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Shui Yanyu left swiftly.

Ling Han stroked his chin. 'I got myself another wife again?' It was a pity that he could only look but not touch—she was much too powerful.

He smiled. Although Shui Yanyu possessed exquisite beauty and was a truly fascinating character, his emotion towards her was simply admiration. At the moment, he was completely engrossed in martial arts, and even if he were to be distracted, it would also be by alchemy. Where would he find time for romance?

Three days. It might just as well be like that—he would simply spend the next three days leisurely before facing the storm head on.

However, such thoughts of Ling Han never came through.

It was said that the Luo Brothers had been waiting for Ling Han to sell alchemical pills again. They naturally did not manage to catch him red-handed, which made the two brothers restless. They eventually decided to lodge a complaint against Ling Han—they had a witness, after all, so Ling Han still wouldn't be able to escape. It was just that he had only sold alchemical pills that one time, and the quantity wasn't large, either. They reckoned that it would be difficult to finish Ling Han in one move.

They approached an elder of the Luo Clan based in the Academy, Luo Kaifeng, and let him call upon a Law Enforcement Elder, then charged up to Ling Han's residence.

The appearance of the Law Enforcement Elder naturally startled quite a number of students, and they trailed behind the four people, wanting to know who was going to be that unlucky student today.

They were heading straight to the courtyard where Ling Han was residing.

Bang! With a signal from Luo Kaifeng, Luo Ba and Luo Lie, the two brothers, each struck one foot out and directly kicked open the door.

Ling Han, who just happened to be cultivating in the courtyard, opened his eyes and looked at the two brothers with a smile before saying, "Why, have you gathered enough True Origin Stones already and wish to fight me?"

"You won't get the chance!" Luo Ba retorted coldly.

"Ling Han, do you know your crime?" Luo Kaifeng walked in, bearing a solemn expression on his face.

He was an elite at the minor levels of the Sun Moon Tier, and presently had no intention of concealing his cultivation level. A sun and moon were displayed behind him—the sun had taken shape, but the moon was obviously incomplete. It was clear that his cultivation level was that of the late stage of minor levels.

However, it was indeed terrifying when an elite of the Sun Moon Tier displayed his might—all the surrounding students not only felt suffocated, but also felt intense pain in their chests.

Ling Han stood up, slightly bowed to the two elders, and said, "Greetings, Elders." Then he said, "I do not know what crime I have committed."

"Still trying to play dumb?" Luo Kaifeng rebuked coldly. He took matters into his own hands, acting as if he was the Law Enforcement Elder. "Let me ask you: did you sell a Replenishing Spirit Pill at the United Forests Pharmacy last month?"

"Yes." Ling Han nodded, and suddenly came to a realization. 'On that day, the man I had caught sight of was Luo Lie indeed. However, if he intended to use this matter to pin the blame on me, then he would have to be disappointed.'

Luo Kaifeng was stunned. He had thought that Ling Han would deny it, and didn't expect that this brat would actually admit it so bluntly. He couldn't help but sneer. 'It is even better that you have admitted it yourself. Then, this would be proof of your crime—there's no need for even a trial.'

The Law Enforcement Elder's name was Wei Qianshu. He was somewhat dissatisfied with Luo Kaifeng, but since Ling Han admitted to selling the Academy's Replenishing Spirit Pill, this was indeed clearly a violation of the Academy's rules. Being a Law Enforcement Elder, he ought to impose the punishment accordingly.

"Ling Han, the Academy clearly stipulates that selling Replenishing Spirit Pills bestowed upon you by the Academy to external parties is strictly prohibited. Do you have anything else to say?" he asked.

When the surrounding students, who had all climbed onto the top of the courtyard wall, heard these words, they trembled with fear—it had turned out to be that. Sheesh! How could this Ling Han be so stupid? He was clearly the number one student among this year's new recruits, and had the potential of becoming a four-star Genius in the future, but he would actually risk it all for a mere few Replenishing Spirit Pills.

Rules were rules, so no matter how much of a genius Ling Han was, this time he would definitely be severely punished by the Academy.

"Ling Han, you'd better kneel down!" Luo Lie sneered coldly.

He had been waiting to say these words for almost an entire month!

Ling Han cast a disdainful glance at Luo Lie, and said, "Hold your horses. You are merely a student. What right do you have to be making a ruckus here? Have you no regard for the Law Enforcement Elder?"

Sh*t, he was doing it again!

Luo Lie was so angry that his chest was trembling. This was the case before—Ling Han had made use of the Left Minister to suppress him, saying that Luo Lie had no regard for the Left Minister. Now, he was acting like this once more. How could this lowlife from a small world have such a sly mouth?

He forced himself to calm down as he hollered at Ling Han, "You… You… You can't escape your fate today! What's the point of you putting up an act?" Presently, Ling Han was the one in a tight spot; he had no reason to be anxious.

"No need to get fired up!" Luo Ba quickly squeezed his brother's shoulder before shooting Ling Han a cold gaze, and said, "Ling Han, since you have admitted to illegally selling alchemical pills of the Academy yourself, what do you have to say to save yourself?"

Wei Qianshu frowned, and appeared upset. 'I am the Law Enforcement Elder. What right have you got to butt in on this matter in front of me?' Yet Luo Kaifeng actually patted his shoulder, and smilingly said, "Brother Wei, I owe you a favor for this. Our Luo Clan will definitely repay you in the future!"

Wei Qianshu felt apprehensive. Being a lone cultivator himself, he was naturally no match for the Luo Clan. Besides, Ling Han did violate the rules, and deserved to be punished. In that case, he might just as well allow the Luo Brothers to bask in the limelight; it was no loss to him, after all.

With this in mind, he simply let Luo Kaifeng take the initiative, and regarded himself as an observer watching the show.

Of course, Luo Kaifeng was happy to have it this way. The reason why he had brought Wei Qianshu over was because there had to be a legitimate cause for his for visiting.

"I've already told you not to point your finger at me. No need to thank me; as a senior brother disciple, I am obliged to teach you how to behave," Ling Han said softly, appearing extremely relaxed.

"I am going to kill you!" Luo Ba pounced forward. He had to personally defeat Ling Han; otherwise, he would never be able to hold his head high in this lifetime.


Ling Han gave him another slap across the face, which directly sent him flying out of the area. "You still want to fight with me when you didn't pay any money? Dream on!"

Pu! Everyone just burst out laughing.Author uses the term 出师有名 which directly translates to 'famous for the teacher'. This is a Chinese idiom which means that there must be a legitimate reason for an expedition or a genuine cause for any quest to be taken.
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