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As Ma Xing passed, everyone gave way. Only a few could stand up to the pressure he exuded.

Even the elites of the Academy nodded in approval. This young man strode boldly forward; he had the appearance of a King!

In the Immortal Realm, the so-called Kings were not those human cultivators that had formed Qi, but those formidable characters that possessed outstanding presence. Otherwise, wouldn't everyone be able to become a King, and cause the word 'King' to become much too cheap?

Yet this Ma Xing completely deserved the name of King. Without battling, his presence was enough to subdue enemy troops; his was really a figure that would be rare even in a hundred thousand years.

"I never thought that our Institution actually managed to receive this kind of student!"

"En, ever since Hai Feng left the Northern Institution, we have never had this kind of King tier student anymore. There has been a lapse of over a thousand years. On the other hand, the Eastern, Southern, and Western Institutions, respectively, have received a King tier student in these few hundred years, and have left us far behind."

"Even if this kid can't pass through the White Star Tower's test, I will still take him as my personal disciple!"

"Hoho, how could a King tier student possibly be unable to pass through the first three levels of assessments? Old Zhu, you are bearing malicious intentions, wanting to snatch this King tier student for yourself!"

"F*ck, am I that kind of person?"

"You obviously are!"

When the exchange between these elites was heard by the people nearby and the news was spread out, a stir was created in the crowd.

A King tier student!

This was too shocking. Even with how big the territory of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire was, this kind of talent would probably appear only once every 100 years. It was extremely rare, and comparable to a Three-Star genius.

Ma Xing entered into the nine-storied tower. Very quickly, the third level lit up—there were very many people who could pass through the first two levels, and it had practically ensured that the first two levels were constantly lit, but the third level was a different story. It would only flicker occasionally.

But after only a while, the fourth level lit up as well.

"Would he be able to reach the fifth level?"

Everyone felt curious. The aura of a King was not among the assessment criteria of the White Star Tower, so it could not possibly gain him extra credit. Thus, whether or not you were a King had absolutely no effect on the question of whether you could pass through the White Star Tower.

If Ma Xing could pass through the fifth level with his own individual ability, then added with his King's Qi, he would be able to reach the battle prowess of a Two-Star genius, and in the future, he might even still have room for improvement and reach the level of a Three-Star, or even Four-Star genius.

"Do you all know that the Left and Right Ministers as well as the Seven Generals of our Empire all possess King's Qi, and they themselves are Four-Star geniuses?"


Everyone was astonished by this explosive revelation, and grabbed their heads, exclaiming their shock.

"What, is it real?"

"Then wouldn't that be comparable to Five-Star geniuses? A super existence that only exists in legends!"

"Naturally. Do you know how many millennia those elites have cultivated for? Your clan's ancestor hadn't even been born, and these few have already began cultivating. Apparently, the youngest, Lord Left Minister, is already eighty million years old this year."

"Eighty, over eighty million years old? Are you sure you did not speak wrongly? It is not eighty thousand years, or eight hundred thousand years old?"

"Of course, in the past, which among the Left and Right Ministers and the Seven Generals was not a forceful ruler of a region? It was only when Her Majesty, the empress, appeared out of nowhere and swept aside all opposition in the world with her invincibility that the Lords were all gathered under her banner!"

"Hiss, say, how many Star genius is Her Majesty, the empress, then?"

"I don't know. There has never been anyone who has seen Her Majesty move, because there is absolutely no need for that!"

"That's right. Her Majesty is the greatest beauty in the world. Who would be so cruel to make a move on her the moment they saw her?"

"Shh, don't speak rashly, or you may lose your head at any moment. To dare to disrespect the empress, are you tired of living?"

"I was just complimenting Her Majesty!"

Just at this moment, the fifth level of the White Star Tower lit up.

All of a sudden, a stir was created among the crowd.

The fifth level meant that he had the potential of a One-Star genius, and added with his solid King's might, Ma Xing was practically sure to become a Two-Star genius in future.

"Hahahaha!" The elites of the Northern Institution were all laughing very delightedly, feeling that they had finally gotten ahold of a treasure this time round. This was a definite piece of excellent jade, and with careful carving, it was possible for him to even become a Three-Star or Four-Star genius.

Meanwhile, Luo Ba's expression darkened. Even if Ma Xing failed immediately, the concentrated attention that the other would receive in the Academy would definitely exceed his. This made him feel as if he had been slapped.

In another corner, an old man said, "Haofei, you've encountered a rival!"

Cheng Haofei stared at the nine-storied tower, and said, "Great-grandfather, I have the confidence to pass through the sixth level!"

"If you can become a Two-Star genius, then you would not be weaker than him!" The old man's attention focused. "Do you have the confidence?"

"Full confidence!" Cheng Haofei gripped his fists. He had worked hard at cultivation for more than ten years; wasn't it all for him to amaze everyone with a single feat on this day and shock everyone?

On another side, Li Weiwei was also looking very astonished. She then tossed a disdainful glance at Ling Han as she said, "Blockhead, now do you still dare to be confident?"

"Why would I not dare?" Ling Han asked, smiling.

"He is a One-Star genius, and has King's Qi as well, so he would at least become a Two-Star genius." Li Weiwei looked at him as if she was staring at an idiot.

Yet Ling Han crossed his arms behind his back, and said, "I have said so before. I am invincible, and it applies to everyone."

Aiyaya, how could this guy be so puffed up? He was obviously a country bumpkin that had just come from a small world, so why was his confidence level so sky-high? Li Weiwei felt as if she was about to be driven mad, but looking at how self-confident Ling Han looked, she could not help but become a bit absent-minded.

She had to admit that when men showed off this kind of invincible presence, it was still extremely attractive for women.

"Pei, pei, pei. I was not moved in the slightest; he is nothing but an idiot!" Li Weiwei quickly spat, and threw that little bit of fluster that had just arisen out of her thoughts.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Just at this moment, gasps of shock rang out.

"The sixth level… lit up as well!"


"He himself is a Two-Star genius, and added with his King's Qi, Ma Xing is comparable to a Three-Star genius!"

"He is definitely the most outstanding student in the last hundred years."

"No, no, no. There are not that few Two-Star geniuses, but added with his King's Qi and limited to the Northern Institution… it would be difficult to meet one such as he in a thousand years!"

Everyone exploded from surprise. They had witnessed the birth of a king.

Luo Ba's fists cracked from clenching them too tightly. Ma Xing's strength and talent caused endless killing intent to arise with him. If he killed the other, then he would still be the first place.

Cheng Haofei similarly felt as if he had been dealt a heavy blow. He had been confident he could pass through the sixth level of the White Star Tower, but that would only be the same as the other party; if one added in King's Qi, he was far too inferior.

Thankfully, Ma Xing did not continue to shock others, and very quickly came out of the tower.

He had failed on the second stage of the seventh level.

This result once again caused a stir. The elites of the Northern Institution had practically confirmed that Ma Xing was going to hold the first place in the assessment this time, and fought to extend an olive branch to him, wanting to take him in as their personal disciple.

Ma Xing did not accept, appearing to be extremely proud and aloof, yet this made the elites even more pleased with him. What future elite would not be arrogant and obstinate in nature? Without a little temper, would you have the nerve to call yourself an elite?

"Should be about time, I should go in as well," Ling Han said.
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