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"Let's begin," an important person of the Academy said. There were bright images of a sun and moon behind him, which meant that he was a powerful elite of the Sun Moon Tier. Though he was only in the minor levels, this kind of elite was more than enough to gain the admiration of others.

After entering into Immortal level, every minor level was akin to tall mountain that people would exclaim at, and there were pitifully few that could conquer one mountain after another.

The minor level of the Sun Moon Tier could be considered standing on the fifth tall peak, and this was an extremely tall peak. Climbing the previous four mountains could still be considered easy, but if one wanted to conquer this one, it was as difficult as touching the sky itself.

Everyone held their breath, not even daring to breathe too loudly. Even if many here had come from prominent background, respect for strength was basic manners, and only spoiled young masters would behave arrogantly, knowing they had the support of their clan and background.

"The White Star Tower can accommodate 10,000 people at once. Line up and enter in turn. Once full, the Tool Spirit will naturally stop others from entering," this important person said. "Make the most of your time and try to complete the assessment by today, everyone."


Everyone could not help but nod. Influenced by the aura of an elite, their emotions were uncontrollably affected as well.

Everyone arranged themselves into lines, and entered one by one that nine-storied white tower. It was obviously a treasured Spirit Tool that possessed an independent space. Otherwise, it was definitely impossible that 10,000 people could enter at the same time to undergo the assessment.

However, this test was conducted really quickly. Without waiting for all 10,000 people to enter, there were people coming out already. The pace of exchange had even caught up to the speed of people entering into the tower.

Every time someone passed through the test on each floor, this treasured tower would correspondingly make that floor light up. The results would be recorded by the Tool Spirit—no one could cheat. If anyone really wanted to fool this God Tool, that was actually more difficult than passing through this nine-storied tower.

Those that were determined to aim for good results all tacitly stayed at the back, wanting to appear on stage as the climax.

"Blockhead, Luo Ba is right over there. Go and greet him!" Li Weiwei urged.

'Is it really all right for you to act like that?'

Ling Han shook his head and chucked in spite of himself. This willful and unruly young miss was really bearing a grudge against him, tirelessly wanting him to be defeated.

He was naturally not going to go over, but the Luo Brothers had also spotted him. Luo Lie immediately looked furious, and spoke a few words lowly to the ear of a young man beside him. The two of them then walked over.

The other person was naturally Luo Ba. Now, this person did not just have an empty reputation. His body was as tall and sturdy like a tyrannical king's, and his aura was even more incredible. There were halos of divine light flickering around him as if he was the son of a God.

"Greetings, Fourth Young Miss!" the Luo brothers paid their respects to Li Weiwei simultaneously.

Li Weiwei nodded back in an aloof manner. She was the daughter of the Left Minister, and the descendants of noble background in the Imperial Capital that could stand equal with her could be counted on one hand.

Luo Ba then turned to look at Ling Han, and said calmly, "This must be Brother Ling who has come from a small world, right?"

"I am Ling Han," Ling Han replied, similarly very calm.

"Thank you for your guidance of my younger brother!" Luo Ba said darkly, flames of rage jumping in his eyes. Although the Luo Clan was not in the top tier of noble clans in the Imperial Capital, they were not an existence that could be humiliated by the likes of a lowly commoner from a small world, either.

Ling Han chuckled, and replied, "It was only a very slight effort, don't mention it."


The Luo Brothers were both thrown into a towering rage. They were absolutely not thanking him, all right? Luo Ba was obviously making an ironic remark, and you actually took it seriously. Luo Ba could not help but humph, and said, "No one can humiliate members of my Luo Clan!"

At first, he had wanted to beat down on Ling Han verbally, but he'd never imagined that Ling Han was not the type to react as expected, causing the strike that he delivered to have no effect at all. On the contrary, it was him who felt very displeased.

Hence, he directly revealed his violent nature.

"Oh, you want a fight?" Ling Han asked, smiling. In the Shattering Void Tier, there was really no one he was afraid of—not even the empress of Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. Let's see if he wouldn't thrash her to the point of submitting and calling him big brother if she suppressed her cultivation level to the Shattering Void Tier.

"Fight, fight!" Li Weiwei, meanwhile, immediately began to wave her small fists around, wishing for the whole world to be in chaos.

Luo Ba sneered coldly, and said, "You are really quite crafty. This is the Scarlet Heaven Academy; who would dare to be impudent here? However, even if you enter into the Academy, I will still challenge you, and if you are unable to enroll into the Academy… then you're dead!"

Ling Han rubbed his chin with a smile, and said, "Is it really all right for you to threaten me like this? Aren't you afraid that you are not my match, and instead will be beaten into begging for mercy from me?"

"Haha!" Luo Ba laughed coldly. What a joke, he was one of the well-known figures among the younger generation of the Luo Clan, and had extremely high expectations placed on him. How could he possibly be defeated by a lowly commoner from a small world?

If it were not for the fact that he wanted to attempt to reach the highest battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, with the resources of the Luo Clan, he would have long since been able to advance into the Immortal level.

But for a brighter future, he would not attempt to break through into the Immortal level before he reached a hundred years of age—unless he could reach twenty Stars of battle prowess first. That was a very common understanding. Everyone would attempt to reach the highest limit of battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier before they were a hundred years old; they were still young anyways.

And if they broke through after reaching twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, they would be able to become a One-Star genius and possess the super battle prowess that could allow them to cross over a sub-minor level in battle to fight a stronger opponent.

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"Do you have a stutter?" Ling Han said, making a pretence of being worried. "How pitiful. The younger brother is an idiot, and the elder brother is a stutterer, sigh!"

The Luo Brothers were both enraged, and felt an uncontrollable urge to rush over and make a move on Ling Han. They just barely managed to control this urge. If they rashly made a move in the Academy—especially on such an important day like today—then it would be useless even if they had the backing of the Luo Clan. The result would be a definite expulsion from the Academy, and them being eternally banned from entering it again.

"Let's go, we're going in to take the assessment!" Luo Ba held onto his brother so that the latter would not rashly make a move and in the end cause himself great trouble.

Power was the rule here. He wanted to climb to the fifth floor of the tall tower, and make everyone know that he, Luo Ba, was the only ruler of the younger generation.

After a while.

"What, the fourth level lit up!"

"If they could advance one more step and reach the fifth level, they would have hopes of becoming a One-Star genius!"

"Yi, is there something like that?"

"Of course. What do you think this assessment is for? This is a test of your future potential. The fifth level means you can become a One-Star genius, the sixth floor means Two-Star, the seventh level means Three-Star, the eighth means Four-Star, and the ninth level … Five-Star!

"Of course, this is only potential, and not definite. It will still depend on your own individual effort.

"Thus, those that had not passed the assessment previously can also come back to participate as long as they are no older than 100 years. After all, your hard work can produce a change in yourself. Furthermore, it is also possible that you encounter some kind of fateful opportunity too, letting you pass next time."

"I see!"

The rookies all nodded, and looked at that nine-storied white tower simultaneously. Although the third level would light up occasionally, it was the first time for the fourth level to light up.

"Who is that fierce?"

"Who else? Didn't you all see Luo Ba go in?"

"Hiss, so it was him. No wonder he could pass the fourth level. I don't know if he will be able to make the fifth level light up as well."

"That's a bit difficult, but it is not impossible!"

Just as the spectators were talking, the fifth floor of the tower lit up.

All of a sudden, a stir was created among the crowd.
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