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As Ling Han walked towards Thousand Spear Mountain, he was still reflecting on the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique. With every moment that passed, he felt as if his understanding had deepened, and he could not help but be overjoyed, wanting nothing more than to immediately turn around and go back so that he could study this secret technique properly.

Seven Kills and Subduing Soul were actually two sections of the secret technique.

Minor accomplishment was to subdue the soul, wherein he could use divine sense to attack his opponent and bring the latter a momentary lapse in his senses. This, in the midst of battle, was practically fatal.

For example, in a situation when both sides were equal in power, or even in the case when his abilities were slightly inferior, an attack from his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, causing the opponent a momentary blankness, followed by another strike with the sword could decide the victory then and there.

However, in the case where the power gap was too big, perhaps he would not even manage to use his sword, and his opponent would've already come back to his senses.

There was nothing that could be done. This was only a martial arts technique, and not a nature-defying Mystical Power that could let one completely ignore the difference of cultivation levels.

However, after major accomplishment, he would be able to directly kill and destroy the spirit. The Seven Kills were divided into seven levels in total, and each level was more powerful than the last. Still, it also had very high demands on the strength of his own spirit. If one could not temper his own spirit to become incomparably firm and solid, then how could it become a blade to kill others?

After cultivating the Heart of martial arts, one would possess the ability to directly injure his opponent's spirit. However, this was most effective against evil objects, such as the Corpse Soldiers—against normal living beings, the Heart of martial arts did not have very outstanding effects when causing injury, and was more about control over one's own abilities.

This secret technique might have evolved from the Heart of martial arts, and had further developed the uses of the spirit.

As Ling Han walked, he continued to ponder. Soon, he arrived at the foot of the Thousand Spear Mountain.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

This was one of the three mountains in the Academy. Halfway up the mountain, there was a large platform—it was the venue where spars would take place. The floor tiles had all been reinforced, and even cultivators who had perfected the Mountain River Tier would find it very difficult to damage.

If not, there would've been a need to repair it after every single battle. Wouldn't that be too troublesome?

"Ling Han is here!"

Seeing Ling Han walk over from the foot of the mountain, everyone began to call out in excitement.

A duel to death was a very rare occurrence in the history of the Academy, and the students here were all very young. Possibly because they had always buried themselves in cultivation, they might not even have had a single experience of actual battle. Thus, they were indescribably looking forward to bloodshed and death.

The path of martial arts had always been accompanied by fresh blood and slaughter; one could not possibly stay in a protected zone forever.

The spectators were all looking at Ling Han. This guy was definitely a legendary figure. Although he had only enrolled in the Academy one month ago, just how much news was there about him?

… An emperor that had opened the skies!

… He slapped Luo Ba, and extorted the Luo Clan.

… He snatched the goddess of the Academy, Shui Yanyu, attracting the jealousy and hatred of the masses, and had even drawn out Zhao Lun, who issued a notice of death to him.

What new student could accomplish so many majestic feats?

"Hehe, he's an emperor that had opened the skies, so his battle prowess must have definitely reached 20 Stars." On a huge tree stood a young man in yellow robes, his arms crossed behind his back, and an expression of powerful pride on his face.

"Big Brother Ye, what is there for you to be afraid of? You are the greatest elite in the Shattering Void Tier of our Eastern Institution; you have already achieved battle prowess of 20 Stars ten years ago, right?" By his side, there stood another young man. This young man was dressed in green from head to toe, and was even wearing a green cap on his head. Two small goatees were left on both sides of his mouth, making him look a bit comical.

The young man in yellow robes showed an aloof and proud expression as he said, "Junren, you are always unwilling to focus on cultivation. If that had not been the case, your present battle prowess would have already reached 20 Stars; how would you still be staying at 19 Stars, unable to advance further?"

"Hehe, you know me. I enjoy revelling among the flowers," the green-robed man said, grinning.

