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Ling Han's eyes swept over the people assembled, and saw that many were looking at him with sneers on their faces, not hiding their killing intent in the least.

There were the senior brother and senior sister disciples from the Western Institution, the members of the Luo Clan, and the subordinates of the subordinates of Zhao Lun, and they were all in the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier. They were staring at Ling Han as if they were looking at a vulnerable lamb, their eyes filled with cruelty and heartlessness.

At first, Ling Han would not know so many people, but Lin You was standing beside him and introduced them to him one after another, so he had some idea inside his head.

The Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm did not merely possess fateful opportunities, but also endless danger. Hence, it was absolutely normal for a number of people to die within, and it was absolutely impossible to find out who the culprits were.

A Mystery Realm had always been the best location to settle personal grudges. If you were afraid to die, then you could only choose not to enter.

Fateful opportunities had always been accompanied by danger.

Ling Han looked at these people, sneering inwardly. Even without the Black Tower, with how tough his present physique was now, it was not the slightest bit inferior to Level One Godly metal, and could absolutely take the attack of any cultivator at the peak of the low extreme of Mountain River Tier head on.

Moreover, he still had the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique. It was still indefinite who would be the hunter, and who would be the prey!Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Additionally, he had also attained breakthrough-level improvement on his Six Techniques Return to One. The only thing he lacked now was time, and as soon as he reached 20 Stars of strength, he would be able to break through. When he advanced into the Mountain River Tier, it would be he who would be sweeping aside all opposition.

True, he did not possess any Immortal-level cultivation techniques, but don't forget, there were still Mountain River Stones that could help him directly form his mountains and rivers inside the Mystery Realm, though he would only be limited to the peak of the low extreme.

However, those that could enter here were limited to the peak of the low extreme, so if it was a battle between equals, whom would Ling Han be afraid of?

When these people looked coldly over him, Ling Han returned their looks with a chilling look of his own, not cowering in the slightest.

Shui Yanyu felt a headache coming on. How could she have imagined that Ling Han was such a magnet for trouble? It was not enough for him to have a great enemy like Zhao Lun, he'd actually made an enemy of the Western Institution as well as the Luo Clan. She didn't know whether to be angry about how he lacked a sense of propriety, or admire how courageous Ling Han was.

Li Weiwei had also come over, pulling Ji Yun'er with her, chattering continuously by Ling Han's ear, and completely ignoring the fact that the top elite of the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier division of the Northern Institution was standing next to her, which made Tang Feng—the said elite—have a very ugly look on his face.

Tang Feng was presently 277 years old, had the cultivation of the peak of the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, and was honored as the top elite of the low extreme division of the Northern Institution. Merely this identity had made who knew how many beautiful senior sister and junior sister disciples throw themselves at him, recommending themselves for a position in his bed.

However, he could be considered a self-disciplined person, and did not lose himself in lust, though he would occasionally let himself loose—he had not married, and faced with temptations that delivered themselves up to his doors. How much resistance could he actually have?

But this time, being assigned such a big task by the Left Minister, a very great ambition suddenly rose within him.

He wanted to become the son-in-law of the Left Minister!

The time they would spend in the Mystery Realm would be half a month at least, and half a year at most. Furthermore, there were many dangers within, and he and Li Weiwei would be all alone by themselves. After spending all that time together, wouldn't familiarity breed fondness? Moreover, in the face of danger, women were the most vulnerable. When she saw how mighty and majestic he was, she would definitely not be able to stop herself from falling in love with him.

He had most ideal thoughts, but who would have expected that Li Weiwei had completely not taken him to heart, and was completely treating him like a servant to be ordered around? She had not even looked directly at him, which depressed him very much.

If it was to be claimed that the daughter of the Left Minister was proud by nature, that was fine. But Li Weiwei was actually all smiles and cheerful around a lowlife from a small world, completely defenseless. She was practically treating him like a friend, so how could Tang Feng be able to accept this?

He was the mighty top elite of the Low Extreme Division. Could it be that he could not even match a lowlife from a small world?

