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Ling Han returned to his rooms, but merely sat for a short while before a knock sounded on the doors to his courtyard.

He walked over, and peeked through the crack between the doors. Then, he could not help but feel a headache coming on.

Shui Yanyu!

His debt collector had come; what was he to do now?

Xiu, without waiting for him to decide what he was to do, Shui Yanyu directly somersaulted inside over the walls. Her beautiful face was filled with an air of violence as she looked icily at him.

Ling Han could not help but swallow. With a leap like that, her breasts were heaving heavily. It was really alluring. He really was not perverted, but because he had just had a taste of those beautiful breasts the day before, and clearly knew their size, he could not help but direct his eyes there.

"Senior Sister Shui, for you to barge into the residence of another like this, it isn't very proper, is it?" he asked weakly.

"Then the fact you peeked on the day the women entered the Black Jade Pool is something good?" Shui Yanyu forced out a counter through gritted teeth. Two spots of bright color rose up on her beautiful cheeks, elegant as water—so much that one's heart would melt.

Demon, she really was a demon!

Ling Han missed Hu Niu very much. If Hu Niu was still here, she would definitely jump out now to stand guard in front of him right now, wouldn't she?

But now, he would have to face this kind of temptation on his own.

Unfortunately, her power exceeded his not just by a hundred times, so he did not even have the chance to force himself on her. If he wanted to become a beast, he would only become worse than a beast.

So sad.

"Senior Sister, this really is a misunderstanding!" Ling Han said seriously.

"Even if it is a misunderstanding, would that change the fact that you peeked on me, and, and, and…" Shui Yanyu uttered painedly. How pure and spotless she was, yet her breasts had actually been attacked by Ling Han; this was practically enough to fill her with the urge to commit suicide.

But even if she was going to commit suicide, she would kill Ling Han first. How could she allow him to live on free and easy?

Ling Han breathed a sigh, and said, "I am a man, I shall bear the responsibility."

Shui Yanyu humphed, "How do you plan to bear responsibility? You can't possibly think of marrying me, right? Then you would really still be dreaming!"

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "Though I have neither authority nor influence now, and my power isn't all that strong, either, but in less than a hundred years, I will change all that! Senior Sister, you have no intention to marry me, and I have long since had my own beloved as well. However, I can use another means to compensate you."

Where had this guy gotten such confidence from?

With his talent, it was indeed not difficult for him to advance into the Immortal level. But if he wanted to ascend, merely the four levels of the Mountain River Tier would take at least a thousand years' time, and that was already the standard of a super genius. Any other person would have to spend several hundred thousand years to accomplish that!

'In a mere hundred years, what can you do?'

Shui Yanyu waved her hand dismissively, and said, "There is no need to be so troublesome. My request is very simple. In the time we are in the Academy, you and I shall pretend to be husband and wife!"


Ling Han choked. 'Your thoughts are really too far off the wall, right? Just now, you just said "in your dreams", and now, you actually proposed that we pretend to be husband and wife, what the f*ck?'

"Don't misunderstand. I only want to make use of you to get rid of a person," Shui Yanyu explained. She did not want Ling Han to misunderstand her.

"Zhao Lun?" Ling Han was suddenly struck with a realization.

Shui Yanyu nodded. This was her nightmare that had always been entangling her, and was impossible to get rid of.

Ling Han snickered, and said, "You have really given me a dilemma. Not only is Senior Brother Zhao in the higher levels of the Mountain River Tier, he is also the son of a Great General. Do you think I can stand against him? Perhaps our matter will just have been announced, and my dead body would be found in the streets on the next day."

"You have a Spatial God Tool; would you die so easily?" Shui Yanyu questioned calmly.

Anxiety sprouted in Ling Han's heart immediately, but his expression was unchanged, and he asked, "What Spatial God Tool?"

"You know very well yourself!" Shui Yanyu said. "Do you agree or not?"

"If I don't?" Ling Han probed.

