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After exiting the Imperial Palace, Ling Han's mind was still completely filled with that alluring figure of the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire.

She was really a super calamity.

Initially, Ling Han would occasionally think of his parents, the beauties, his friends, and his son, but now all he could think of was the appearance of the empress. Furthermore, he had obviously never even seen the true appearance of this empress, yet had managed to imagine an incredibly attractive, beautiful face.

It was like a combination of all the beautiful women that he had met, with all their merits put together, piecing together a beautiful face that one could find no flaw in.

It was like a voice inside his heart was telling Ling Han that this empress should be the most beautiful woman in this world.

This was disastrous, really disastrous. Ling Han contemplated inwardly the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, and only after a long, long while did he manage to erase the figure of the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire from his mind. Yet in his heart, a feeling of longing rose up, causing him to shake his head. That he would actually be so captivated… It was practically as if he had been bewitched.

The Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire won the first place this time round, and thus attained a thousand slots for entering into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, whereas the other two great Majestic Empires would each have five hundred slots.

A thousand entry slots seemed like a lot, but in truth, it was absolutely not enough to share.

Who did not desire a slot?

Mountain River Stone, for any Mountain River Tier cultivator, was greatly beneficial. Not only could it help boost cultivation level, it could also give an individual a unique skill. For Shattering Void Tier cultivators, that was even more valuable. They could skip the step of comprehension, and directly form their mountains and rivers to advance into this cultivation level.

However, if one depended on Mountain River Stone to break through, the limit would be the peak of the lower levels of Mountain River Stone. Unless he could make a breakthrough himself on martial arts, he could only remain in this level forever.

The heavens were naturally just.

For these entry slots, everyone was practically about to come to blows.

Because the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire had no children, she only took a few slots and handed them over to the Ninth King so she could enter into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm and train. Aside from her, there were also a few guards entering to ensure her safety.

As for the remaining entry slots, she handed them to the Left and Right Ministers, and the Seven Great Generals to distribute them to those worthy.

The Nine Kings' status was above the court's. Although their authority was superior to the Left and Right Ministers' and the Seven Great Generals', their priority only lay in cultivation. They had never interfered in matters of the imperial court. This was also a reason why the Left Minister and the other higher-ups were willing to yield to their superior authority.

The Imperial Capital would definitely be bustling in these few days as the various clans would be running around for their own people. That was Mountain River Stone, and they could nurture outstanding heirs with it.

In any case, Ling Han had already gained an entry slot. That was something personally bestowed on him by the empress, and no one could possibly snatch it from him. Thus, he calmly returned to the Academy.

He had initially wanted to immediately seek out Shui Yanyu to ask her about matters concerning the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, but just when he had that thought, he realized that he did not know where Shui Yanyu was in the Academy, and so could not help but smile.

Then he'd just ask another person.

Ling Han sought out Lin You. The latter came from a noble background, and was known for being just, so there was naturally no problem just to ask him a few questions.

Lin You was very cordial, and when he knew why Ling Han had come, he told Ling Han all the information he knew about the resources in the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm.

The history of this Mystery Realm was far longer than the history of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire.

The inheritance of the Jade Drop and Eternity Sky Majestic Empires could be numbered in hundreds of millions of years. At the time, the competition was actually only between these two great Majestic Empires, until finally, about a million years ago, the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire came into being suddenly. Walking out from a small country, battling step by step, she finally formed the current balance of power between the three empires.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

However, the origin of the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm was even earlier than the two great Majestic Empires of Jade Drop and Eternity Sky. Before these two great nations were established, or perhaps when the Joint Peace Planet was still in that ancient era, this Mystery Realm had already existed.

Hence, no one knew the origins of this Mystery Realm. The only thing known was that there were Mountain River Stones inside, and there were some in the most precious category. Unfortunately, one could not re-cultivate Mountain River Tier once he had broken through. Otherwise, this Mystery Realm would be even more important.

The entrance to this Mystery Realm would only open for half a day. After about 2,000 people had entered, it would have reached its limit. If more entered, they would directly be killed.

As for the question of how long one could stay in the Mystery Realm, it was indefinite. Sometimes, it would only be half a month, and sometimes it would be half a year.

This Mystery Realm imposed a limit on the maximum cultivation level, but had no limit on the minimum cultivation level. It could only accommodate cultivators in the lower levels of Mountain River Tier and below, and should anyone with a higher cultivation level, they would be torn to pieces. Even Heavenly Body Tier elites were no exception. Thus, some have deduced that this Mystery Realm had to be the creation of an ultimate elite of the Genesis Tier. Otherwise, how could there possibly appear such extremely valuable treasures like the Mountain River Stone?

In the next few days, the Imperial Capital was indeed flaring up over these thousand entry slots. Clans with even the slightest bit of power were all running around, delivering gifts to the residences of the Left and Right Ministers, as well as the Seven Great Generals, so that they could gain an entry slot.

Because those in the lower levels of the Mountain River Tier could also enter, naturally not much attention was paid to Ling Han. In the Shattering Void Tier, he could be considered invincible, but in the Mountain River Tier, any Mountain River Tier cultivator would be able to dominate him easily.

However, Shui Yanyu absolutely disagreed with this. She was speaking from experience, and clearly knew how terrifying Ling Han's physique could be.

In the Scarlet Heaven Academy, a few of the higher-ranked Mountain River Tier elites were chased after by the various forces. There were some that obviously came from humble backgrounds, without any powerful backer, yet unexpectedly gained the qualification to enter.

An example was someone called Tang Fei. He was the number one genius in the lower levels of the Mountain River Tier at the Northern Institution. He was a commoner, yet had been selected personally by the Lord Left Minister this time, and could enter into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm. His purpose was naturally for the sake of protecting Li Weiwei.

This was very lavish, but the Left Minister did not care. He only had four daughters, and this youngest daughter of his was favorite. For the sake of ensuring his beloved daughter could have a fated opportunity, as well as guaranteeing her safety, what did the mere sacrifice of a single entry slot count as?

After preparing for seven days, the thousand people to enter the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm were confirmed. These people all boarded a luxurious warship, which flew towards their destination.

This was where the borders of the three nations crossed. It was a desolate plain, which Ling Han thought was odd. There was a 'Sea' in the name of the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, so what about the sea? Where was it?

The people from the other two great Majestic Empires had arrived as well. They had also arrived via a warship. Otherwise, even in the case of the Mountain River Tier cultivators, the journey on foot would take months.

The leader of the team from the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire was one of the Seven Great Generals, Ding Li'an. He was also the only one of the Seven Great Generals that had not married and had children yet. Apparently, this Great General was desperately in love with the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, and thus vowed to never marry. However, it was obviously an unrequited love, and he was destined to remain single for the rest of his life.

Since he was single, the only thing left for him was cultivation. As a result, Ding Li'an's cultivation level was very high; he had already attained the peak of the lower levels of the Heavenly Body Tier, and he himself was a four-star genius, so he could match an ordinary cultivator in the middle levels of the Heavenly Body Tier.

The other two great Majestic Empires had also sent a similar heavyweights, appearing to be very serious about this. After all, those that entered into the Mystery Realm were either the descendants of important people of their respective Majestic Empires, or prodigious geniuses. There was absolutely no room for failure.

Shui Yanyu, Ji Yun'er, Lin You, Ye Chengyun and the others had also gained the qualification to enter with the help the power of their respective clans. However, though Ma Xing had extraordinary talent, he did not gain the chance to enter, because he did not have any important background.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that the empress had allowed Ling Han to enter with a personal imperial decree, he might not have been able to get this one entry slot, either.

The reality was just that cruel.
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