Tang Feng's expression was as dark as water. He inwardly decided that they had to separate from Ling Han after entering the Mystery Realm.

Although he had never entered into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, for the sake of his beloved daughter, the Left Minister had given him a jade scroll, and there was incredibly complete and accurate information about the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm written within, so he was very confident.

As the saying went, three women made a market, and four a fair. With Li Weiwei chattering endlessly, she led Ji Yun'er and Shui Yanyu to both speak a few words here and there, which gave Ling Han no chance to speak at all. Thus, he took a step back, and began conversing with Lin You.

"Senior Brother Ling, why don't you go with me later?" Lin You extended an invitation. "This time, our Lin Clan has obtained a total of three entry slots. Aside from myself, the other two clansmen are both elites in the low extreme of Mountain River Tier."

He had long heard that Lin You was a just person, and could sacrifice himself for his friends; merely hearing these words for him, he knew that his reputation was justified. Lin You could tell that Ling Han could possibly be hunted down, and thus had cordially invited him along.

Ling Han could not help but smile, and said, "Thank you for your kindness, Junior Brother Lin. However, I am still used to being alone."

Lin You took one look at Shui Yanyu, and believed himself to have understood the situation. Thus, he said, "I have forgotten that Senior Brother Ling still has a beautiful, captivating senior sister as company. However, Senior Sister Shui has just advanced into the Mountain River Tier, so if you met an opponent in the later stage of low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, or perhaps even the peak, I fear she will not be a match for them."

Shui Yanyu was very talented in martial arts, and was a two-star genius. How could there be anyone ordinary among those who could enter into the Mystery Realm? Besides, those that had advanced into the Mountain River Tier were all one-star geniuses at the very least. Thus, Shui Yanyu would at most be able to match an opponent in the middle stage of low extreme; she would definitely be no match for someone stronger.

Ling Han clapped a hand on Lin You's shoulder, and said, "I understand. However, I will be fine. When the time comes, it will not be definite who is the hunter and who is the prey!"

Seeing the powerful confidence Ling Han exuded, Lin You could not help but choose to believe him.

"Ling Han!"

A pleasantly surprised voice rang out, and they saw the Ninth King holding up her skirts as she walked quickly towards them.

Her status was too noble, so all those belonging to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire knelt. As she walked past, the people on either side knelt down, and only when she passed did they stand up once more, forming a wave-like movement.

Ling Han was surprised; why was this Ninth King suddenly calling out to him?

He had barely finished the thought when the Ninth King already ran to stand in front of him. Lin You hurriedly knelt on one knee, paying his respects.

"Rise, rise." The Ninth King lifted her hand. Her face as beautiful as a flower, she complimented, "Ling Han, you're better than others, who look like they have soft bones, and immediately kneel down when they see me."


Those standing close enough to hear her almost threw up blood. This was their respect, all right? Her Imperial Majesty had already declared that seeing the Nine Kings was equivalent to seeing Her Imperial Majesty! Just tell us, who would dare not to pay respects to you? Ling Han was obviously acting treasonous, refusing to kneel in the face of one of the Nine Kings, and in your eyes, he had actually become one with an unyielding character!?

Ling Han merely clasped his hands in greeting, and said, "My respects to the Ninth King."

There were three female guards following behind the Ninth King, and they were all at the peak of the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier. When they saw Ling Han's lack of respect, they immediately frowned, and glared at him angrily.

"I have especially allowed Ling Han not to kneel down to pay his respects," the Ninth King said hurriedly so that her three guards would not flip out.

When they heard the words of the Ninth King, the three female guards could only close their mouths obediently.

… Seeing the Nine Kings was equivalent to seeing the empress—this was applicable to them as well, so how could they possibly dare to disobey?

"Ling Han, this time, it's all thanks to you that Big Sister praised me very much!" The Ninth King was all smiles. Drawing out a pill bottle, she handed it over to Ling Han. "This is a Jade Sun Pill, which has the effect of boosting cultivation by about a year. It's my gift to you!"
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