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"Fifth level!"

"As expected of Luo Ba, someone who is highly likely to become a One-Star genius!"

"A genius difficult to encounter even in a hundred years!"

Everyone exclaimed in shock, their admiration and envy clear in their words and expressions. This was the best result so far.

"Hey, do you think that Luo Ba has a chance of advancing further, passing through the sixth level and becoming a Two-Star genius?"

"It'd be difficult!"

"The gap between One-Star and Two-Star genius is the gap of a sub-minor level, and apparently, this kind of genius would only appear once every thousand years!"

"It's hard to say. After all, we are the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire; our territory is too vast, and the number of geniuses that appear is naturally much, much higher. In other Royal Empires, there may appear a few One-Star geniuses in one go, but for us, there can possibly appear a Two-Star genius."

"Though that's true, it is still more difficult for a Two-Star genius to appear. As far as I know, presently, there is less than 100 Two-Star geniuses in the whole Scarlet Heaven Academy, right?"

Even though this figure looked very big, what kind of entity was the whole of the Scarlet Heaven Academy? It was a place that had brought together all the geniuses of the whole Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire in the several thousand years past and present. Going by such calculations, a hundred was really actually not that many.

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Everyone was staring at the nine-storied white tower. If the sixth level of the tower also lit up, it meant that Luo Ba might become a Two-Star genius in future.

But after a long time, the sixth level still did not light up, and Luo Ba had already walked out of the tower.

He had not been able to pass through the sixth level.

This caused the higher-ups of the Academy to feel slightly regretful. At first, they had looked very optimistically on this young man, but Luo Ba was ultimately unable to perform a miracle. But this was normal. Two-Star geniuses were really much too rare. Even with the environment that was the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, at most only one had appeared in this decade.

Furthermore, it was not impossible for Luo Ba to advance further in the future and become a Two-Star genius. Of course, it was also possible that he might not even reach the level of a One-Star genius. This assessment was only a test of potential, after all.

"Very good, very good. I asked Lord Tool Spirit just now; though Luo Ba couldn't pass through the sixth level, he has still completed the tests on the first two stages of the sixth floor. This result is extremely good, and in previous years, he would've been able to rank in the top three. Even if he got the first place, it would not be strange."

"Hoho, we finally got a good sprout."

Several elites of the Northern Institution spoke amongst themselves. They could finally breathe in relief. Obviously, the more talented and excellent the students they enrolled were, the more they could hold their heads high in the Institution.

With how dazzling the spotlight was on Luo Ba now, it made the other geniuses restless. They all entered into the tower to undergo the assessment in turns, and all of a sudden, there were considerably many more people coming out of the fourth floor, but Luo Ba was still the only one who could pass through to the fifth level.

"Blockhead, are you feeling the pressure yet?" Li Weiwei elbowed Ling Han, and said, "As expected of a genius that can stand on the same level as Big Sister Yun; he actually managed to pass through the fifth level. Sigh, I can only pass through to the fourth level at most."

Her expression was filled with disappointment. Although she had long since known that she was not as talented as the top-tier geniuses, she still felt down now that things had come to a head.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Then just wait and see how I will sweep aside all geniuses and proudly claim the first place."

"Show off!" Li Weiwei rolled her eyes exaggeratedly, and said, "I'll go first. However, since you speak so confidently, then you'll be the last to go on stage. Let me see how you amaze everyone, all right?"

"Fine!" Ling Han nodded. Looking at this rate, the assessment could definitely be completed today. Then, it was going to be a wait in any case, so there was no difference between going in earlier or later.

Li Weiwei ran into the tower, and spent about 30 minutes' time before she finally completed her assessment.

The longer one took, the better the results should be.

Indeed, she had passed the fourth level, but lost on the tactics stage of the fifth level. There was nothing to be done about it. Spirit, and even talent itself, could be boosted with treasures, but combat tactics required understanding through personal experience.

"Look, the fifth level has lit up again!" Exclamations rang out. Everyone raised their heads, and saw that the fifth level had indeed lit up.

A sliver of darkness instantly appeared on Luo Ba's face. A person that had passed through the fifth level could possibly become a threat to him, which made him feel much pressure.

"Brother, don't worry. You have passed the first two stages; as long as this person can't pass through the sixth level, then he would only be on the same level as you at most. Moreover, in my opinion, it is extremely likely for that person to be disqualified in the first two stages ahead," Luo Lie said.

Luo Ba nodded slowly. He was very confident in himself, but still fixed his eyes on the entrance of the nine-storied tower, hoping that he could see that person exit quickly. The earlier he came out, the faster it implied he had been disqualified, and naturally the smaller the possibility he had of passing through the first two stages ahead.

Quite some time had passed, yet the sixth level ultimately still did not light up. A tall young man walked out, slovenly in dress and manner, unrestrained and careless.

"So it turned out to be Brother Lin You!"

"No wonder he could pass through the fifth level!"

"Who knows how he compares against Luo Ba."

"Humph, Brother Lin would definitely not be worse off than Luo Ba!"

Many spoke up. They were very much convinced of this Lin You's ability, and every one of them gave off a feeling cordial familiarity.

Everyone knew that Lin You was loyal, and as long as you managed to get his approval, then he would think of a way to help you no matter how big the problem you encountered was. In the young generation of the Imperial Capital, who would not give a big thumbs-up and call out "Brother Lin" when they spoke of Lin You?

Thus, when they compared Lin You and Luo Ba together, it became very obvious whom everyone was supportive of.

It definitely had to be Lin You!

Luo Ba could not help but humph, his expression even darker. Although he clearly knew that Lin You's results were the same as his at most, he still felt very displeased.

"Here's another five-story genius. Unfortunately, he has similarly fallen at the third stage of the sixth level, if not… sigh!" the elites of the Northern Institution all felt very pleased, but slightly regretful as well. After all, Lin You had just been a bit away from passing the sixth level.

In the crowd, that young man with bare forearms jumped down from a huge rock. Showing a smile of confidence, he strode towards the nine-storied tower. He was really forceful, and as he walked, the people in his surroundings would all give away. Some had even flopped down to sit on the ground as if they were mortals that had come up against a fierce beast, so terrified that their hair stood on ends.

"Yi, who's this person, what a frightening aura!"

"I know, he's an amazing genius from the wild mountains in the south. He just arrived in the Imperial Capital a few days ago. He fought a successive thirteen battles in the ranking battles of the Battle Arena, gaining a successive thirteen victories!"

"What, he actually managed to win thirteen successive matches in the Battle Arena? Then he would at least be able to become a One-Star genius in future, right?"

"En, according to the rules of the ranking battles in the Battle Arena, winning ten matches consecutively is the standard of a One-Star genius."

"Then had he lost in the fourteenth match?"

"No, he just did not choose to continue fighting."


"He said he was hungry, and didn't want to fight anymore."


Once these words were heard, it instantly caused a great many to choke with laughter. His reason was actually that… Was this guy a glutton? He really proved himself as one who had come out of the wild mountains.

"However, this guy's aura is really quite scary. Even if I am the same as him in ability, merely standing in front of him to battle, I would only be able to exhibit ten percent of my battle prowess at most."

"Not fighting, yet he can scare off enemy troops. This is the appearance of a natural ruler!"

After laughing, everyone's expressions became serious. This person was very frightening.

"He… What's his name?"

"Ma Xing!"
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