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Ling Han left the garden, and saw Xiang Chengyun was presently waiting at the doors. When he saw Ling Han, an uncontrollable coldness filled his eyes, but before he even opened his mouth to speak, he abruptly tensed up, and appeared to be seriously listening to something.

"Yes!" he quickly said into empty air, turned, and entered the garden.

Obviously, he had gotten a summons from the Left Minister.

Ling Han could not help but shake his head. Actually, Xiang Chengyun could be considered a genius himself. He had done his investigation, and Xiang Chengyun's results were outstanding whilst in the Academy. He had merely taken over 700 years to reach the higher levels of the Mountain River Tier. Yet, he chose to leave the Academy, and follow the lead of the Left Minister.

With the backing of a huge tree like the Left Minister, it was true that even elites of the Sun Moon Tier presently dared not put on airs in front of Xiang Chengyun, and he truly appeared very grand, but in front of the Left Minister, he was like a dog. If he was told to head forwards, he would not dare step back; what meaning was left in a life like that?

Ling Han would definitely not be able to do so.

'Cultivators, in the end, should place greatest importance on their own cultivation. Taking advantage of opportunities to curry favor is ultimately not the true path,' Ling Han thought. However, he had no thoughts of convincing Xiang Chengyun. This path was one that he had chosen on his own, so what need was there for others to interfere?

He returned to the Academy, and focused on cultivating his Six Techniques Return to One.

After the enlightenment he had experienced at the Left Minister's Residence, he had advanced a great deal further on this path. He was certain he would be able to improve his strength to the maximum limit of 20 Stars in a half year's time.

Another day passed, and a shocking piece of news exploded in the Academy.

Ling Han and Shui Yanyu had privately pledged love for each other, and were already a married couple!

When the news spread out, it could be claimed that the whole Academy was boiling over.

Who was Ling Han? The majority was still not sure, and only a very few knew that he was the student who had got the first place in this batch of new students from the Northern Institution's enrollment. He had passed through eight levels, and in the future, there was a chance he could become a Four-star genius.

However, Shui Yanyu was definitely a well-known figure.

Firstly, she had already been one of the twin pearls of the Imperial Capital before she was twenty. However, it was only after entering into the Academy that she was replaced. After all, the Immortal Realm was a place where beautiful women were hardly lacking.

But if all the beautiful women of the last ten thousand years were to be ranked, Shui Yanyu would definitely be capable of ranking among the top three. In fact, it would be no surprise for her to be even ranked in the first place.

She was as beautiful as a fairy, and as beautiful as peach flowers!

She was a beauty who would even bewitch ascetic cultivators with her charms. Otherwise, how could it be that Zhao Lun would speak up and declare that he had set his mind on her becoming the future madam of the Zhao Clan?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Indeed, the reason that Shui Yanyu was even more well-known was Zhao Lun, the son of the Great General Zhao, a genius that could go into the history of the Academy. Everyone knew that Shui Yanyu was his forbidden domain, but now, someone actually dared to rob him of his cherished person?

Who was this? His courage was really too overwhelming.

Then, all of Ling Han's information was dug out.

… The first place holder of this batch of newly enrolled students of the Northern Institution.

… Passing through eight levels.

… Being skilled in alchemy.

… Originating from a small world.

… An emperor that had opened the skies!

The last bit of information was extremely shocking. That was because in the eyes of the majority, opening the skies was something that only existed in legends. Even in the Immortal Realm, there were few whose power could reach 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier, and it was already quite impressive to reach 15 Stars in a small world. Even with the boost from power of the nation, it was impossible that they would be able to reach the level of 20 Stars.

How could they open the skies, then?

Impressive, he could reach battle prowess of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier even though he had come from a small world. No wonder he could pass through eight levels and be ranked among the top geniuses.

But in front of the Zhao Clan, all that was meaningless.

Ling Han merely relied on the Left Minister. Unless he was the actual son of the Left Minister, what qualified him to compete with the son of the Great General Zhao over a woman?

