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It shattered!

Tortoise, amongst normal creatures, was the synonym for powerful defense; even a ferocious tiger or lion could do nothing against the shell of a tortoise. Moreover, after entering the level of Demonic Beast, the defenses of a tortoise were further enhanced.

When a Demonic Beast cultivated to the highest level, it would be termed a Divine Beast, and its defenses were naturally even more incredible.

Zhong Hai was born different, possessing a sliver of the bloodline of the ancient Divine Beast, Black Tortoise. This was reflected in his defenses—he had a spot on his back that was a so-called "God's Territory". It was called so because only Immortals would be able to break through his defenses.

Looking at the platform, all the spectators were gaping with shock. There was even a considerable number of Mountain River Tier and Sun Moon Tier elites that were in disbelief.

Ling Han was obviously only in the Shattering Void Tier, so how could his battle prowess be so powerful?

On the high platform, the important personages of the Jade Drop and Eternity Sky Majestic Empires even directed a probe at him. Had Ling Han borrowed aid from the power of the nation? But the disappointing fact was that there were no signs of external aid on Ling Han. Furthermore, on their national totem, those nine mountain peaks, there was no existence of Ling Han's name.

Without a name on the totem, he would not be able to draw on power of the nation. This was something everyone knew for a fact.

An individual's own battle prowess… could also be this strong?

This surprised a great many higher-ups because Shattering Void Tier had not yet entered into Immortal level, and did not have too great an effect. Thus, even great geniuses only required themselves to achieve 20 Stars of battle prowess; there was no need for them to be so stubborn and reach the maximum on this step.

After all, the path of cultivation was really too long. Furthermore, no matter how much you perfected your cultivation of the Shattering Void Tier, how many more Stars could you increase your own ability to match an opponent on a higher cultivation level than your own?

In the Mountain River Tier and Sun Moon Tier, I, too, could perfect my cultivation, so wouldn't the boost to my battle prowess be even greater?

It was precisely because the battles on Immortal level were too difficult that raising cultivation levels was the best strategy.

Peng, Zhong Hai fell off the tournament stage, releasing a harsh scream in agony.

This tortoise shell was a part of his body, and now that it had been shattered by force, it naturally caused him heartrending pain. But, the way he had won earlier on was too underhanded, so when the masses saw his pitiful look now, they felt a kind of pleasure instead, feeling like their ire had been vented.

"The ranking has been decided. In this year's competition between the three Majestic Empires, the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire is in the first place, the Jade Drop Majestic Empire in the second, and the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire is third." The Ninth King's voice rang out from the high stage, announcing the final results.

Ling Han, Ye Chengyun, and the other participants were all commended, and each received 100 True Origin Stones. This was quite a considerable wealth. They'd merely had to battle once, so this could be considered a hefty reward.

Ling Han was just about to leave with the Left Minister when a palace maid caught up with them. She first bowed, and then said, "Under the command of Her Imperial Majesty, Ling Han is summoned for an audience."

The Left Minister was slightly stunned, but then hurriedly and with utmost respect replied, "Yes!"

Xiang Chengyun, meanwhile, was about to go mad with jealousy. This lowlife from a small world had actually been summoned for an audience with the empress; what kind of good fortune was that! Even he had only been able to look at the empress from afar, and that was only because he was following the Left Minister.

He prided himself over it, but now? This Shattering Void Tier brat was actually able to come into close contact with the empress, instantly trampling all over his pride.

He was regretful. Why had he brought Ling Han back with him at that time? It would have been better if he had just killed Ling Han directly; wouldn't it have been all right just to establish a puppet emperor?

But now, he could only regret, and did not dare to do anything else.

The empress wanted to see him, and you dared to stand in his way?

Ling Han walked with that palace maid into the depths of the palace. It was incomparably quiet here. Aside from the patrolling soldiers passing by, there was no one else. Of course, the soldiers were all female. They were all in small teams of ten, led by an elite who was at perfection of the Mountain River Tier. The team members were also all in the Mountain River Tier.

