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The Left Minister merely sighed, but did not further elaborate on the situation of the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm.

Since the Left Minister did not say anything, Ling Han naturally did not probe for more information; he intended to find out more about it from Shui Yanyu upon his return.

They were taking a ride on the Left Minister's carriage; its speed was amazing, and they arrived outside the imperial palace in a short span of time.

When they reached this point, even the Left Minister couldn't bring in his carriage. After they had gotten down from the carriage, the guards checked the trio's identities before letting them pass.

"While we are here, you mustn't speak rashly!" the Left Minister warned severely.

"Yes!" Ling Han and Xiang Chengyun acknowledged.

This was the central authority of the entire Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, and one of the three central administrations of the Joint Peace Planet. The main color theme of the palace was pink—it was quite feminine, but there was no helping it, since the sovereign here was an empress with the reputation of the world's number one beauty. Even the monarchs of the other two Majestic Empires were willing to give up their territory and throne for her.

If she wasn't full of feminine charms, who would be?

Ling Han was somewhat expectant. He was finally able to meet Her Imperial Majesty, the legendary empress, and see for himself how enticing and enchanting she was that even the other two great monarchs would be willing to become her subjects.

Xiang Chengyun also wasn't able to stop himself from hyperventilating. It wasn't that he had never seen the empress before, but her beauty was too alluring, so much so that the thought of meeting her made his heart beat faster and his breathing ragged.

It could be said that anyone who had seen Her Imperial Majesty, the empress, would no longer see another person as a beauty, and could only have eyes for such a stunning character with capability of causing chaos amongst the common folk. Compared to the empress, the other so-called beauties would totally dim in comparison, and be considered dregs among dregs.

Entering deep into the palace, the guards here were substituted with females. It was probably for fear of men being unreliable; if they were the guards here, the possibility of embezzlement would be higher, and in turn, it would be unsafe.

The venue for the martial arts competition had been set up in the Imperial Training Field. Not only was the venue of the competition massive, the seating area for the audience was also very large.

There were four spectators' grandstands towering above like overhanging cliffs; the one located in the south was by far the largest, like a monarch among them. This was naturally the exclusive seat of the empress; usually, only the Nine Kings were allowed to go up there.

The other three grandstands were much smaller. The one located in the east had been assigned to the emperor of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, the one in the west assigned to the Jade Drop Majestic Empire, and the one in the north would be shared by top officials such as the Left and Right Ministers and Seven Great Generals.

Whenever the three Majestic Empires held this competition, given that this would involve the pride of an entire nation, the standards were extremely high. The other two Majestic Empires had each sent a crown prince to lead their respective teams. Leading the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire's team was the brother of its current emperor, while the Jade Drop Majestic Empire's team was led by their emperor's fourth uncle. They were all powerful bigwigs that stood above all levels of society, and their cultivation levels had already reached the Heavenly Body Tier.

Of course, Ling Han wasn't qualified to sit in any of the four grandstands. As for Xiang Chengyun, he was only able to stand in the north grandstand thanks to the Left Minister.

Naturally, being at the bottom meant that Ling Han couldn't see the situation at the grandstand high above, which made him find it somewhat regrettable as he wouldn't be able to see the empress of Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire even if she had come.

… It wasn't that he harbored any special feelings for Her Imperial Majesty, the empress. It was just that he had heard so much about her exquisite beauty being beyond comparison that it made him curious, and he wanted to see her with his own eyes.

The contestants of the three Majestic Empires stood on the Imperial Training Field; a stage had been erected in the middle.

This was a stage battle. Naturally, there would be rules for a stage battle—any contestant that fell off the stage would be considered defeated. Otherwise, if one could run away and the other gave chase, then when would the competition be concluded? With the kind of powerful bigwigs present here, how could they spend so much time watching the show of Shattering Void Tier cultivators?

"Brother Ling, I've just gotten some news: there's trouble this time." Xiang Chengyun suddenly ran over, waved to the other eight people, and said, "Everyone, come and listen."

"What kind of trouble?" Ma Xing said off-handedly. "WIth Brother Ling here, we will definitely take first place."

"That's right!" The others nodded one by one; Ling Han's performance had completely won them over.

Xiang Chengyun actually shook his head to that as he said, "That's precisely it—I've just received some information, and done my research on the background of the contestants from the other two Majestic Empires. They also have two exceptional contestants."

"Can they be more exceptional than Brother Ling?" Ma Xing said while putting up his hands, seemingly not bothered.

Xiang Chengyun shook his head, and said, "The contestant from the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire is said to be the descendant of the Peacock Flame King, while the one from Jade Drop Majestic Empire is known as the Big Turtle King, and was speculated to be the descendant of the Divine Beast, Black for visiting.

Being invincible was f*cking lonely.

Seeing that Ling Han was so confident, everyone's heart somewhat settled down. Although Ling Han did not possess any bloodline advantage, he was also exceptional indeed.

"Her Imperial Majesty arrives!" a female official shouted loudly, and her voice reverberated above the training ground.

Shua, everyone stood up to welcome the arrival of the empress.

Ling Han looked up towards the southern grandstand, yet he could not see anything. He could not help but be disappointed.

There was a commotion in the grandstands above. The empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire was not only renowned throughout the world for her formidable strength; her exquisite beauty had even won over the hearts of the other two emperors. Who wouldn't want to take another look at her? It was a pity that due to location, only the people on the other three grandstands were able to view the true face of the empress.

"Let… let's start!" said a somewhat stuttering voice—it was precisely the Ninth King's.

Sure enough, the Ninth King and the empress were like sisters, and this voice was transmitted from the southern grandstand above.

"The winner for first place in the previous competition was Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, so they will be defending. The second place for the previous competition was Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, so they would take the lead in attacking first, while Jade Drop Majestic Empire will be the second to attack."

The Ninth King had adjusted her emotions, and no longer stuttered in her next sentence.

The three Majestic Empires apparently had already arranged the order of appearance for each of their respective contestants. Therefore, when the voice of the Ninth King fell, one contestant from the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire had jumped onto the stage; on the other side, a contestant of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire by the name of Mo Xiang had taken the lead to attack.

Ling Han didn't pay much attention to it. He would be the last to battle, being the strongest. There was still a lot of time to spare until his turn. He wasn't concerned with how many people would be left on either side.

He was searching around in the ordinary stands, and soon caught sight of Shui Yanyu. She had come with other people from the Academy. After discovering Ling Han's gaze, several female companions around her suddenly laughed and made fun of Shui Yanyu, causing the beauty to flush red with embarrassment.

Ling Han saw Luo Lie again. He sat behind several middle-aged and old men. After discovering Ling Han's gaze, his own gaze became somewhat strange—it was filled with anger, but he also appeared somewhat pleased with himself.

However, those middle-aged and elderly people cast a cold gaze towards Ling Han, and did not conceal their killing intent in the slightest.

They were all members of the Luo Clan.

'So that's the reason why they hate me so much,' Ling Han thought to himself.

'Then you all had better wait and watch me make a sweeping victory, helping you resent me even more.'Direct translation of '玄武' is actually Black Warrior, but in Daoism it is referred to as Black Tortoise, God of the North Sky (one of the four Chinese Constellation Symbols). It's also known as Genbu in Japanese.
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