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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 912 If I Said It Is An Accident, Would You Believe Me?

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Ling Han had not imagined that Li Weiwei would trick him on this matter. Although he did feel that her expression was rather strange, this unruly young miss had always been quirky, so it was absolutely normal for her to have a variety of expressions.

He continued to improve the Six Techniques Return to One, and every step forward gave him joy.

The skies had become very bright before noticing. Ling Han, not fully satisfied, very much wanted to continue his research, but when he recalled the fact that they only had a chance of entering the Black Jade Pool once a month, and missing out on this month would mean he had to wait until the next month, he stood up and exited through the doors.

The location of the Black Jade Pool was no secret. It was located halfway up the mountain with the tallest peak in the Academy. There was a terrifying great formation to seal it away, and only those that possessed the entry plaque could enter. All others would only be killed by the formation.

While this formation was only effective on all cultivators below the Sun Moon Tier, the Black Jade Pool was only effective for Mountain River Tier and Shattering Void Tier cultivators, so there was no need to use a formation that was more complicated—it would have been a waste.

Also, if there were elites of the Sun Moon Tier or Heavenly Body Tier that brought others in through a Spatial Spirit Tool… then they would have to let it go. According to rumors, Spatial Spirit Tools could only be forged by Genesis Tier ultimate elites, and were incredibly rare. Their value exceeded the value of the Black Jade Pool by who knew how many folds.

Ling Han soon arrived at the foot of the mountain.

If Li Weiwei was really going to trick him, then this entry plaque had to be false, and he would be attacked by the formation. No matter what, he would suffer some injuries…

Unexpectedly, this entry plaque was real, and he advanced smoothly ahead.

Strange; had that young miss changed her personality?

Ling Han held the entry plaque and climbed the mountain.

With the protection of the formation, there was no need for guards here, so it was completely empty.

In every batch of new students, there would only be a mere three, this time four, that could enter into this space. Added with the fact that there was no Shattering Void Tier elite that had exceeded the age of a hundred years old, the number of Shattering Void Tier cultivators of the Northern Institution that could enter this place every time would only be about a dozen or so.

Of course, there were also Mountain River Tier cultivators, but Ling Han did not know if they were separated from the Shattering Void Tier Division. Ling Han had not asked about that.

Ling Han had come very early. In any case, he had not seen any single person. It was either that others had not come yet, or they had already entered the pool, and were currently bathing.

Halfway up the mountain, a dense mist bubbled and interwove to form a black-colored cloud. It seemed like fog, and yet was unlike fog. It had an exceptionally powerful effect of blocking divine sense and sight.

Ling Han walked over, the sound of his steps light. When one reached the level he was at now, there was no need to deliberately suppress his steps as their every step and move would naturally be greatly different from an ordinary person's.

Ahead of him appeared a pool of water.

It really deserved the name Black Jade—the pool waters were as black as ink. Because it was calm and there were no ripples, it was like a piece of black jade. It was very soothing to the eyes, and made one feel reluctant to destroy this beauty.

Although he was merely looking, Ling Han felt as if his spirit was being improved. He felt light and airy, and had an indescribable feeling of pleasure. Furthermore, all the pores on his body were also wide open as they absorbed the drifting energy that was spreading out; it was as if his cultivation level was also going to soar alongside it.

Good, this was really something good.

Ling Han removed his outer clothing, and after he was only left with a pair of underpants, he took one step inside. Weng, a wave instantly appeared on the pool waters, giving rise to multiple ripples; they appeared as if they were dancing, which made for an incredibly beautiful sight.

The pool waters were not icy, but rather incredibly warm. Just one step in, and Ling Han felt like burying himself completely inside so that his whole body could bathe within.

This was not only even more comfortable, but could also increase the effects of absorption.


Just at this moment, not far away, the pool waters were separated, and a person stood up.

So there was someone here, and he had even submerged his whole body inside the pool. This place blocked divine sense, and the pool waters were as black as ink, so there was completely no way to see through the waters; naturally, it was impossible they would be found out.