However, afterwards, that palace maid brought Ling Han to the doors of a side palace hall. The doors were completely forged from a pink-colored crystal, which looked like a beautiful gemstone.

"Reporting to Your Imperial Majesty, Ling Han has been brought," the palace maid informed, kneeling at the doors.

"Enter." A dignified voice was heard from within. Yet, there was still incomparable charm hidden in this voice, as sweet as honey. Anyone who heard this voice would feel incredibly at ease.

The palace maid nodded at Ling Han, and walked into the palace hall.

Ling Han followed her in. He had keenly discovered that there was an imperial guard hidden behind every giant stone pillar—each as wide as three meters—and their aura was deep and immeasurable. At least they were not people he could sense clearly.

There was a total of 18 such pillars, and they stretched all the way to the end of the palace hall. There was an imperial throne there, and seated high on this throne was a woman dressed in imperial robes. However, there was divine light flickering over her, so her exact features could not be clearly seen. Still, even though she was incredibly blurry, she had a bone-deep charm that would melt anyone's heart.

The greatest beauty in the world? It was indeed a fully justified reputation. She was merely seated there, and there was an irresistible grace to her.

Ling Han sighed, but still had to kneel on one knee, and said, "This Ling Han pays respects to Your Imperial Majesty."

She was an ultimate elite standing at the perfection of the Heavenly Body Tier. She herself could possibly be a five-star genius, and added with power of the nation, even if not in the Eternal River Tier, she should at least be unmatchable in the Heavenly Body Tier.

Facing this kind of elite, respect was a must.

When the eyes of the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire ran over him, Ling Han abruptly felt as if he had been seen through completely. It was as if in front of her, there were no secrets he could hide.

"Coming from a small world, you have not had it easy," she said, her voice holding a tone of commendation.

Ling Han suddenly felt ecstasy that rushed up to his head, but his heart immediately clenched. Why was it that with only a single compliment from her, he was filled with an impulse that he could die for her?

The charisma of this empress was really too frightening, wasn't it? She had obviously not used any kind of technique. It was only mere words, and added with her own personal beauty and bearing—her beauty was even blurred—it had enchanted him so deeply.

It was no wonder that even the two emperors in the Heavenly Body Tier were captivated by her. Indeed, this kind of charisma was really too hard to resist.

"Thank you for your praise, Your Imperial Majesty," Ling Han said solemnly, his gaze lowered, not daring to have a second look.

This empress was really a great "source of calamity". Even compared with the charisma of Shui Yanyu and Zhu Xuan Er, hers was far superior. At least, as far as Ling Han knew, the only one able to match, or even surpass, her in terms of bearing was only that previous mistress of the Roc Palace.

However, the bearing of these two women was of completely different types. Although that person of the Roc Palace spoke gently, she was so elegant and distant that others would only feel reverence and admiration, and not dare to have any other wild thoughts.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Yet though this empress in front of him spoke aloofly, she was like a sweet poison, and would make one feel like he could not stop himself. He would be willing to become a moth flying into a flame, not regretting even unto death.

This should be related to the cultivation technique that this empress had cultivated. Otherwise, it would definitely be impossible that she would be so enchanting and captivating with her grace.

Ling Han did not think that he would be able to resist this empress's charisma for much longer with his present cultivation. Thus, it was best for him not to look, avoiding falling head over heels into her unwitting trap, rendered incapable of freeing himself again.

"You have saved our empire from a crisis, and won a thousand slots to enter into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm. Thus, I shall make an exception and gift you an entry slot," the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire said.

"Thank you, Your Imperial Majesty."

This reward was within Ling Han's expectations. Furthermore, would such an important personage like the empress summon him deliberately just to personally announce this piece of news to him? It seemed like the battle prowess that he had exhibited was too astonishing, and even the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire wanted to see him from up close.

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