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"Opening the sky!"

"How could that be possible? In the history of our Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, we have never had records of such a feat!"

Neither of the brothers dared to believe this.

Luo Hongdao frowned slightly with displeasure, and said, "If it never happened before, does it mean it wouldn't happen? Then what reason would the word 'miracle' have for existing? Moreover, there may be none who opened the sky before in our empire, but what about other places, then?"

The Luo Brothers were dumbstruck. This was something they dared not even imagine.

"Long ago, more than 300,000 years ago, there was a Great Xu Empire that ascended. The monarch of this nation had astounding talent; he had reached perfection level in the Mountain River Tier in a short few hundred years' time."

Hiss, hearing such words from Luo Hongdao, the Luo Brothers inhaled sharply. Finishing cultivation all the way up to the Mountain River Tier in a few hundred years was really too amazing. One had to know that even Zhao Lun, who was known as an absolute genius, was already over 500 years old at present, yet he was merely in the higher levels of the Mountain River Tier.

"Why are there no records of this Great Xu Empire?" Luo Ba asked.

"That is because this Great Xu Empire was subordinate to a small Royal Empire, yet the monarch actually hid his identity and entered our empire. He even studied a few hundred years in the Scarlet Heaven Academy," Luo Hongdao explained.

"Great Xu Empire? Could it be that that person is the one who left behind the spiritual imprint in the third stage of the White Star Tower… Xu Ran?" Luo Ba suddenly came to a realization.

"Correct." Luo Hongdao nodded.

"But why were there practically no legends about him?" Luo Ba asked curiously.

"Because this person actually snuck into the national treasury, intending to steal a great treasure of our empire. Thus, the empress has placed a taboo and erased all records of his existence. However, the Tool Spirit of the White Star Tower is independent, and no one could suppress this person in a battle of the same cultivation level. Hence, that place has become the only place that still proves he once existed," Luo Hongdao revealed.

Luo Brothers hissed through their teeth. To actually dare enter into the National Treasury and attempt to steal something… This person's courage was really massive to the point of being nature-defying.

"The reason I told you of this event is to let you know that you must 100% understand your opponent before you want to take them down. Otherwise, you would likely become the ones who would be taken down," Luo Hongdao said seriously.

"Lord Patriarch, we understand!" the Luo Brothers quickly answered respectfully.

"Ba'er, I shall ask you again: do you have the confidence to battle with that lowlife?" Luo Hongdao stared fixedly at Luo Ba, his eyes sharp.

Luo Ba's heart clenched, and he answered loudly, "For the sake of the clan, this Luo Ba is willing to climb a mountain of blades, or descend into a sea of flames!"

"Hahahaha!" Luo Hongdao laughed loudly. He abruptly slammed a hand on the table, and exclaimed, "Good!" He tossed out a red-colored stone, and said, "This is a Bloodtear Stone. In myths, a real Divine Beast was wounded, and as its blood and tears intermixed, it left behind an indestructible aura in this stone.

"Refine this, and your battle prowess will definitely charge up to 20 Stars! At that time, you can have a duel to the death with that lowlife, and you definitely have to kill this person then!"

Luo Hongdao's expression was sinister. He had not taken to heart a mere sum of 2,000 True Origin Stones, but this lowlife from a small world actually dared extort the Luo Clan! Even he was truly enraged by this. If it was not for the fact that the Scarlet Heaven Academy was there, he would even want to directly send someone to kill Ling Han.

But now, he could only go in a large circle.

Meanwhile, Luo Ba was elated. The Bloodtear Stone definitely was an ultimate treasure for Shattering Void Tier cultivators. With the boost of the aura of a Divine Beast, the power behind his every strike would increase by a good few times.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Furthermore, this was an eternal boost. Naturally, though, the higher his cultivation level was, the smaller the effects this additional boost would have.

Even so, his battle prowess would still be able to easily advance to 20 Stars, and it would definitely be no problem for him to suppress Ling Han then.

Luo Lie's expression was one of envy, meanwhile. He, too, was a genius of the Luo Clan, but he was ranked below Luo Ba. Whatever benefits there were, it would be Luo Ba who would enjoy them first before his turn came. If there was not enough for two, then he would be left out completely.

