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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 889 The power of regulation

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After a moment of distraction, Li Weiwei swiftly halted Ling Han's movement again, saying, "Do you know why the enrollment test of the Scarlet Heaven Academy isn't based on battle prowess, but rather martial arts talent, the strength of one's spirit, and battle skills—these three areas?"

"Oh, why?" Ling Han asked with a smile. Actually, he really didn't want to indulge in idle chit chat with this crafty and unruly young lady. The Immortal Realm's regulations were perfected—he had planned to spend the next ten days to cultivate the power of regulation.

Perhaps he couldn't even scratch the surface with ten days of cultivation, but it was better than squandering the time away.

Li Weiwei was quite vexed. 'Why is this guy always giving me the cold shoulder? He was like this in front of my father, and still the same now that we are alone!'

One should know that she was one of the three great beauties in the Imperial Capital; who knew how many young elites would want to be alone with her.

'This blockhead from a small world! There must be something wrong with his brain, that's why he doesn't know how to appreciate my beauty! No, he must be an ice block. That's right! Otherwise, why would he be called Ling for visiting.

'I may appear to have reached the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, but there is still a lot of room for improvement—it's truly unsuitable to charge towards Immortal level.'

Just by surveying the Immortal level, one could already tell. Which among those like Xiao Miaoyan and Wu Gaoyuan had not already reached the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier? Their battle prowess had also reached eighteen Stars, but why didn't they charge towards the Immortal level?

It wasn't because they weren't able to, but rather because it wasn't the right time yet. Charging forward then would affect their battle prowess in the Immortal level.

Who didn't want to become a One-star, Two-star, or even Three-star or Four-star Genius, or even barely limited to the legendary Five-star Genius!

"Blockhead! Blockhead!" Li Weiwei rushed over energetically. "The admission examination for the Northern Institution has begun. Quickly, quickly! I must defeat you today and make you admit defeat!"

Ling Han gave a wry smile, and said, "Okay, lead the way!"

Li Weiwei immediately rolled her eyes, and said, "Why should I lead the way, do you take me as your servant?"

"I do not know the way," Ling Han replied.

Li Weiwei couldn't help but be speechless. This reason was absolutely valid, so she had no basis for a rebuttal. She clenched her teeth in spite—how was it that this blockhead would always find a way to make her angry?

She wasn't a narrow-minded person, but facing Ling Han would always give rise to a violent impulse in her.

"Come with me!" She led the way in front, but a moment later emphasized, "I am not leading the way for you, rather, you are my follower. Understand?"

Ling Han just chuckled lightly, causing Li Weiwei to almost go berserk.'Ling' being his surname, and 'Han' given name, both also mean 'cold'.No idea why that came up here. Some mistake by author, I guess. Or maybe it means FB Tier level regulation?
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