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Shui Yanyu chased Ling Han for a while, but had to admit that it was actually a "very good" idea; at least for now, it could silence the Shui Clan.

Even if the Shui Clan wouldn't mind sending her off to the Zhao Clan, how could General Zhao accept a daughter-in-law who was already pregnant with the child of another man?

Since she'd decided to pretend to be a married couple with Ling Han, she had already felt a certain kind of preparation. However, preparation and getting used to it were two entirely different matters. This was the reason why she flew into a rage out of humiliation, and was chasing Ling Han with killing intent. However, she eventually accepted it begrudgingly.

But she was still furious, so she completely ignored Ling Han, and abruptly turned to leave in a huff.

Ling Han couldn't help laughing. 'We were already pretending to be a husband and wife, what difference would a "child" make?'

When he thought about children, he couldn't help but miss his son. Would his son still recognize him when they met again?

Although he was quite confident, it would easily take more than a thousand years for one to reach the level of the Mountain River Tier, and how many more years to reach the Heavenly Body Tier? Even if he was a genius and could shorten the period by ten times, it would take him thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

At that time, his son would already be a great-great-grandfather.

There was no use worrying; on the road of cultivation, one had to advance step by step. At least for now, he wouldn't be able to leave the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. He could only keep saving his strength while figuring out a way to go about it.

However, the Immortal Realm was really too massive. First of all, the Roc Palace was definitely not located on the Joint Peace Planet. In that case, once things involved an intergalactic journey, it would take years—a few if the journey was short, but a long journey could take decades or even centuries.

Moreover, the corporeal body as such would not be able to directly cross universe. It would be useless even if he could fly by controlling the Regulations of the Immortal Realm as the speed would be too slow. One had to use a God Tool for flying, and a high-grade one that would be able to endure long periods of flying and withstand the sudden outburst of perils in the universe at that.

For example meteoroids, black holes, and the turbulent flow of stars that could make elite Immortals be consigned to eternal damnation.

Upon entering the universe, there would be no room for fooling around, so one had to be fully prepared.

Ling Han shook his head. It would be better to be sure and steady. He'd first advance his strength to 20 Stars, and after stepping into the Immortal Realm, raise his cultivation level via consumption of alchemical pills. Perhaps he might be able to reproduce the miracle back in the small world and attain the level of the Heavenly Body Tier in the shortest time.

As long as he could reach the level of the Heavenly Body Tier, he would be able to leave the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire in a dignified manner.

… Being such an elite, how could he be held hostage?


Ling Han felt a sudden apprehension as a strong sense of crisis arose in his heart.

His spirit was extremely strong indeed, and could almost emulate one at the minor levels of the Mountain River Tier. Naturally, he also had a strong ability to sense danger.

Swoosh, the cold tip of a blade flashed past, diagonally from the rooftop of a building straight to his chest, where his heart was located.

This was a black short arrow, which exuded a terrifying coldness from the tip of the arrowhead.

At this moment, Ling Han had to make judgments and choices.

The power of this arrow ought to be from someone at the minor levels of the Mountain River Tier. He had exchanged blows with Shui Yanyu, so he was able to make such an assessment. The problem was whether this arrow was made of Godly metal, and whether it could penetrate his body?

He couldn't help but clench his fists. Xiu, as the arrow landed, Ling Han's entire being was directly jolted until he was flung into the air. Peng, he somersaulted in the air for a few times before falling onto the ground, where blood immediately gushed out of him.

"Hehe!" A man in black clothing jumped down from the top of the building. His body was light, and he did not make even the tiniest bit of sound. Even his face was covered with a black cloth, revealing only a pair of sparkling eyes.

"He was merely at the level of the Shattering Void Tier. Was I a bit too cautious?" the man in black said to himself as he pulled out a short blade and walked toward Ling Han with the intention of severing Ling Han's head.

As an assassin, if he didn't bring back the target's head, how could he prove that he was the one who had assassinated the target?

He walked to Ling Han's side, grabbed the other party's hair, and was about to slash his blade across his neck. All of a sudden, however, he was shocked—Ling Han's chest wasn't stabbed with an arrow!

Being an assassin with a rich combat experience, his ability of adapting to sudden accidents was also extremely swift. He covered his entire body with Origin Power at once, and his right hand which held the short blade proceeded to slash towards Ling Han's neck.

He didn't know how Ling Han had managed to escape that arrow, and even deliberately fooled and led him to a trap, but when a cultivator of the Mountain River Tier came up against another of the Shattering Void Tier, the latter would definitely be crushed. At such a close distance, what kind of tricks could the other party play?

Even if worse came to worst, he had also used Origin Power to cover his entire body. Even if a thousand cultivators of the Shattering Void Tier were to simultaneously strike against him, it also wouldn't hurt him.

In any case, he was already standing in the safest and most advantageous position.

However, could things really be as what he had expected?

Ling Han revealed a smile. Suddenly, he condensed the strength of his spirit, and directed it towards the other party.

Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique!

Hong, with the spiritual attack, the black man immediately showed a trace of confusion, and fell unconscious.

Ling Han seized this opportunity to wrap the other party with his divine sense, and put him inside the Black Tower.

Ding, it was at this moment that the short blade cut across Ling Han's neck, but inside the Black Tower, Ling Han was a true god!

As it fell to the ground, this short blade immediately turned to powder. So what if it was made of Godly metal?

Ling Han suddenly had a thought, and condensed the metal powder back together again.

He should not to waste it—he could recast it to make an arrow. Now, his strongest killing technique was the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, but there was a huge problem: shooting an arrow was equivalent to shooting away a great amount of wealth.

With Ling Han's current strength, the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique would only have a momentary effect on an elite at the minor levels of the Mountain River Tier. The man in black immediately regained his consciousness, and could not help but sneer, "I've underestimated you. Not only are you extremely daring, your defense is so amazing that you could take one hit from my arrow but not get wounded! Hey, where is this place?"

He immediately expressed shock—this place was definitely not the former alley, but some boundless grassland.

It transformed? Or, was this the art of illusion?

Ling Han gave a slight smile. His body could naturally take a hit from a cultivator at the minor levels of the Mountain River Tier. It was difficult to disperse the power from the hit, so he was flung into the air. However, he still managed to control it; when he landed on the ground, he took the opportunity to hide the arrow inside the Black Tower, and then used the blood of a Demonic Beast to replace his own blood in order to make the other party think he'd been hit.

It was all brainstormed and executed in a flash. Even Ling Han was extremely satisfied—a cultivator of the Mountain River Tier had been captured alive!

How could he get close to the other party if he did not cause his opponent to let down his guard? Even if the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique was effective, he also wouldn't be able to get close to the other party—by the time he'd rushed to the other party's side, the latter would already have regained consciousness.

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Ling Han had undoubtedly created a miracle—he had captured a cultivator of the Mountain River Tier despite only being at the level of the Shattering Void Tier himself. Even if he were to speak of this to anyone, no one would believe him at all.

Wouldn't this be an inconceivable fantasy?

It was akin to a cultivator of the Body Refining Tier being able to kill another of the Shattering Void Tier—it was simply ridiculous.

"You didn't just underestimate me, but practically look down on me." Ling Han shrugged. "Tell me, who sent you to kill me, and what is your identity?"

"Haha!" The man in black sneered. Was this not the biggest big joke? The other party was actually interrogating him, a Shattering Void Tier cultivator? His expression turned serious, and killing intent burst from him. "Cut the crap, let me send you to hell!"
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