Many were waiting to see how Ling Han would deal with this matter. This Zhao Lun had already spoken up in public that when he had graduated from the Academy, he would marry Shui Yanyu, and had obtained the agreement of the Shui Clan.

"Blockhead, blockhead!" Li Weiwei, meanwhile, had raced over in excitement. "Have you really got married with Big Sister Shui?"

Ling Han cast an eye on her. Wasn't all this because of her? He said calmly, "And what about it?"

"I really couldn't tell… You are not amazingly handsome, nor do you know how to delight women, so what do you have that Big Sister Shui would fall in love with you?" Li Weiwei supported her chin, appearing very confused. "Even my maid servant would not fall in love with you. Strange, could it be that Big Sister Shui has been bewitched?"

Ling Han could not help but be dumbstruck. This Fourth Young Miss really spoke such hurtful words.

Even if you were the daughter of the Left Minister, and not many would become hostile after hearing you say such words, with such low emotional intelligence, how many would really be sincere towards you?

"However, you're going to be in great trouble. Not only is that guy, Zhao Lun, a martial arts genius himself, he also has three followers. Each one of them is a genius among geniuses, and he needs only issue a simple command, and his lackey would do this to you"—she made a motion of a blade passing over the neck—"and on the second day, your dead body would be abandoned in the streets."

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Couldn't you say some good words?"

"Beg me!" Li Weiwei planted her hands on her hips. "Though Zhao Lun is very strong, I am not afraid of him. Beg me enough to make me happy, and I could step out to protect you."

"Forget about it. I have not much interest in becoming a slave to another," Ling Han rejected decisively.

Li Weiwei was instantly furious. Did this damn blockhead know that even she had to go through a mental struggle before opposing Zhao Lun? The power of his Zhao Clan was in no way inferior to the Left Minister's Residence's.

Furthermore, when one had reached such heights as they, the attitude of the youths never represented merely the youngsters. What if news spread that the Left Minister and the Great General Zhao were on poor terms? Wouldn't that create a chance for the Left Minister to be criticized?

This damn blockhead actually refused so quickly, and was unworthy of her kindness; this was practically enough to kill her with fury!

"Humph, who cares if you live or die!" Now that her temper had risen, she suddenly raced off.

Ling Han's expression was calm. When he agreed to Shui Yanyu's request, he had already foreseen the consequences. But, he believed that even Zhao Lun would not dare to publicly commit a crime in the Academy—there were still some rules which he had to adhere to.

… The Zhao Clan, after all, was merely the clan of a general of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, and not the emperor's family!

Counter soldiers with arms, and water with an earth weir. What was there to be afraid of?


"Oh, Yanyu has really admitted it herself?" Under a waterfall, a young man was presently standing with his hands crossed behind his back. Behind him, there were three images of mountains and rivers; shockingly, he was a being in the higher levels of the Mountain River Tier.

Upon closer examination, his mountains and rivers were unlike those of the others, whose mountains were green and waters were clear—they were flickering with a red light and exuded a terrifying air instead.

"Yes, Young Master!" A young man was half-kneeling behind him. HIs expression was both reverent and passionate as if this man in front of him was a god.

This young man that was presently standing with his hands crossed behind his back was precisely Zhao Lun, and the young man that was half-kneeling was one of his followers—his name was Zuo Xiao. He was presently informing Zhao Lun about the matter of Ling Han and Shui Yanyu marrying each other.

He was very enraged. Shui Yanyu was a woman their young master had his eye on, and that was her good luck that she had accumulated over several lifetimes. Yet, she was not only cool towards their young master, but she actually even cuckolded him.

She practically deserved to die a hundred times over!

Zhao Lun laughed loudly, shook his head, and said, "What trouble! Looks like I have given her too much freedom. Oh, right, what is that man's name?"

"Ling Han!" Zuo Xiao answered quickly.

"Have someone send this object to him. If he is willing to accept obediently, then spare his life." Zhao Lun casually tossed out an object from his Spatial Spirit Tool.

Zuo Xiao's eyes swept over the item. He could not help but smirk coldly, and answered, "I will do as you bid, Young Master!"Basically means that MC would adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation depending on what Zhao Lun is going to do.
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