"I will kill you, then kill myself. In any case, I cannot bear constantly being pestered by Zhao Lun, so it would be just right to free me of my misery," Shui Yanyu said serenely. It was obvious that the thought of suicide had not just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Abruptly, pity rose up in Ling Han's heart. Just how much did she despise Zhao Lun that it would cause a beauty like her to end her life just to absolve herself from him?

He thought for a moment, then replied, "All right, I agree. However, it is not because of your threat. Instead, it is because I feel that no matter how much you like someone, you should not use forceful means."

Shui Yanyu was surprised. She looked meaningfully at Ling Han for a while, then nodded, and said, "Thank you!"

It had been a deal at first, and she naturally had no need to thank him, but it was a different matter now.

"Oh, right. Zhao Lun is a well-known genius; furthermore, he is the son of a Great General. Why do you hate him so much?" Even Ling Han would have a keen curiosity for gossip.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Shui Yanyu thought for a while, then answered, "This man plots a lot and has a dark personality. You would feel like you were sharing the lair of a poisonous snake when you were with him, and you would shiver in fear. Previously, someone spoke behind his back, and it just so happened that he was there. However, he merely smiled and said he did not mind, but on the second day, that person's whole family had been massacred completely."

Ling Han could not help but shiver; so cruel? It was merely a few unpleasant words, so was there a need to do something so ruthless?

However, that person had only said a few unpleasant words, and that was the consequence. He, meanwhile, was going to "snatch prey from the tiger's mouth". He would have stolen his sweetheart, so what kind of vengeance would he suffer from?

"Afraid now?" Shui Yanyu smirked.

"A bit. After all, the Zhao Clan has too much authority, and I am not able to stand against them at this moment." Ling Han nodded. This was nothing to be feel ashamed about. Even if the Great General Zhao was only in the minor levels of the Heavenly Body Tier, that surpassed him by… how many cultivation levels again?

However confident Ling Han was, he did not think a hundred years would be enough for him to turn the tables and suppress the Zhao Clan.

"Even if you're afraid, it is useless. You only have two options. Either you die by my hand, or you die by Zhao Lun's hand," Shui Yanyu stated coldly.

She was really indifferent!

Ling Han showed a smile, and said, "I won't die!"

There were so many responsibilities on his shoulders, so how could he die here?

"It would be best for you to be confident. However, if you die, I will remain a widow for you for the rest of my life!" Shui Yanyu declared serenely.

Ling Han could not help but feel gloomy, and exclaimed, "I'm not dead yet, all right? Additionally, since you have that kind of preparation, how about you stay tonight and serve in bed?"


A treasured sword was immediately held threateningly at Ling Han's neck. Shui Yanyu said coldly, "The reason I set up a false betrothal with you is because you're already a dead man. You'll die for my sake, and I will remain a widow because of you. This is my debt to you, but if you want to disrespect me, that would be forcing me to kill you!"

Ling Han raised his hands in surrender with a smile, and said, "That was a joke. Ai, though we are false lovers, we would still have to pretend to be intimate on the surface, or how would we make others believe us?"

Shui Yanyu stared at him for a while before she finally withdrew her sword, and said, "In front of others, I will give you the respect you deserve, but don't think you can overstep your limits."

"All right, all right, all right." Ling Han rubbed his neck. Thankfully, his skin was thick enough, or blood would definitely have spilled from the friction.

Shui Yanyu felt like going crazy. He was obviously going to become an enemy of the Zhao Clan immediately, so why did this guy not even have the slightest feeling of anxiety?

To be honest, she had thought the whole night yesterday before she finally gritted her teeth and made this decision.

The Zhao Clan, what a colossal great force; the mere thought of them would cause one to suffocate.

"From tomorrow onwards… you would be embroiled in this vortex," she said.

"Whatever!" Ling Han said carelessly.

Shui Yanyu suddenly felt her heart soften, and said, "I'll give you another three days. Three days later, I will announce the news that we have made a private pledge to be married."
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