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After Ma Xing came out, those that had not yet undergone the assessment became gradually fewer and fewer.

Those that did not pass were directly sent out of the Academy, and those that had passed stood on another side of the square. Together, there were only over 300 of them, and compared to the number that had come to register for the enrollment, this number was pitifully small.

There were about a thousand people that had yet to take the assessment, and standing in the massive square, they seemed odd.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Li Weiwei's status was special, which was why she managed to come back after taking the assessment. She heard Ling Han was about to take the assessment, and could not help but become excited. She said, "Go on, go on, I can no longer wait to humiliate you."

"You will not have that opportunity." Ling Han smiled, appearing to be very confident.

"Tsk!" Li Weiwei scoffed. This guy had just ascended from a small world, so he could not have come into contact with the White Star Tower before, and thus absolutely would not know what the assessment inside the tower was like; where had he gotten such overwhelming confidence from?

"Big Sister Yun!" Her eyes were sharp, and she spotted a young woman that had just arrived in the square. She immediately raced over.

This woman was dressed in a long snow-white skirt, and aside from a hairpin, there was no other adornment on her. This gave her a kind of natural beauty, unearthly and elegant, like a fairy that was above the common populace.

Wearing any additional ornaments was unnecessary, and would only damage her quiet and exquisite presence.

She was Ji Yun'er, one of the three great beauties of the Imperial Capital, and was also one of the three great elites of the younger generation. She had enough admirers to line up around the colossal Imperial Capital three times. Although she did not have as strong a background as Li Weiwei's, her suitors definitely were not few.

Ji Yun'er nodded, and asked, "Weiwei, have you passed the assessment?"

"En!" Li Weiwei nodded. "Big Sister Yun, why are you so late? I thought you had changed your mind and planned to wait another five years to take the assessment for the Eastern Institution!"

Ji Yun'er's slender brows wrinkled unwittingly, but they immediately smoothened out, and she said, "I already agreed to take the assessment with you, so how could I possibly break my word? All right, let's not talk now. I'm going to take the assessment."

"Okay!" Li Weiwei suddenly waved her hand, and declared loudly, "Big Sister Yun, go on, you definitely have to beat that showoff of a blockhead!"

Ji Yun'er naturally did not know who this "blockhead" was. She walked elegantly and naturally towards the White Star Tower as if she was a cloud, unmarred by dirt, touching and graceful, causing many who saw her to turn heated gazes on her.

Ma Xing's eyes lit up as well, and he revealed an interested expression. The corners of his mouth lifted up slightly, with a slight demonic feel to it.

In the corner, Cheng Haofei was also walking towards the White Star Tower. It was about time. If he still did not move, then that was not showing off anymore; rather, he would miss the assessment this time entirely.

This was the last batch, and at the same time, also the highest quality batch. The third level lit up repeatedly, and even the fourth level would light up every now and then, abruptly increasing the number of those who had passed the assessment by another hundred and more.

However, the fifth level adamantly did not light up.

Ling Han walked into the tower, and everyone beside him immediately disappeared. He no longer heard any background noise, either.

He had entered into an independent space.

Ahead of him, a stone chamber suddenly appeared. There was only a simple stone table, and a jade plaque lay on the table.

"The first level, the first stage, a test of comprehension." A voice rang out, so cold that there was not a hint of emotion in it.

The Tool Spirit of the White Star Tower.

A God Tool was a God Tool, after all; aside from Small Tower, Ling Han had never heard another Tool Spirit speak.

"Che, the lowest grade God Tool, not even fit to pick up my shoes," Small Tower declared in a very tsundere manner.

Ling Han paid it no attention, and asked, "How will we be tested?"

"There is a section of a cultivation technique etched on that jade plaque. You have to decode it in thirty minutes' time to pass the test, and the shorter the time you take, the better your result," the Tool Spirit answered coldly. In this God Tool, it could split itself into millions, and it would be easy for it to communicate with over 10,000 people at the same time.

Ling Han could not help his curiosity, and questioned, "Is there a record to be broken? And will there be any reward for breaking the record?"

"There is a record to be broken, but there is no reward. Your name will only be etched here," the Tool Spirit replied. "There are ten names etched on the wall in front of you, and they are the ten people who have taken the shortest amount of time. If someone afterward surpasses their record, a name will be replaced."

Ling Han shook his head; then there was no point to break the record.

"You may begin," the Tool Spirit said calmly. If this had been an Immortal level elite, he would have long lost patience with Ling Han's incessant questions and want to beat someone up, but it merely followed a predefined pattern, and did not experience the slightest rise or fall of emotion.

Only now did Ling Han walk towards the stone table and sit on the ground. He picked up the jade plaque, and inserted his divine sense within. Instantly, multiple ancient letters popped out and churned around in his mind's eye.

This kind of inherited cultivation technique would enter directly into the mind, and could not be described in written word or spoken speech. Only when one really comprehended it would he be able to give a rough description of it.

Take note, it was only a rough description, and not the cultivation technique itself—a cultivation technique was a serious business, and there was no room for the slightest error.

Ling Han closed his eyes slightly, and placed the jade plaque down as he said, "This is a Claw Technique, but it is badly damaged. There are only two and a half moves left, and there isn't a complete set of route map for the movement of Origin Power, either. With regards to moves, it should be like this…"

He gestured a few times, showing off the two and a half moves of the Claw Technique. Because it did not involve any use of Origin Power, it was naturally without difficulty.

The Tool Spirit paused, then said, "Though this martial arts technique is very low grade, your comprehension level is very high. You may be ranked in the thirteenth place, but cannot leave your name."


At first, Ling Han was completely uninterested in breaking the record, but when he heard that his speed could only rank thirteenth, he could not help but feel a competitive spirit rising up in him.

He could use this place to compare himself with his predecessors. The Scarlet Heaven Academy had been established for millions of years; how many elite geniuses had once appeared here? Many of them were currently the pillars of support for the Empire.

"You may proceed to the second stage," the Tool Spirit said. The wall ahead suddenly vanished, revealing a corridor.

Ling Han walked over, and saw that at the end of the corridor, there was another stone chamber. Similarly, it only had a stone table, with a jade plaque laid on it.

Did he have to take the test again?

"You have a maximum of three chances to use your spiritual energy to shatter this jade plaque." The Tool Spirit's voice rang out again.

This time, it was a test of spiritual strength and tenacity.

If the spirit was not strong enough, it would be equivalent to the punches one delivered lacking weight, and without enough tenacity, it was as if one's fists were made out of tofu. No matter how much strength there was, one would still be shattered by his own blows.

From the Shattering Void Tier, cultivators would begin to cultivate their spirits. This was in preparation for advancing into the Immortal level. Li Weiwei and the others had been nurturing their spirits with various treasures since childhood, so their spirits were naturally incredibly strong and resilient.

This was also the reason why Li Weiwei was not optimistic about Ling Han; they had much too vast a gap between their starting lines. Perhaps Ling Han could pass through the first three levels, but it would be as difficult as touching the skies for him to be able to attain a good result.

What degree of power the wealth of the various great forces reached was something primarily exhibited in this area. For example, the reason why Li Weiwei failed on the fifth level was not because her spirit was not strong enough, nor was her talent inadequate, but rather the fact that she had much too little combat experience.

Ling Han smiled slightly. How could his spirit lose to these members of the younger generation of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire?
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