He, too, wanted the Bloodtear Stone, but now, he could only kneel and grip his fists tightly whilst maintaining an expression of happiness, pretending that he was happy for Luo Ba's sake.

For some unknown reason, he had a word on the tip of his tongue that he neglected to speak out loud—Shui Yanyu had once said before that the person who had opened the sky would be rewarded by the heavens and earth, and possess an additional three Stars of strength!

The requirement for opening the sky was 20 Stars of battle prowess, and added with another three Stars of strength, he would at least have 23 Stars of battle prowess, right?

Even if Luo Ba refined this Bloodtear Stone, he might still not be a match for Ling Han!

But… they actually wanted to duel to the death?

The corners of Luo Lie's lips curved up in a cold smirk. For him, it was a good thing no matter which of the two died, wasn't it? Then what need was there for him to speak up unnecessarily?

He, too, was a man with ambition, and was definitely unwilling to forever remain in the second place.

"Refine the Bloodtear Stone, then immediately challenge that lowlife. This time, you must definitely not disappoint me!" Luo Hongdao said, his expression solemn.

"I will definitely not disappoint your expectations, Lord Patriarch!" Luo Ba declared excitedly. After refining this Bloodtear Stone, he would definitely become the greatest elite in the Shattering Void Tier, and whatever Ling Han, Ma Xing, and Cheng Haofei came, he would be able to suppress them all single-handedly. Then he would take advantage of his rising fame and propose marriage at the Ji Clan.

Ji Yun'er, that b**ch, was actually on such close terms with Ling Han. He was filled with resentment; when he got ahold of this woman in the future, he would definitely give her a well-deserved punishment.


Gu Lingyu was definitely an alchemy fanatic. The moment she began talking about alchemy, she forgot everything else. Even when she had gotten weary from talking, she would uncaringly sprawl out on the bed and directly fall asleep, only leaving behind a request to continue the discussion after she woke up.

This caused Ling Han not to know whether to laugh or cry. 'You really trust others too much, don't you?'

Although she was like a maniac when she was talking about alchemy, without any hint of womanly charm, just look at her exquisite beauty and her alluring figure… Besides, she was simply lying on the bed without keeping her guard up. Did she really think that everyone was a gentleman?

Even for a gentleman, there were times when they couldn't control themselves.

Ling Han shook his head, and allowed her to have his bedroom, whereas he himself entered into the Black Tower.

There were still two days of his peaceful life left.

On the second day, Gu Lingyu discussed alchemy with Ling Han again until he really could not bear her pestering and directly chased her out of his courtyard. Only then could his ears have a moment of blissful silence. Yet, he had just chased Gu Lingyu out when Li Weiwei and Ji Yun'er arrived together.

"Blockhead, my father wants to see you." Li Weiwei had come to pass on a message.

The Left Minister wanted to see him?

Ling Han was slightly surprised. Although he was proud of himself, he also understood that he would only be considered a nobody in the eyes of the Left Minister with his current abilities. He would not even be qualified to get a second look from the latter.

Yet not even a full month had passed, and he wanted to see him again.

If someone heard this, they would even think that he was being "highly favored".

Li Weiwei had only come to inform him. With her personality of a spoilt young miss, she would naturally not be going back with Ling Han. After she had said what she came to say, she left.

Ling Han dared not slight the summons, and immediately rushed towards the Left Minister's Residence.

His arrival was announced, and it was still Xiang Chengyun that had appeared and brought him to a small garden.

The Left Minister was trimming a flower pot, his attention focused on it completely. Xiang Chengyun dared not make a sound to interrupt him, and stood somberly on one side, waiting.

Ling Han watched, but suddenly, an expression of astonishment appeared on his face.

Under the hands of Minister Li, this flower pot was actually exuding some kind of divine rhythm. Every branch seemed to be the movement a master of martial arts made as he extended his limbs, showing off an amazing technique.

He could not help but compare it with the Six Techniques Return to One he was presently cultivating. All of a sudden, he came upon a great realization. Immediately, he sat down cross-legged, and the rhythm of great Dao spread out from inside his body.

Being startled like that, the Left Minister abruptly let out a sound of surprise, and stopped his movements.
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