The yellow-robed man was called Ye Chengyuan, and he was the greatest elite in Shattering Void Tier of the Eastern Institution, whereas the green-clothed man was called Mo Junren, and was a good friend of Ye Chengyuan. The elders of their clans were also on good terms. As a result, they had been playmates since youth, and were practically inseparable.

"Big Brother Ye, you keep delaying your advance into the Mountain River Tier. You must be thinking of cultivating Shattering Void Tier to perfection within 100 years. Exactly how many Stars has your battle prowess reached by now? 21 Stars?" Mo Junren guessed.

Ye Chengyuan laughed loudly, and said, "If that Ling Han is very strong, you will have the chance to see me make a move."

"Big Brother Ye, you actually want to challenge that man who has come from a small world?" Mo Junren was extremely surprised.

"How many years have I not moved? I fear I will be forgotten… yi!" Ye Chengyuan's eyes looked behind Ling Han—Luo Ba was here. Unconsciously, his gaze turned serious as he said, "This Luo Ba is not so simple. Looks like his abilties have greatly improved, and he has broken through the maximum limit of 20 Stars."

"What!?" Mo Junren was astonished. In the eyes of the majority, battle prowess of 20 Stars was the maximum limit of the Shattering Void Tier. He could accept Ye Chengyuan breaking through 20 Stars because he was very familiar with his friend, but now, here was another with battle prowess above 20 Stars, so he was naturally astonished without compare.

"He should have refined some kind of treasure. He himself should not have battle prowess of 20 Stars. There seems to be some God Tool that has given him an additional boost, and pushed his battle prowess up to 20 Stars," Ye Chengyuan guessed.

His eyes were really sharp. Luo Ba's situation was indeed as he had said. The Bloodtear Stone did not increase Luo Ba's personal ability, but would give an additional boost whenever he delivered an attack. However, the final effect would still be the same.

"My hands are itching!" Ye Chengyuan laughed loudly. He leaped out, and xiu, xiu, xiu, he had appeared in front of Luo Ba within a few jumps. Shooting out a punch, he shouted, "Luo Ba, come, let us exchange a few blows!"

In the Academy, as long as cultivation levels were equal, spars could be initiated at any time—as long as it did not lead to any permanent injury or death.

Who would have imagined that Ye Chengyuan would actually make his move at this moment?

Luo Ba could not help but grunt. He could not wait to defeat Ling Han, and thrash him so much till he was only left with a single breath. He would be humiliated in the eyes of everyone, and only then would he choose to end his life.

With a disturbance from Ye Chengyuan like this now, he was naturally not in a very good mood.

"You're asking to be thrashed!" he declared coldly, and delivered a palm strike towards Ye Chengyuan.


The movement of his palm produced a whistle in the air. The moment he shot out his palm, the image of a powerful creature actually appeared. It looked like a bird, and was as red as flames. It had six legs and four wings, but had no eyes, nose, or mouth, because a pair of wings was growing out of its head.

This was undoubtedly very bizarre, but this monster bird did not make anyone feel the slightest bit like laughing, and only possessed endless divine might.

"Imperial River!" someone declared in a shaking voice.

This was the Divine Beast, Imperial River!

In the Immortal Realm, those that could claim to be Divine Beasts were definitely not those that had advanced into the Mountain River Tier, but those that had reached the formidable height of the Genesis Tier.

With one attack, the figure of a Divine Beast actually appeared. What kind of concept was that?

Yet Ye Chengyuan was not scared. Instead, he was overjoyed, and laughed loudly as he proclaimed, "You have refined the Bloodtear Stone? That's why your attacks would induce the appearance of an image of the owner of the Divine Blood! However, this is ultimately just an image; if you want to suppress me, it is still not enough!"

He gave a loud shout, and brilliant golden light enshrouded his whole body. His figure actually became taller all of a sudden by an additional three feet, frighteningly majestic.

Hong, waving both fists, he punched out in Luo Ba's direction.
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