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Ling Han returned to his rooms, and began to practice his cultivation in seclusion, merging six techniques to charge towards the ultimate limit of the Shattering Void Tier.

He already had some ideas, and immediately began his studies, neglecting rest and food. Fortunately, nothing much would happen should a Shattering Void Tier cultivator not eat and drink for a few days. Additionally, he was still young and filled with youthful vitality, so it was even more unlikely for him to grow weary.

Another four days passed, and he had already attained some preliminary accomplishment. Yet, he had also caused the big fat cat to go into a mad frenzy. 'Didn't we have an agreement that you would treat me to meat? You've disappeared for another four days again; are you making a fool out of me?'

Hence, the moment Ling Han appeared, the big fat cat immediately pounced over, brandishing its claws and baring its fangs threateningly.

This cat demon, or rather tiger demon—no matter the angle, it looked to be an ordinary cat—was amazingly quick. Perhaps it could match Hu Niu in speed. As it waved its claws, even Ling Han could not escape. Fortunately, his skin was thick and tough, while the big fat cat was only venting its temper, and it did not really mean to injure him. Naturally, it was impossible that any damage would be caused.

A fighting spirit also rose in Ling Han; he wanted to know exactly how powerful this fat cat was, and thus immediately began exchanging blows with the fat cat.

The fat cat was very strong. In pure strength, it had reached the extent of 14 Stars, and its battle prowess easily exceeded 20 Stars. It really proved itself to be the remaining descendant of a Divine Beast as Small Tower had said. If Ling Han controlled his strength so it was at the same level with the fat cat's, he would be overwhelmed by its extreme speed, and the claws found their target every time.

However, if Ling Han raised his strength to 15 Stars, then a terrifying strength would compress space in a single strike, and the fat cat would be unable to get near him. With a tremor of the air, it would be bounced away, which was very difficult to bear.

Shattering Void Tier… a single Star's difference meant the difference between Heaven and Earth, and the higher one's battle prowess, the bigger this gap would be.

Ling Han was sure that if he was to attack with full power, then there was no need for him to land a single strike. Merely the shock wave travelling through the air could possibly tear the fat cat into pieces.

This filled him with even more anticipation for the strength worth 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier.

After taking out food and feeding this fat cat, Ling Han also had a meal, and had a good sleep. No matter when, sleep was the best mean to recover energy.

It once again was the time for the class that was held every five days. Ling Han did not miss class, and seriously consulted Shui Yanyu during class.

Although Shui Yanyu was not as good as he was in comprehension, she was still an elite of the Mountain River Tier, after all. She could stand on a higher level to look at a problem, and sort out some of Ling Han's inadequacies and limitations; at the same time, she was filled with endless praise for Ling Han.

Encountering such an incredibly intelligent person filled her with a real inspiration to become a teacher, and not just treat it as part-time work like she was doing now.

"This stupid blockhead, he is obviously my man, and actually dares to seduce women!" As Li Weiwei watched, she could not help but grip her little fists tightly. "Moreover, the other party is Big Sister Shui; he is really aiming out of his league!"

"Weiwei, you aren't jealous, are you?" Ji Yun'er asked, smiling.

Li Weiwei instantly scoffed. She was indeed surprised by Ling Han's various displays, but she was the noble daughter of the Left Minister—would she be so easily moved with how high her scope was? She crossed her arms over her chest, and said, "I am only afraid that Big Sister Shui would come to grief. Just look at that blockhead; his whole face is filled with lust, and he keeps looking at Big Sister Shui's breasts!"

Ji Yun'er smiled in spite of herself. Ling Han's gaze was very clear. Moreover, though they could not hear what the two were talking about, it obviously had nothing to do with romance.

"No, no matter what, this time I will definitely mess with this blockhead till he's scared of me!" Li Weiwei blinked her beautiful eyes, and the thought of a prank flashed in her mind.

"Weiwei…" Ji Yun'er quickly said. Now, the three of them were partners in a business, and though it could not be claimed to be prospering bountifully, as the various sales channels continued to be opened, their profits would also become quite significant.

While this girl had no malicious intentions, it was best that she did not do anything inappropriate and take the joke too far.

"Big Sister Yun, don't worry. I will only make him experience some embarrassment. It wouldn't be anything serious, so you don't have to worry about your little boyfriend!" Li Weiwei shot her mouth off.

"You little girl!" Ji Yun'er pretended as if she was going to hit her, and Li Weiwei quickly defended. The two girls were soon messing around with each other, causing the people who were watching from the sidelines to feel envious; they very much wanted to join in as well.

Jade arms twined around one another, and peaks were tall and erect; how alluring!

Ling Han repeatedly experienced realization. As the saying went, two heads were better than one. This round of discussion with her allowed him to profit much, and he felt that he had greatly improved on this path. Furthermore, Shui Yanyu discussed with him as well, saying that he should pass on his teachings and insights to the masses if he were to really succeed, bringing it to a great height of development. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Of course, the Academy would definitely reward Ling Han adequately.

Ling Han did not mind. He could merge six cultivation techniques, but it did not mean others could. This was not something that could be done just by passing on his knowledge. Instead, it required comprehension, and if one's comprehension level was not enough, it would be pointless no matter what he said.

However, if one's comprehension level was high enough, it would be able to open a new door for him and be of great help.

After class was over, Ling Han began to cultivate again like crazy, paying no attention to outside matters.

That was his personality. Previously, he would frequently study hard alone for about two to three months just for the sake of researching an alchemical pill completely. It was precisely because of this persistence that he managed to become the Alchemy Emperor.

Now, he had also entered crazy mode on the path of cultivation.

Another three days later, Ling Han finally attained a substantial breakthrough. He could simultaneously circulate six different cultivation techniques, then merge them together into one afterwards. However, the efficiency was lower, and his rate of daily improvement was extremely slow.

Going by this rate, he might need 30 years to be able to reach the perfected condition of 20 Stars of strength.

This actually was not slow, but Ling Han wanted to seek out his dear ones, lovers, and friends as soon as he could. He also wanted to get rid of his status of a hostage as quickly as possible. However, he had just begun, and could still improve upon the cultivation techniques, so there was much, much room for improvement.

"Blockhead! Stupid blockhead!" Li Weiwei came, and Ling Han just happened to have stopped cultivation. Hence, he stepped out of the Black Tower, and walked over to open the doors.

"What is it now?" he questioned.

"Good news, good news!" Li Weiwei tossed over a white-colored plaque. It was completely snow-white in color, looking both like and unlike jade. "This is the entry plaque for the Black Jade Pool. You can enter tomorrow. However, you may only use it for eight hours. After that time period, it would be harmful to the spirit and body.

"Furthermore, you have to leave before midnight. The day after tomorrow is the time for females to use the Black Jade Pool, and if you stay in the pool and not come out, hehe, then prepared to be struck dead at that moment!"

"Oh, time has passed so quickly!" Ling Han suddenly realized that it turned out it had already reached the beginning of the month, and it was the Northern Institution's turn to enter into the Black Jade Pool.

"Hehe!" Li Weiwei hid her cheeky grin, and was impatient to see how Ling Han would embarrass himself tomorrow. She was really looking forward to it.

"Remember, the Shattering Void division only have a day's time, and if you missed out on tomorrow, you would have to wait until next month," she said once more.

Ling Han was filled with suspicion, and asked, "When have you become so nice?"

"Humph, I was so kind to deliver the entry plaque to you, and you're still not happy?" Li Weiwei humphed.

"All right, thank you," Ling Han said, waving around the entry plaque in his hand.

Li Weiwei quickly turned around and left. She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would no longer be able to stop herself from laughing out loud.
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