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Although there wasn't any fanfare accompanying the Left Minister's Fourth Young Miss when she went out, the moment when Ling Han and Li Weiwei stepped out the residence, four ordinary-looking men immediately followed behind them.

They were the bodyguards whom the Left Minister had arranged for Li Weiwei—each one was an elite cultivator who had attained the level of perfection in the Mountain River Tier!

Within the entire Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, there was scarcely any person with the capability to make these elites their bodyguards.

Given the strength of Ling Han and Li Weiwei, it was naturally impossible for them to realize that these four elites were following behind them. They were heading eastwards to the Scarlet Heaven Academy, which was situated on the east side of the Imperial Capital, close to the city gates.

They took a ride on the Left Minister's carriage. On the way, pedestrians stepped aside to let them pass, and even soldiers patrolling the streets stopped to salute, paying their respects.

It could be seen that the Left Minister had widespread, powerful influence.

In a small world, the Spirit Tool for flying had only one purpose—to save the energy of the cultivator. Its actual speed wasn't faster than that of martial artists, or even fast at all. But in the Immortal Realm, most of the vehicles' speed was faster than the cultivators themselves.

… Not to mention the God Tool for flying, only someone with the power or level of strength as high as the Left Minister's could possess one.

Hence, despite the Imperial Capital being outrageously vast, they arrived at the north gate of the academy in about two for visiting.

The young man clenched his fists, and said, "Just you wait, today will be my day! Everyone can only look up to me, Cheng Haofei, from beneath my feet!"


In another corner, a young man with bare arms was concentrating on wiping a long saber. His eyes were extremely focused. Occasionally, when he raised his head, his gaze sweeping across the square would make others nearby go soft in the knees.

One should know that all the others were similarly cultivators of the Shattering Void Tier. Having the ability to make others cower with just a glance, how strong was this person?

"The first place shall belong to me, Ma Xing!"Direct translation of '一柱香左右的时候', the time taken for one joss stick to completely burn—it was a historical method of measuring time in China.
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