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Ling Han did not intend to let Luo Lie off.

He was an emperor, after all, the supreme leader of a small world. After entering the Immortal Realm, he had been oppressed on the left and suppressed on the right. Even though he'd been psychologically prepared, it didn't mean that he had no temper.

Now that Luo Lie had provoked him, he would just use him as a punching bag to vent his frustration.

Give him a beating, no big deal!

In any case, he was also a guest of the Left Minister and the sovereign of a small country. No matter how small the country was, it would still rank higher than the Luo Clan in terms of protocol. Therefore, even if he were to cripple or kill Luo Lie, the Luo Clan could only bitterly swallow this loss.

Even if they wanted to take revenge against him, they wouldn't send out an elite of Immortal level, and could only send out someone of the Shattering Void Tier. After all, everyone had to be seen adhering to the rules of propriety in public.

However, if it was to be a battle between two Shattering Void Tier cultivators, then why should Ling Han be afraid of anyone? Or rather, who could actually rival Ling Han? Even if the other party could use the power of the nation, nothing would change.

"Within three moves, I will make you kneel down and concede defeat!" Ling Han said indifferently, but this actually exuded his domineering side.

Li Weiwei couldn't help feeling somewhat baffled. It was something that she hadn't been able to see before—this aloof man actually had such a spirited side. At that moment, she suddenly recalled that the person in question had come by splitting open the sky!

She still had no idea know that at the time when Ling Han was splitting open the sky, he had been attacked by Immortals. Otherwise, she would have been more shocked, and even come to idolize him.

I dare to ask the world, is there another who could do it?

Luo Lie was mad with anger. 'You are just someone who came from a small world, yet you dare to be so arrogant? Do you really think this is a small world?' He charged forward in one big stride, brandishing his long sword to stab at Ling Han's left shoulder.

He wanted to pierce through Ling Han in a single strike.

Ling Han put one hand behind his back, then flicked his finger. With a ding, the sword immediately rebounded.

"Ah!" Luo Lie screamed loudly as the flesh between his thumb and index finger suddenly split open, and blood spurted from the wound.

Pa, pa, pa, pa, and the long sword actually broke apart into seven pieces and fell to the ground.

Li Weiwei became numb and speechless, her mouth wide agape.

'What level of strength is this?'

Luo Lie's battle prowess was seventeen Stars of Shattering Void Tier. The younger generation of the entire Imperial Capital knew about this. Even if he didn't use his full strength, it ought to be at least sixteen Stars just now—Li Weiwei was naturally able to conclude this as she had the battle prowess of sixteen Stars herself.

The power of sixteen Stars was actually no match for Ling Han! What was even more frightening was the sword… That Level Ten Spirit Tool was broken apart before it could even unleash its might.

She slightly stuck out her tongue as she had just come to a realization that Ling Han had gone a lot easier on her when they were dueling.

Speaking of which, it was quite peculiar. If Ling Han was stronger than her by only one Star or just by a little bit, the stifling pain in her chest wouldn't be easily relieved, but now that she had found out that his strength exceeded hers by so much more, she became convinced, and was even secretly a little grateful to Ling Han, who didn't let her lose too badly.

It went without saying that a young woman's heart changed unpredictably, and was impossible to fathom.

"You…" Luo Lie looked at Ling Han, aghast. His face was filled with shock. He even doubted if his older brother was capable of such strength.

Wasn't Ling Han a lowly commoner of a small world? How could he be this strong?

"You still have two moves!" Ling Han said calmly as he extended his right hand and pressed gently.


How powerful was his current strength? Sixteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier! It had completely reached the level of destroying 10,000 techniques with just one application of strength. When the strength pressed down, it was powerful like a tall mountain, immediately causing Luo Lie to be so shaken that he prostrated himself on the ground.

Luo Lie only felt that there was a towering mountain pressing onto his back; he couldn't move a finger at all. Even the bones in his body were being broken with crackling ka, ka, ka, and cold sweat was streaming all over him.

Unfortunately, although he was the junior of a high-ranking official, he did not have any official position, and wasn't engraved onto the totem. Therefore, he wasn't able to call upon the power of the nation, and naturally had no possibility of turning the tables.

"A person must remain humble. Bear in mind that there will always be others who are better than yourself," Ling Han said in a calm and composed manner. "I have always convinced others through my own strength. Do you admit defeat or not?"


Li Weiwei suddenly burst into laughter. 'You are pressing down on Luo Lie with one hand, and he almost spat out his tongue. Then you even said you convince others through your own strength. How shameless!' Hey, how come the same shameless man actually made her feel amused now?

Luo Lie had only one thought, which was: a wise man knew not to fight when the odds were against him. He quickly said, "I admit defeat! I admit defeat!" His chest was about to be crushed.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "You replied so quickly. It's obvious that you didn't properly reflect upon your mistakes, and lack sincerity."

Li Weiwei finally couldn't stop herself from laughing out loud. She was also a weird person. What she hated the most was following the rules. After seeing this side of Ling Han, she immediately developed a favorable impression of him, and became attracted to this fellow of similar mindset.

Luo Lie spat out a mouthful of blood. He had come to exact retribution for Li Weiwei, but now that he had fallen into such a pathetic state, Li Weiwei neither asked to stop nor lent him a helping hand, and was instead laughing happily on the sidelines.

What the f***!

"I really admit defeat!" He clenched his teeth. His tears came flowing down in disappointment.

Since his childhood, when had he ever been so humiliated?

"Then I will spare you this one time." Ling Han retracted his hand, appearing indifferent.

Luo Lie glanced at Li Weiwei, but he saw that the other party was not at all concerned with him. He couldn't help but clench his teeth, and abruptly walked away. Having suffered such a great humiliation, he was also too embarrassed to entangle her again.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Hahahaha!" Li Weiwei was so ecstatic that she clapped her hands. However, after a fit of laughter, when she saw Ling Han had turned around and was about to return indoor, she couldn't help feeling annoyed. Taking large strides, she rushed past him, and spread out both her arms to block Ling Han, asking, "Whatever 'Han', why don't you ask me why I am laughing so happily?"

Although she hadn't reached twenty years of age, her body was very well-developed. With this one action of spreading both her arms, the two mounds on her chest, plump and full of vitality, were bouncing up and down as if they were about to jump out.

They stood erect, round and big.

Ling Han readily accepted her point, asking, "Why?"

"Haha!" Li Weiwei was beyond proud when she said, "The imbecile earlier was such a nuisance. I have absolutely no interest in him, but he kept sticking to me all the time. Now that you have taught him a good lesson on my behalf, don't you think that I should be happy?"

"Oh." Ling Han nodded. He walked around past her, intending to continue on his path.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Li Weiwei quickly went to block him again, her towering chest almost touching Ling Han, but she did not notice it at all. "There's more! Although Luo Lie's strength isn't that powerful, he still has an older brother called Luo Ba—he is very strong indeed, reportedly his battle prowess has almost reach nineteen Stars.

"You've hit his brother, so Luo Ba will definitely not let the matter drop. At that time, he will come to put you in your place.

"Hehe, this strategy is called 'killing two birds with one stone'. It serves to both ruthlessly humiliate that nuisance and teach you a good lesson. What do you say, aren't I a genius?"

She lifted her chin proudly, her neck as beautiful as that of a swan's.

Ling Han smiled lightly, and said, "Amongst Shattering Void Tier cultivators, I am invincible. It doesn't matter who comes." These words might make him sound like an arrogant prick, but coming from his mouth, it also exuded ultimate assertion.

Li Weiwei could not help but stare blankly.
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