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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 934 Battling the Western Institution

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Ling Han was cultivating in his rooms, his heart calm. He was progressing further and further on his Six Techniques Return to One, and added with the fact that he had money, allowing him to purchase enough alchemical pills, his strength was improving at an astonishing rate.

At most in half a year's time, or even in a shorter period, he would be able to reach the maximum limit of strength of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier.


An attentive expression appeared on his face, but his hair immediately stood on ends—another person had actually appeared in his courtyard without any warning.

This person was clothed completely in black, and a veil concealed his face. He was even wearing a cloak, and not even his figure could be distinguished.

Was this another assassin from the Dark Night Hall?

However, would the Dark Night Hall actually dare be so bold, actually making their move even within the bounds of the Scarlet Heaven Academy?

"Die!" The black-robed person humphed coldly, and suddenly moved, sending out a palm strike in Ling Han's direction.

The speed… why was it so slow?

Ling Han could clearly see that there were even three mountains and rivers flickering behind this person, yet the might of this blow was only 22-23 Stars of Shattering Void Tier, and completely did not match the cultivation level of one in the higher levels of the Mountain River Tier.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

With a leap, he dodged this blow.

Xiu, the black-robed person pursued, and once again delivered a palm strike toward Ling Han.

The might behind this strike was much greater, and had reached the level of 25 Stars of Shattering Void Tier.

Only limited to the Mountain River Tier cultivators, it would be much too easy for them to increase their battle prowess by another two Stars of Shattering Void Tier; it would only be a matter of thought.

Ling Han's brow wrinkled into a frown. He hurriedly dodged, and fled out of his courtyard.

The black-robed man pursued quickly, and attacked endlessly. However, he did not deliver an attack on the level of Mountain River Tier, and was merely herding Ling Han into a specific place.

One chased, while the other fled. They were moving very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, they had left the Northern Institution and were heading towards the west.

Ling Han immediately understood. The man wanted to chase him into the Western Institution.

In the Scarlet Heaven Academy, the four great institutions were as incompatible as fire and water, and their relations were filled with fierce competition. If a student of the Northern Institution appeared in the Western Institution, what consequences would await him?

He would be thrashed hideously.

The man wanted to use the Western Institution and teach him a lesson!

This man was definitely not a member of the Dark Night Hall. If he was, why would he do something so unnecessary? Moreover, if he really was a man of the Dark Night Hall, how could he possibly enter into the Scarlet Heaven Academy? He would have been killed long ago.

But a black-robed man, with unidentifiable origins, was practically committing crime in public; what did this mean?

The higher-ups of the Academy definitely knew the identity of this person, yet did not make any move to stop him, which meant that they were wary of the backer behind him.

Then there was only one person left.

Zhao Lun!

This person had to be Zhao Lun's subordinate, and the higher-ups of the Academy also knew that he would not act recklessly. Thus, they decided to turn a blind eye to the matter. After all, Zhao Lun was the only son of the Great General Zhao; who would dare not give him some face?


The black-robed man suddenly delivered a heavy blow. With this blow, Ling Han was instantly sent flying, and crashed heavily into the wall of a courtyard.


"Who is it?!"

This was the dorm area for the Shattering Void Tier cultivators of the Western Institution. Immediately, a great many people raced over, and discovered Ling Han among the ruins. The black-robed man had long since flashed away, vanishing completely from sight.

Ling Han stood up. The black-robed man had not used full power in his last blow. However, the strike was too fast, so he could not dodge in time. Naturally, it could not possibly have injured him.

"Someone from the Northern Institution!"

"It's Ling Han!"

"The number one student of this batch of new students?"

"F*ck, does he think that he can come and mess around in our Western Institution just because his battle prowess has surpassed 20 Stars?"

"Thrash him!"

