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Everyone couldn't help but admit that Ling Han indeed had a strong pride, and his pride was something to admire. To actually stand against an elite of the Sun Moon Tier… It was practically enough to make all of them kneel down in submission because of his courage.

But with these words from Ling Han, he instantly made a muscle twitch in their cheeks. 'Aside from pride, you are still a little f*cking shameless, aren't you?' Would anyone really praise themselves like that?

However, to actually dare to blackmail the Luo Clan… Merely that point alone would make all of them kneel down in submission for his boldness.

Luo Kaifeng had a dark expression on his face.

The Luo Clan was a fourth-tier clan, possessing deep roots, and it was definitely not a big deal for them to hand out 10,000 True Origin Stones, which to anyone else would seem like an astronomical number. But whom did Ling Han think he was? He was merely a weak cultivator of the Shattering Void Tier, and if even Shattering Void Tier cultivators could extort the Luo Clan out of such a large sum of money, wouldn't the Luo Clan instantly bankrupt?

Yet, the situation now was extremely unfavorable for the Luo Clan. If money could deal with this impending disaster, they had to spend it.

"8,000-10,000 is too much!" Luo Kaifeng uttered darkly. "You did not suffer any real injury. At most, we can offer you a compensation of a hundred True Origin Stones."


A great many students had their mouths wide open in shock. Ling Han had really succeeded in his extortion attempt.

That was the Luo Clan, a fourth tier clan!

What kind of concept was a fourth tier clan? Even the Left and Right Ministers, and the Seven Great Generals, could only be considered second tier clans, so wasn't a fourth tier clan awesome enough? But now, it was great. The majestic Luo Clan actually bowed their heads in front of a Shattering Void Tier cultivator from a small world.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, what fun.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "How could that be fine? If it were not for the fact that Senior Sister Gu came just in time, I would have been long suppressed and turned into dust by this elder's presence! And that isn't considered real damage? 5,000 True Origin Stones. Even one less would not be accepted."

In alchemy, Gu Lingyu was a genius, but in the area of human relations, she was obviously much too lacking. She immediately nodded, and said, "After bullying us alchemists, compensating with a few True Origin Stones would naturally be appropriate."

This senior sister disciple was not too bad; she was very cooperative.

Ling Han knew that it was impossible to turn the situation around to kill the Luo Brothers. Thus, he simply decided to get some benefits. No matter what, he was not going to experience a loss.

Luo Kaifeng practically wanted to commit murder; you were bullied? It was their Luo Clan that was being bullied, all right? Luo Ba had suffered a slap like that, and now his face was completely swollen, so why didn't you mention anything about that? He naturally did not take Gu Lingyu to heart, but did not dare to overlook the Alchemy Institution standing behind her. Those people were traditional and pedantic, and had strange tempers.

He humphed, and said, "500 True Origin Stones."






With a wave of Luo Kaifeng's hand, a great number of True Origin Stones scattered out. Ling Han was naturally not going to be reserved, and directly stored these precious stones into the Black Tower. Now, he was only going to get some benefits, but when he was powerful enough, it would not be so easily settled.

"We're leaving!" Luo Kaifeng shouted at the Luo Brothers. These two pieces of trash, if it were not for them, what need would there be for him to swallow his anger in front of a cultivator merely in the Shattering Void Tier?

The Luo Brothers did not dare say a word, and obediently followed him like children that had done something wrong as they left.

On the wall, all the students scattered as well. They really had something they could boast about now.

Wei Qianshu clicked his tongue in amazement. Gu Lingyu's prompt arrival had naturally solved a dilemma for Ling Han, but even if she had not arrived in time, Ling Han concocting an alchemical pill in public would actually also solve the issue.

This kid was really capable of tolerance. It was obvious that he had long since been assured of victory, yet made use of this opportunity to give Luo Ba a thrashing first. Then, he proceeded to blackmail the Luo Clan for a sizable sum, and the Luo Clan could not even show their ire.

His courage was astounding.

To be honest, even Wei Qianshu himself dared not become enemies with the Luo Clan. Apparently, not only did the Luo Clan have ten elites of the Sun Moon Tier, their Grand Elder was even a super elite in the higher levels of the Sun Moon Tier. Without advancing to the Heavenly Body Tier, there were practically none that could match him.

