of activating the power hidden within.


Ling Han grabbed ahold of Shui Yanyu's hand. Hong, the sound of the water was thunderous, ringing out in his ears.

The waves here were very huge, but there were no divine patterns interwoven with them. Thus, even if they broke over Shattering Void Tier cultivators, they would not die. However, if they did not have enough ability, they would still be throwing up blood like crazy.

More importantly, the waves of water went against the natural flow, and were going upwards, yet the Mystery Realm was at the very bottom. Hence, they had to overcome this opposite force, or they would not even be qualified to enter into the Mystery Realm.

Ling Han exhibited his nature-defying trait as his strength of 20 Stars exploded in a burst, and he moved against the flow as easily as if he was walking on flat land. Additionally, his physique was really too powerful, so when the waves slammed against him, the force he felt was no more than a massage.

"Your speed is too slow!" Shui Yanyu sent him a mental message. "You enter into your Spatial God Tool, and I will bring you in."

Ling Han could not help but grin bitterly. How could he possibly show off the existence of the Black Tower? He usually hid it within his Dantian, and when he hid inside, the Black Tower would shrink to the size of a mustard seed, not revealing the slightest sign of its existence.

If he ducked inside, Shui Yanyu would not even be able to see him, so how was she supposed to bring him in?

"Hoho, since you are indeed powerful, then bring me along with you. In any case, my skin is tough and thick, so no matter how fast you go, this water flow would not be able to injure me." He could not possibly explain the uniqueness of the Black Tower to Shui Yanyu.

Shui Yanyu turned right around to take hold of his wrist, and her figure abruptly sped up.
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