It was obvious that the other party had also sensed someone else had come, because he felt the movement of the waters, and thus stood up, right?

'Hold on!'

Ling Han looked at the other party, and the other person looked at him. The two of them sank into a temporary silence.


Ling Han tossed out a curse in his head, and instantly understood that he had still fallen into Li Weiwei's trap.

The person standing in front of him… was a woman!

While she was not fully bare, she only wore a thin shirt, which completely stuck tightly to her perfect figure, clearly defining every single detail of her body, every bit of it visible.

In truth, this thin shirt was not an ordinary item, and even if it was completely wet, it did not let any light in. In other words, she had not revealed any important part of her body. However, this appearance that seemed to the on the edge of revealing and yet not was a hundred times more alluring than actually showing everything.

What detail could not be clearly seen?

The astonishing peaks on the chest? Not only was their size unconcealable, even their shape was clearly seen. He could even clearly see the two small erect nubs.

Her round, erect hips, her slender waist, her long and slender thighs… what part was not a work of art, making one swallow their saliva just with a single look? It was enough to become a temptation that would make even a gentleman of the highest order transform into a vile wolf.

There was no need to look at the face, as merely this figure was enough to drive anyone mad.

Moreover, her looks matched her perfect figure as well. She was as flawless as white jade, her eyes sparkling like stars, and had a beautiful nose. She was stunning especially when her silken hair was dripping with water as the multiple droplets shone like pearls from the heavens.

This was practically too seductive; one would feel like becoming a beast!

Ling Han took a deep breath, and decided to take the initiative to break the silence. He said, "Senior Sister Shui, if I said this is an accident, I'm not sure if you would believe me?"

This extreme beauty was precisely Shui Yanyu.

Shui Yanyu did not make a sound. She bit slightly on her lips, raised her right hand, and a terrifying energy condensed. Hong, she struck out at Ling Han.

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This was a strike from a Mountain River Tier cultivator, so how was Ling Han supposed to block it?

Don't talk about blocking, he did not even have the time to react. Peng, his forehead was struck with a palm strike, and he was instantly sent flying as the terrifying energy surged through.

Between Mountain River Tier and Shattering Void Tier, there was an endless distance. Even if Ling Han had developed his strength to the maximum of 20 Stars, it was of no use. This was the difference between a mortal and an Immortal, and there was absolutely no way to compensate for it.

Ling Han bared his teeth; this palm strike had indeed caused him some pain.

One had to know that he possessed a body of Godly metal!

If the minor levels of Mountain River Tier could cause him pain, then wouldn't the middle levels of Mountain River Tier be capable of inflicting a serious wound on him, and the higher levels capable of killing him?

Small Tower nodded, and said very irresponsibly, "That should be the case."

Ling Han breathed out a sigh. His so-called physique was superior to his cultivation level by one level. However, in the Immortal level, there needed to be an additional restriction. It was not the improvement of a major cultivation tier, but a minor cultivation level.

His present physique was equivalent to the Godly metal of a minor level of the Mountain River Tier. In the Immortal Realm, it was referred to as Level One Godly metal, and following this hierarchy, the maximum limit was Level Twenty Godly metal.

"Still alive?" Shui Yanyu's expression revealed a hint of surprise. The strike she had delivered previously was filled with her feelings of hatred and shame, and was definitely a full-power strike. Yet, she actually did not manage to strike dead a Shattering Void Tier cultivator? This was practically unimaginable.

"Humph, I had initially thought you were a genius of martial arts; I never thought you were actually a despicable, shameless scoundrel!" She pounced again, raised her palm, and struck out at Ling Han.


Unsurprisingly, Ling Han was once again sent flying. His whole body crashed into the mountain, and created a hole in the shape of the letter "big". Thankfully, this was the Immortal Realm, so the space was incredibly firm. If it was in a small world, one strike and this whole mountain would definitely collapse completely, while Ling Han would have flown to some unknown corner at the ends of the world.

'Li Weiwei, just you wait!'Chinese word 'big' is represented by the character 大
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