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On the next day after Zhao Lun delivered his "gift", Luo Ba issued a battle notice, intending to challenge Ling Han to a battle to the death.

It was not an ordinary spar, but rather a fight where only one would come out alive.

In the Scarlet Heaven Academy, if both parties were on the same cultivation level, for example, both were in the lower levels of the Mountain River Tier or in the Shattering Void Tier, they were free to spar with one another. As long as one side wanted to battle, there was no need for the other person to agree at all.

But this kind of spar could not end in permanent injury or death. Otherwise, the Academy would pursue the offender as responsible.

Hence, if you wanted a battle to death, there was a need to publicly make an appointment for the battle and obtain the agreement of the other party before the fight could begin. In this way, no matter what the conclusion was, neither side would have to bear any consequences.

However, in so many years, there were pitifully few such duels that actually took place.

A battle to the death!

Everyone in the Academy was astonished. Although not many people favored a cultivator that came from a small world, Ling Han was a different story. He was an emperor that had come by opening the sky, and this meant that his abilities had reached the extent of 20 Stars.

Moreover, Luo Ba should be even clearer about the gap in power between himself and Ling Han. Previously, he had been on the receiving end of two slaps from Ling Han, and was absolutely powerless to do anything about it, yet now, he actually challenged Ling Han to a death battle… Had he been bewitched or something?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Could it be that Luo Ba had a major improvement in his abilities, and thought himself capable of defeating Ling Han?

Now, Luo Ba had made his move, and it was up to Ling Han whether to accept or otherwise.

Ling Han's response was very decisive: as long as he paid, he would fight. The fee for his appearance was 10 True Origin Stones. If he won, there would be an additional payment of 100 True Origin Stones. The battle would only commence after an agreement was signed.

True enough, this guy had not changed in the slightest.

When they heard how Ling Han responded, everyone felt amused. He had obviously made an enemy of a powerful person like Zhao Lun, yet was still unaffected. What was this guy's brain made of? He was really too thick, wasn't he?

This time, Luo Ba also replied very quickly, and agreed to Ling Han's conditions.

Both sides agreed to battle three days later.

Ling Han was sure that Luo Ba definitely had a great improvement in his abilities, and that was why he wanted to battle him to the death. Otherwise, it was utterly impossible that he would be giving up True Origin Stones and his life in the process. How could a good person like that exist in this world?

But he was unafraid. Aside from himself, no one knew what extent his present battle prowess had reached.

Strength… of 17 Stars, and battle prowess was 25 Stars!

In the Shattering Void Tier, the difference of a single Star meant a world of difference, and from 20 Stars onwards, it became incredibly difficult to improve battle prowess, which also meant that the gap in battle prowess was also incomparably huge with every increase of a single Star.

Could Luo Ba manage to not only surge up to 20 Stars of battle prowess in a short few days, but also surpass five Stars?

Who would believe that?

Nothing changed in Ling Han's daily life. He was filled with curiosity about that white-haired elder of the library previously, so he also asked around, but no one could clearly describe the origins of that Old Man Xu. They only knew that he had already been in the library since a very long time ago. Every time they saw him, he looked like he was going to die soon, but he did not, which was incredibly bizarre.

He came to the library, and saw that Old Man Xu was just like he was last time, snoozing at the same place. He greeted, "Greetings, Senior."

Old Man Xu raised his head and cast an eye on him. Suddenly, his gaze became heated and bright, but quickly dimmed. He gave a cough, and asked, "Young man, have you finished cultivating the Six Techniques Return to One?"

Ling Han was shocked, and blurted out, "How does Senior know about that?"

"Hoho, if that was not the case, how could your strength increase so much in a short one month's time?" Old Man Xu countered with a question of his own.

The old man could roughly detect his strength?

Ling Han nodded, and answered, "Senior indeed has good eyes, which impresses this junior."

Old Man Xu laughed, and said, "However, Junior, your situation is not too encouraging."

Ling Han smiled as well, and answered, "It's fine. I should still be able to hold on."

Old Man Xu stared at Ling Han. After a good while, he finally said, "This old man has a lackluster technique; are you interested in learning it?"

This old man was definitely an ultimate elite. He said that it was lackluster, but those were definitely humble words.

Ling Han replied quickly, "Please offer your guidance, Senior."

Old Man Xu closed his eyes, seeming to be napping. Just when Ling Han thought that he was really going to fall asleep, he suddenly opened his mouth, and said, "This secret technique is called Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique. It lets you use your spiritual strength to attack your opponent, which can temporarily stun them. The stronger your spirit is, the tougher and more durable it is, and thus the greater the effect you would be able to induce in your opponent."

Immediately, Ling Han was incredibly and pleasantly surprised. His spirit was very strong, but he did not have any technique that could let the strength of his spirit cause actual effect.

Under the effects of the Reincarnation Tea, his spirit was far stronger than that of any other cultivator in the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier. He had cultivated the second layer of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll as well, so his spirit was getting tougher and more durable by the day.

If he learnt the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, then in a situation when his opponent was unable to defend in time, even Mountain River Tier cultivators could possibly be struck, and become stunned due to its effects.

But what was the greatest effect of that?

Being stunned for an instant… No matter how short that time was, the victim would definitely lose consciousness, and he could use that opening to draw the person into the Black Tower.

Once in the Black Tower, he was the absolute dictator!

So how could Ling Han not be pleasantly surprised?

"However, Senior, I have no intention of taking a master," Ling Han said.

Old Man Xu smiled, and said, "It is only an unimportant technique. Just take it that this old man is fond of you, and thus taught you the technique."

"Thank you, Senior!" Ling Han declared solemnly. After a pause, he continued, "In future, if there is any need for this junior, I will definitely not refuse!"

Old Man Xu laughed, nodded, and said, "Perhaps, there would really be a day when you can help this old man."

Ling Han knew that there was no hatred that existed for no reason, nor was there love that existed for no reason. Ling Han did not quite believe that the old man wanted to teach him this Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique just because he cherished his talent. After all, they had only met twice.

But, this secret technique sounded like it suited him very much, so he could not force himself to speak words of refusal.

"Come over here." Old Man Xu nodded at Ling Han.

Ling Han walked over. Meanwhile, Old Man Xu stretched out a finger. There was a flickering white light at his fingertip, which he then pressed down in the direction of Ling Han's forehead.

This was a vital point. If Old Man Xu held killing intent, then with a light press, Ling Han would not even have the chance to duck into the Black Tower, as his spirit would be directly shattered.

Ling Han chose to trust him, and thus he stood as firm as a mountain.

Old Man Xu's finger pressed down. Weng, innumerable characters instantly surged into Ling Han's mind.

Each character was endlessly complex, and could not be expressed or explained with words. It was like they were a part of the Dao of heaven and earth, a kind of regulation, and could only be understood, but not described.

Ling Han sat on the ground, and could not help probing and investigating. Every slight improvement caused him uncontrollable joy. But just as he was concentrating, he felt a clap on his shoulder, which broke his concentration.

He snapped open his eyes, and saw Old Man Xu, who smiled at him, and said, "You have already meditated for three days. You should have an appointment today, right?"

Ling Han was stunned. Three days had passed just like that? Why did he feel as if only a mere instant had passed?

He nodded, and said, "Thank you, Senior. I shall pay you a visit another day."

"Go on." Old Man Xu waved him off.
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