Who would be so outrageously bold to dare to take advantage of the situation and set a trap for the Luo Clan?

"Young man, behave yourself!" Wei Qianshu said, a hint of worry in his eyes.

This time, Ling Han was indeed very pleased. Not only had he struck Luo Ba, he had even gotten ahold of a great number of True Origin Stones. However, would the Luo Clan simply let the matter go like this?

"Thank you for your advice, Elder. I am well aware," Ling Han said respectfully. He naturally could differentiate between good intentions and false kindness.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Wei Qianshu nodded, and left swiftly.

"Ling Han, Ling Han, tell me, have you improved the pill recipe, or is it that you have a unique alchemical concoction technique?" Gu Lingyu's eyes shone brightly. She would forget everything when it was something that concerned alchemy.

Ling Han smiled, "I do indeed have a special alchemical concoction technique."

"Can you teach me?" Gu Lingyu asked immediately.

"This…" Ling Han hesitated. This woman had really practiced alchemy so much that she had forgotten all about the ways of the world. What alchemist would reveal to an outsider their alchemy techniques? Even among a master and a disciple, the master would still keep some part secret.

Ling Han did not hide anything from his two alchemy disciples, though. Still, this kind of technique was something that he had created on his own, and only he was capable of exhibiting the might of the Three Fire Guide to its maximum.

'Though you have done me a favor, you want to learn the Three Fire Guide just with that?' That was definitely impossible!

However, Ling Han could tell that this woman was an absolute fanatic about alchemy. It was not that she did not know the limits of decorum, but rather that her whole head was filled with alchemy, and she had completely no idea that some requests were too much to ask.

Ling Han thought for a moment, then said, "Then let's learn from one another."

He could not possibly teach her the Three Fire Guide when they had just met, but since she was so fanatic about alchemy, he could have a discussion about alchemical techniques with her.

Gu Lingyu naturally agreed gladly.

The two of them discussed alchemy techniques. Gu Lingyu naturally benefited much from the reasoning behind the Three Fire Guide, and Ling Han was also inspired. After all, her achievements in alchemy were not inferior to his, so there was a considerable effect of complementing each other.

In this way, Ling Han had also switched from his initial intention of "giving a few tips" to a discussion between two equals. Without their noticing it, the sky had darkened while they talked.


The Luo Clan Residence.

The Luo Brothers were kneeling in the main hall. The patriarch of the Luo Clan, Luo Hongdao, was seated in front of them, his expression dark.

"Do you know why I had you two punished?" Luo Hongdao asked.

Luo Ba said, "We have brought embarrassment to the Luo Clan."

Luo Hongdao shook his head. "That is only one part of it. More importantly, the way that the two of you handled this matter has disappointed me too much. You two actually did not understand the complete situation, and rushed to set up a trap. From the beginning, the two of you had already lost."

"Yes!" The Luo Brothers nodded firmly. Even without the appearance of Gu Lingyu, Ling Han would still have the means to prove himself, though it would be slightly more troublesome.

"If you are going to move, head straight for the fatal point. Do not allow the enemy any chance of freeing himself," Luo Hongdao uttered sinisterly.

The Luo Brothers nodded.

"Ba'er, do you have the confidence that you can defeat that lowlife?" Luo Hongdao asked once more.

Luo Ba very much wanted to act forceful for once, but after suffering two consecutive slaps from Ling Han, his confidence had also been slapped gone. But in front of Lord Patriarch, how could he admit his fear? He quickly puffed out his chest, and declared, "Yes!"

His attitude was exhibited, but his tone was lacking in certainty.

"Humph!" Luo Hongdao humphed in dissatisfaction again. "What did I teach you just now? Hasn't one bit of it sunk inside your head? Putting aside the fact that you had already been horribly defeated by that lowlife previously, do you know the real origins of that lowlife?"

"Real origins?" The Luo Brothers' expressions were blank. Ling Han was merely a lowlife that had ascended from a small world, so was there a need for them to understand his origins?

"Idiots!" Luo Hongdao rebuked harshly. "That lowlife is not so simple. He is the monarch of a country that had opened the sky!"

Pu, instantly, the Luo Brothers choked out in shock.
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