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The man took the pill bottle and pulled out the cork. He caught a whiff of the fragrance within, and immediately revealed an expression of surprise. This was indeed Replenishing Spirit Pill, and the quality was quite good—it was purer than those that he would normally consume.

He poured out the alchemical pill and examined it carefully. Then he nodded, and said, "If they are all of this quality, then give me five pills."

Ling Han handed over another pill bottle. After that, he took back the previous alchemical pill, and said, "Thank you for your patronage. You can examine it again."

The man did not dare to show off how rich he was here. The moment he turned around, they would both have nothing to do with each other. After a careful inspection, he nodded in satisfaction before tossing a True Origin Stone to Ling Han.

Ling Han also conducted his own inspection. This was a genuine one, but it might have been used—its value was naturally completely different.

Both sides nodded in satisfaction—this deal was concluded as both accepted it.

When one person had given it a try, there would naturally be the second and third. For the first time, Ling Han had left over three Replenishing Spirit Pills, of which he had eaten one. In addition to the 48 pills from the second round, there was precisely enough for ten portions.

Ten times the profit!

This was indeed satisfying, but even if he could concoct ten Replenishing Spirit Pills in a day, it would take five days, and that would be much too time-consuming.

… Had other alchemists known of Ling Han's thoughts, they would have the urge to strangle him to death. He actually thought being able to make ten times the profit in five days was too little? He had better be careful not to be struck by lightning when he stepped outside for having such aberrant thoughts.

Ling Han nodded inwardly. He had earned little because the value of Replenishing Spirit Pill itself wasn't high. If it was a Level Ten Godly pill or the highest-grade Level Twenty Godly pill, then one would know how much could be earned by refining a full furnace of it.

He would still make ten times the profit, but the earnings generated would be in the hundred thousands to millions of True Origin Stones.

There was no way about it, since he was still a small-time alchemist for now.

"I'll take one." A woman's voice rang out by Ling Han's ear. It was slightly cool, but still quite pleasant to the ears.

Ling Han just had the last one left, and he handed it over to the other party. Both sides then completed the transaction. After that, he patted off the dust on his body, turned around, and made his way back.

For the time being, he had no intention of spending more time on alchemy. He ought to quickly master and integrate the six types of cultivation techniques in order to charge towards the strength of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier as soon as possible. After that, he would break through to the Mountain River Tier. If he couldn't reach the Immortal level, he would remain an insignificant ant.

He would still practice alchemy. He had to ensure consumption of one pill every day so as to enhance the strength of his spirit.

The woman opened the pill bottle, and took out one to consume. She instantly revealed an expression of surprise. 'It is actually 30% more effective than the average Replenishing Spirit Pill! However, the Replenishing Spirit Pill itself isn't a kind of high-grade Godly pill; there aren't that many alchemists who would spend time to research and improve the original recipe.

'To actually be able to increase the effectiveness of the alchemical pill by 30%… this must have been refined using a special alchemy technique!'

Under the veil, her beautiful face revealed a shocked expression. If it was merely improving the original recipe, it would only bring about benefits for one type of alchemical pill, but if there appeared to be some kind of revolutionary alchemy technique, then it would benefit the entire field of alchemy.

'Fortunately, I have committed his scent to memory!' She revealed a smug expression.

Her name was Gu Lingyu, the final one of the three great beauties in the Imperial Capital. However, she had already enrolled into Scarlet Heaven Academy two years ago. She did not belong to any of the Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Institutions, but rather the Alchemy Institution, which would only recruit alchemists.

She possessed an outstanding talent in the field of alchemy, which was related to her keen sense of smell. Having the ability to remember any kind of scent that she had caught a whiff of was an extremely incredible talent for an alchemist.

'If he is that alchemist, perhaps we could exchange pointers on alchemy.' Gu Lingyu immediately became excited. With her charming nose sniffing all the way, she finally managed to track Ling Han, and arrived outside of the student quarters of the Northern Institution.

At first, she'd thought that Ling Han was merely passing by the area. However, she was surprised when she saw Ling Han entering the courtyard and not come out even after a long time.

He was a cultivator, not an alchemist?

She decided to wait, intending to first get to the bottom of Ling Han's background before doing anything.

The Gu Clan was also a prominent clan. It would be very easy for them to obtain information on a student's background.


Ling Han didn't realize that he had become the target of a curious beauty. He once again immersed himself in study of cultivation, and pondered on integrating the six different cultivation techniques. However, after one whole night passed, he still had no clue.

After all, this was pioneering work.

Three days later, he finally attended the class again.

As soon as he entered the classroom, he saw that the Luo Brothers were crossing their hands over their chests and sneering at him. He did not take this to heart. Setting aside the Luo Brothers' background, he could cripple this pair of brothers with one hand.

When it was time, Shui Yanyu also came. As her tender gaze swept over Ling Han, she couldn't help but smilingly say, "I did not expect to see Ling Han today. It makes me feel a little overwhelmed."

This was naturally a sarcastic remark. She had only held four classes in total, and Ling Han had missed two of them—this was looking down on her too much.

Ling Han quickly said, "These days, I have been pondering the method of charging towards thirteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Later, I must consult Teacher on this."

When Shui Yanyu heard this, she finally nodded. If Ling Han really had been spending time in this area, she certainly would not blame him, and would even try her best to help, but if the other party was just using this as an excuse, then she would definitely reprimand him.

Such an alluring woman giving a lecture on stage naturally made everyone unable to take their eyes off her. The men were deeply intoxicated by her charm, while the ladies were mimicking her every move—how was she capable of exuding such attractive womanly charms?

She was pleasant without being beguiling, enchanting without being flirtatious.

The day's class soon ended, and Ling Han went over to ask her about integrating the six cultivation techniques.

Shui Yanyu could not help feeling shocked as she had never considered such a possibility.

In the Immortal Realm, there were countless people with multiple Spirit Bases—as long as one consumed Godly medicine, those without Spirit Base could even grow one out. Therefore, having six Spirit Bases was really a small matter. Furthermore, it wasn't uncommon to simultaneously cultivate six different techniques—the difficulty would be in integrating them.

She had already gone through the stage of the Shattering Void Tier, but this topic still sparked a deep interest in her. Ling Han had initiated the discussion—whether this had any possibility of success, and if so, how to go about it.

Drawing from analogy, Ling Han had benefited greatly, and could finally grasp a certain direction to follow, but whether he would be successful or not, or how long it would take for him to succeed… This would be an entirely different matter.

Looking at the intimate interaction between the two, the men were all dying of jealousy.

"Humph! Using such methods to court a lady? It's not too bad an idea, but he targeted the wrong person!"

"Shui Yanyu belongs exclusively to Senior Brother Zhao. Having the guts to court Senior Brother Zhao's woman, this brat is definitely seeking his own demise!"Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Humph! Does he think that he is so great just because he is the number one freshman?"

"Come, let us go tell Senior Brother Zhao!"

When Ling Han felt inspired, he immediately left Shui Yanyu, and ran back all the way—he couldn't wait to try things out.

Shui Yanyu couldn't help but smile. 'This young man is really a cultivation fanatic.' However, since she knew that Ling Han had really been pondering cultivation techniques these days, she naturally wouldn't punish Ling Han. But then again, what she didn't know was that the other party had opened a small business as well, and was successful in refining the Replenishing Spirit Pill.

Otherwise, she would be extremely shocked—just what kind of monstrous freak was he!?
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