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"Humph, he's merely on very affectionate terms with a cat," Luo Hongdao spat disdainfully.

"Yes!" Luo Kaifeng promptly nodded in agreement. "Still, it is hard to make a move in the Academy."

Luo Hongdao scrunched his eyebrows in a frown, though the frown disappeared just as quickly. Then, he said, "We do not have to worry about that."

"Lord Patriarch means…?" Luo Kaifeng asked in bafflement.

"Go to Dark Night Hall and put up an announcement, offering a reward of 10,000 True Origin Stones for that scum's life!" Luo Hongdao commanded coldly.

Dark Night Hall was an organization of assassins; as long as one was willing to pay, they would dare to kill anyone.

This organization was very big, with branches in the three Majestic Empires and dozens of Royal Empires, but no one knew the whereabouts of its headquarters, who the leader was, and what kind of power he possessed. In short, even the three Majestic Empires wanted to wipe out this organization, but have never succeeded.

10,000 True Origin Stones for the head of a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, this was too high a value for that lowlife!

Luo Kaifeng sneered. But, in this way, Ling Han would unequivocally become a dead man. Could an organization as formidable as the Dark Night Hall fail to kill a mere Shattering Void Tier cultivator? Even if they dared not enter the Scarlet Heaven Academy, it was impossible that Ling Han would remain inside his entire life.

As for when Ling Han came out, it was not necessary for them to keep watch. Hereafter, it would be the Dark Night Hall's business.

"Yes!" Luo Kaifeng nodded.


After Ling Han and the big fat cat returned to the courtyard, he roasted some meat to fill his and the cat's stomach, then continued with his secluded cultivation and immersed himself in the Seven Kill Subduing Soul technique.

After another five days, he was finally able to attain a little success, and could wield it preliminarily.

He stood in the middle of the courtyard, and stared intently at a stone. Suddenly, his eyes shone, and a sword light shot out from between his brows. Bang! It struck the stone, and it was smashed into smithereens.

"This secret technique is not only as simple as an assault on the spirit. Rather, it also has quite a terrifying destructive effect on material existence. However, specifically what extent it can reach still depends on what level one could cultivate the secret technique to, and the strength of one's own spirit," Ling Han appraised.

The impact of this assault on the spirit could be real and spiritual. In reality, it could deal damage to one's physique, while spiritually, it could attack one's spirit. Its uses were infinite.

Ling Han could not contain his joy. With the additional support of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, his spirit was incomparably tough, which could maximize the power of this secret technique. He reckoned it did not even occur to Old Man Xu that this secret technique would help him so much after he had cultivated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll.

Peng, peng, peng, a knocking came from the door, and he went over to open it. Standing prettily at the door was the delicate Shui Yanyu, her seductively luscious and mature figure giving off a profoundly stirring temptation—a real test of one's control.

Furthermore, with Ling Han's ample imagination, it did not take much for him to clearly know how tempting the tender body that lay hidden beneath the seemingly loose and long dress was.

Sensing the heat from Ling Han's ardent gaze, Shui Yanyu's lovely face was tinted with a becoming blush. She then immediately relayed, "My father wants to see you."

"Father-in-law wants to see me?" Ling Han mumbled. This was not that strange; he and Shui Yanyu did already make a 'pledge to be married', so it would be weird if there was no response from the bride's family. Now that he was being 'summoned' after such a long delay, it was considered a bit too late already.

Probably, the Shui Clan also thought this was merely a rumor, but when Shui Yanyu was called and questioned, they then knew it was not that simple.

Shui Yanyu's face then turned cold as she said, "Don't even think you can take advantage of me!"

"I say, although we are false lovers, we should also look the part, right?" Ling Han said laughingly.

"Now there's nobody here, there's no need to act," Shui Yanyu refused frostily.

Ling Han sighed, and added, "A few days ago, while I was in a duel to death with someone, you did not even deign to drop by to take a look at me. Are you not afraid that others will say that you did not show enough concern? Wouldn't the act be seen through sooner, then?"

"With your strength, even if there is a hundred of Luo Ba, how could it be possible to harm a single strand of your hair?" Shui Yanyu humphed. It was not like she had not sparred with Ling Han before; even she could hardly kill Ling Han, and instead was bitten on her… Pei!

Ling Han let out a laugh, and replied, "Alright. Then let's go, let's go meet him. Who knows, maybe I can even get a red for visiting.

Just when she was at her limit, and was about to lash out, she heard Ling Han's soft words as he moved close to her ear, and mumbled, "Senior Sister, don't forget: once we're out through the door, there are many eyes watching us!"

His warm breath caressed her face and neck, drawing an immediate rose-colored flush on her cheeks. It was an irresistibly enchanting sight to behold.

No man had ever been this close to her, making her get a bout of goosebumps. Previously, Ling Han's surprise attack on her breasts had made her brain immediately cease operating.

In a daze, she was not even aware that her hand was held by Ling Han, and she was being led. She only felt that she was stepping on cotton beneath her feet, a feeling light and fluffy and akin to strolling on a blanket of clouds atop the mountain peak.

"Which direction are we heading in?" They went out through the courtyard's entrance. It was only after Ling Han posed that question that she suddenly came back to herself, and hastily flung Ling Han's hand aside.

She glared furiously at Ling Han, and chided, "Even if it were a pretense of affection, there's no need for holding hands, right? You did it on purpose!"

"Just now, I saw Zhao Lun's subordinates," Ling Han said, signaling in the direction behind them.

"En?" Shui Yanyu was surprised; she had really been distracted.

"Let's go!" Ling Han once again drew Shui Yanyu's hand into his grasp. This time, Shui Yanyu did not refuse, and let him hold her hand. However, she couldn't prevent a reflexive blush from inadvertently creeping upon her beautiful face again. So captivating was her loveliness that even ascetics would feel turmoil in their hearts.

Ling Han glanced back behind them, and a smiling expression unfolded on his face. If he made up his mind to do something, then he had to do it flawlessly. 'Zhao Lun, you want to get a good look? In that case, I will let you see clearly and have a stimulating view.'

Shui Yanyu barely kept it together as she calmed down while being led by Ling Han all the way. Less than an hour later, they came in front of a manor.

Shui Clan, a fifth-tier Clan.Red packets, usually containing money, are given by elders to youths on special occasions. In this case, the first meeting between father-in-law and son-in-law.
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