There were as many as 2000 people in the whole Shattering Void Tier division of the Western Institution. Moreover, all of them had been in the Academy for more than five years, so no matter what, their battle prowess had reached 15 Stars at least. With so many of them added together, what Shattering Void Tier cultivator would have any choice but to retreat?

Furthermore, it was Ling Han who had barged into the Western Institution, and if he got thrashed, he would deserve it. So, whom could he ask for justice?

He was compelled?

Who compelled you? The black-robed man? Were you joking? Anyone could throw on a suit of black robes and he would become a black-robed man.

Ling Han smirked coldly inside. He knew that Zhao Lun was trying to make trouble for him. He did not dare to kill him in the Academy, but the son of the Great General Zhao could mess around and give you a hard time; what could you do about it?

If he was not a match for them, he would definitely be thrashed severely, and in the case he won, he would similarly garner the rage of the Western Institution's students in the Mountain River Tier. Weren't you acting a little too arrogant, coming all alone to the Western Institution to strut around?

Ling Han recalled how Shui Yanyu described him. Zhao Lun was a poisonous snake; this really was a very fitting description.

Hong, immediately, a few dozen people rushed over. Now, they had the advantage in numbers, so they were naturally not the slightest bit afraid of Ling Han.

Ling Han stretched out a hand, and immediately grabbed one of them. Placing the person in front of him as a meat shield with a smile, he said, "Everyone, I have accidentally lost my way, apologies. I will be leaving now, and we will part with no hard feelings, all right?

"Humph, you dare barge into our Western Institution, and still plan on strutting nonchalantly out of our territory?"

"Ling Han, aren't you being a little too arrogant here!?"

"Would you be able to boast later that you managed to barge all alone into our Western Institution and leave completely unscathed?"

"In your dreams!"

They all made their moves, but because there was a human shield, they naturally had misgivings.

"If you're capable, don't take a hostage!"

"That's right, let's have a frank and upright fight!"

They exclaimed, trying to spur him into action.

Ling Han could not help but grin. 'Several hundred to over a thousand of you guys against only one of me, and this can still be considered a frank and upright fight?' Still, he was really unafraid.

"Since you all want to fight, then let us have a fight!" Ling Han casually tossed the hostage in his grasp to one side; what was there for him to fear?

"Haha, beat him up!" The several dozen people once more rushed over, and even more surrounded them to watch the fight. Even a casual strike from a Shattering Void Tier could shoot out attacks from over 30 meters away, but over a thousand of them were really still too many, and it was definitely impossible for them to deliver their attacks all at the same time.

Ling Han clenched his right hand into a fist, and punched out.


His strength was really too powerful. A punch from him, and it was like a mountain peak crashing down. Instantly, over a dozen people were sent flying, and directly passed out.

The students of the Western Institution were all shocked. What kind of f******* battle prowess was that if a single punch could send over a dozen of them flying? They had been accepted by the Scarlet Heaven Academy, so which one of them was not a genius among geniuses?

"Let's go, I don't believe we still cannot deal with him when there's so many of us here."

Like an ocean, people rushed out towards Ling Han. However, Ling Han merely needed to shot out a punch, and there would be over a dozen people sent flying like they were straws. They would pass out with a single strike, and lose all ability to continue battle.

Over a dozen punches later, more than 200 people collapsed onto the ground.

Even though there were close to 1800 people of the Western Institution still standing, that was only a matter that could be resolved with an additional hundred or so punches.

Too monstrous, how could a Shattering Void Tier cultivator be as strong as this?

They were all humans, so why was the difference between them so huge?

Should they also squeeze into some small world and learn through experience?

"Is there anyone else?" Ling Han asked calmly, his eyes sweeping over the remaining 1800 people. Those that his gaze passed over could not help but lower their eyes, not daring to make eye contact with him.

He was obviously not equipped with King's Qi, so why did he possess such powerful intimidation?

"Let's go, we definitely cannot allow him to leave so easily! Otherwise, what would remain of the pride of our Western Institution?"

"We must detain him at all costs!"
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