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What Li Weiwei was thinking about all day was naturally what every young woman would be thinking about.

When they met a Prince Charming who was handsome, dashing, and with abilities so strong no precedent or antecedent existed, they thought about him having a wonderful romance with themselves.

Since her losing to Ling Han, this blockhead would occasionally appear in her dreams. He actually interfered in the love between herself and her Prince Charming, and actually wanted to snatch her away! Unfortunately, it was all in her dreamscape, and she had no ability to resist. Thus, she was always bullied by Ling Han.

This made the Fourth Young Miss of the Li Clan very upset. Every time she woke up, she would be gritting her teeth in resentment. She had not yet given Ling Han a good thrashing, and this guy had already bullied her quite a few times in her dreams.

There was nothing that could be done. Who asked the Fourth Young Miss's status to be too noble? If she sparred with someone, the other would usually go easy on her, yet she was horribly defeated by Ling Han, and that was indeed an unforgettable experience.

Hence, when she heard Ling Han invite her to his residence, Li Weiwei immediately exercised her abundant imagination, and thought that this blockhead had some evil designs on her, so she naturally blurted out her thoughts.

'You aren't satisfied with just bullying me in my dreams, and still want to force yourself on me?'

"Weiwei!" Ji Yun'er hurriedly pulled Li Weiwei back, afraid that she would say something else that was incredibly shocking.

Li Weiwei covered her mouth, realizing that she had blurted something unbelievable out. Then, she immediately glared at Ling Han. This was naturally Ling Han's fault. 'Who asked him to always embarrass me in my dreams?'

The two girls found a spot to sit down. This immediately attracted a great many to approach them and attempt to strike up a conversation. They had their eyes either on the beauty of these two women, or Li Weiwei's noble status—was the daughter of the Left Minister not awesome enough?

"Ma Xing is here!" someone announced, and everyone turned to look at the door.

They saw a sturdy young man walk in. Both his arms were bare, and he exuded a wild air, practically strong enough to cause suffocation.

Perhaps his King's Qi had developed precisely from his long-term contact with wild beasts.

Ma Xing looked as if he had not fully woken yet; he looked like he could barely keep his eyes open. However, when he entered the classroom and saw Ling Han, that hazy gaze immediately became bright and alert. He stared at Ling Han, and said, "Ling Han, I want a spar with you!"

"All right!" Ling Han nodded, "If you want me to move, please pay ten True Origin Stones first. If you lose, you have to pay another hundred. I have to check the payment first as I cannot possibly fight for nothing."

Many laughed loudly; Ling Han's money-grubbing tendencies were really too overwhelming.

Li Weiwei grabbed her head, and murmured, "This shameful guy, fancy that I stood up for him just now. Now, he has caused even me to be embarrassed."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Yet Ji Yun'er smiled, and as her beautiful eyes swept over Ling Han, a hint of curiosity filled her gaze. What kind of man was this person?

Abruptly, Ma Xing's aura was stifled. He had come from the wilderness, so how could he possibly possess any True Origin Stones? After being dazed for a moment, he finally replied, "All right, when I have so many True Origin Stones, we shall fight."

He was much more decisive than Luo Ba, and many who saw this nodded in approval. He was really proving himself as one who had come from the wilderness; he had a very straightforward, decisive character.

Ma Xing no longer stared at Ling Han. As his eyes swept over and he spotted Ji Yun'er, he immediately walked over, and said, "Beauty, I like you. Why don't we eat some meat together later on?"


A considerable number of people choked directly. They had seen people who were straightforward in their speech, but to be straightforward to this degree… This was really the first time they had seen such a person.

It was nothing strange to like Ji Yun'er; she had enough admirers to line up in a queue that could encircle the whole capital city three times. Still, Ma Xing was definitely the first to be so straightforward about it. Additionally, how could you woo a girl like that? You actually bluntly expressed the desire to treat her to meat… Were you planning to use this to bribe Fairy Ji?

It was really silly to an adorable degree.

Ji Yun'er smiled reservedly, and replied, "I have something else on after class. If there is a chance in future, I will share a meal with Senior Brother Ma."

"Big Sister Yun, what do you have on?" Li Weiwei deliberately asked, her head tilted to one side as if in doubt. She was someone who wanted the whole world in chaos.

Ji Yun'er directly used a finger to tap her small head, and after rolling her eyes, said, "Have you forgotten? I will be accompanying you later so that you won't have to worry you will be falling into someone's trap!"

"Oh!" Li Weiwei nodded, and tugging on Ji Yun'er's arm, said, "Right, right, right. You have to protect me. If there are two of us, that blockhead would definitely not dare to act rashly!"

After being gently refused, Ma Xing could not help but scratch his head. Then, he sat down at one side; soon, he sprawled out on his table and began sleeping. His snoring was as loud as thunder.

Indeed, he had not woken up fully.

Li Weiwei immediately leaned towards Ji Yun'er's ear, and said, "Big Sister Yun, you definitely can't like this guy. He snores like a pig, and if you marry him, you would have to suffer every single day."

Ji Yun'er rolled her eyes again. Everything about this best friend of hers was great, except for the fact that she had an overactive imagination, which could make one not know whether to laugh or cry.

As the time for class to begin arrived, more and more people came. When Lin You appeared, many immediately revolved around him. His popularity was definitely excellent, and even Li Weiwei, as the daughter of the Left Minister, could not compare to him.

Da, da, da. Crisp sound of footsteps rang out; it had an indescribable rhythm to it. It was obvious no one had seen the person yet, but just the footsteps caused one to uncontrollably think that an extremely beautiful woman was coming, for it could be the only explanation why those footsteps had such an amazing rhythm to them.

All at once, the noise in the classroom immediately quieted. At the instant these footsteps appeared at the entrance, the whole classroom was already dead silent.

They saw an incredibly alluring figure appear at the entrance. Her figure was tall and slender, fine and delicate, and every inch of it was perfect. En, it was a bit too perfect. For example, her breasts were too big, her waist was too slim, and her hips were too rounded and erect, causing those who saw her feel like they were about to lose control of themselves.

Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders, and the sunlight spread out through her raven black hair, exuding a hazy kind of beauty.

When everyone's eyes turned to her face, they experienced an instant of suffocation. How could there possibly be such an exquisitely beautiful person in this world?

Li Weiwei and Ji Yun'er were both unprecedented beauties, but they obviously paled in comparison. It was not that they were not as beautiful as her, but rather her bearing and presence would intoxicate one with just a single look.

There was a great many people in the Immortal Realm, and added with the generally long lifespan, there was naturally a shockingly great number of beautiful women. In a small world, a beauty would only appear once every million years, but here, it was possible that you could find a good few in a single city.

When the quality of appearance had reached the extreme limit, then who the victor was would be judged by their bearing and status.

For example, why was the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire named the greatest beauty in the world, and could cause the emperors of two Majestic Empires to be willing to deliver their whole empire into her hands? Admittedly, it was definitely because she was unbelievably beautiful, but there was also another important reason, and that was her ability.

She was an elite that had perfected the Heavenly Body Tier. Such ability and status would fill a man with endless desire to conquer her, and naturally added more credit to her beauty.

Of course, rumors were that the empress was indeed graceful and elegant. Even when the Left Minister and the others went to inform her of major business matters, they did not dare to look directly at this empress at all, as they were afraid that they would do something offensive. That would really be seeking their own demise.

Ling Han had never seen the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire before, but he had to admit that this beauty at the entrance was indeed extremely captivating, and had even surpassed Zhu Xuan Er as well as the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.ED/N: I know how it sounds here ^^ but no, it's not about her body, but her cultivation level lol.
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