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Xiang Chengyun guided Ling Han to a different courtyard.

The Left Minister's residence was indeed vast. There was more than a hundred guest rooms. Each one was well-proportioned and beautifully decorated, just like a delicate piece of artwork, causing observers to have a kind of irresistible urge to go in and disrupt the aesthetic perception.

The Left Minister was a very busy man, and this popular figure serving under the Left Minister did not seem to be very free, either—after making arrangements for Ling Han's stay, he politely informed Ling Han that the latter might seek him out should any matter come up, then turned around and left.

Ling Han certainly knew that Xiang Chengyun was merely being courteous towards him. What was his own identity? In fact, he was no different from the sovereign of a defeated country. Moreover, he hadn't even stepped into the Immortal level, so how could he make others hold him in high regard?

One's status ought to be earned through strength, not by crying or begging for it.

Was the Left Minister given a high status when he was young? Was the empress of Chaotic Stars declared the sovereign of an empire when she was young?

They all had to start from scratch!

Ling Han's attitude was quite placid. His current concern was entering the Scarlet Heaven Academy and learning alchemical and martial arts, advancing greatly in both areas. As for the art of battle formations, he would learn it if he had excess energy. Should he be too busy, then he could only give up on that subject.

Biting off more than one could chew wasn't a good thing. When he was in the lower realm, it was because he had experienced two lifetimes as a mortal that he could afford learning all three, but now that he had used up all the insider information that he possessed, everything had to start from scratch.

The first step was to improve his strength up to twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier!

Within the Immortal level, those who could cross over a minor layer in battle were known as One-star Genius. Following this logic, there were also Two-star Genius, Three-star Genius, and Four-star Genius. According to Yi Shuang Shuang, she had come across ancient scriptures which mentioned that there was once a Five-star Genius.

In the Immortal realm, such geniuses were as rare as the feathers of a phoenix!

However, just because Yi Shuang Shuang hadn't heard of it did not mean that there was none here. After all, the distance between the two realms was far beyond description. Ling Han did not want to consider so much—as long as he perfected his cultivation at each layer, why should he be afraid when he was to battle with another at the same cultivation level?

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

He had wanted to cultivate and raise the strength of his spirit, but didn't expect the courtyard door to be pounded upon loudly, and so anxiously as if someone was going to die.

The person knocking on the door had to be a very impatient man.

Ling Han walked over and opened the courtyard door. He saw a young man and woman standing at the door. The woman was someone whom he had just met earlier—she was precisely the youngest daughter of the Left Minister, Miss Li Weiwei. The man looked about twenty years old, but there was some fine facial hair at the corner of his mouth, indicating that he was really young.

"Luo Lie, go! Beat him up!" Li Weiwei pointed at Ling Han as if she was ordering a dog.

The young man was naturally Luo Lie. He was a descendant of a high-ranking official in the Imperial Capital and also a genius. He had ambitions to marry Li Weiwei, the beloved daughter of the Left Minister, so he would come by the Left Minister's Residence when he had the time.

He also had an older brother named Luo Ba, who was only two years older than him. He had also reached the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier. Moreover, Luo Ba was much more of a genius, his battle prowess almost reaching nineteen Stars. He was one of the three elites of the younger generation in the Imperial Capital.

Of course, this young man had yet to reach the Immortal level. Otherwise, no matter how monstrous a Shattering Void Tier cultivator was, he wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure from a single gaze of a cultivator of the Mountain River Tier. This was the crushing pressure inflicted by Immortals upon the mortals.

Although Luo Lie wasn't as good as his older brother, he had also attained battle prowess of seventeen Stars, and was full of himself. Therefore, when he was incited by Li Weiwei earlier, he quickly ran over and wanted to give Ling Han a good beating in order to please Li Weiwei.

"You have offended our Fourth Young Miss. Why aren't you kneeling down to apologize?" Luo Lie said proudly. He was self-absorbed with his own status. According to Li Weiwei, the other party had come from a small world. He naturally wasn't willing to exchange blows with Ling Han, considering this to be an insult to himself.

'Is he worthy?

'A lowly commoner from a small world!'

Li Weiwei immediately became dissatisfied. What she wanted wasn't for Ling Han to kneel down and apologize to her, but for Ling Han to be defeated. These two were completely different notions altogether—could Luo Lie compare to her when it came to powerful influence? In this case, she wouldn't have to pull the other party all the way here.

Ling Han gave a faint smile, thinking to himself, 'Whether it is a small world or the Immortal Realm, people are actually all the same, the only difference being that people of the Immortal Realm are a little bit more powerful. However, the juniors of influential officials will inevitably be full of arrogance and order other people around.'

This was a disease which should be treated!

"I don't have a habit of kneeling down to others, why don't you give me a demonstration?" Ling Han replied, not giving any face to the other party or Li Weiwei.

He had already seen through it. This kind of crafty and unruly young lady couldn't be spoiled. The more she was spoiled, the more she would become stubborn and unreasonable.

Luo Lie's expression immediately darkened. He said, "A lowly commoner of the small world actually dares to talk back to me? Do you know what my Luo Clan represents?"

It was a title of nobility granted by the empress herself, inherited from generation to generation!

Ling Han's expression immediately turned dark as he said, "You keep on saying 'lowly commoner', but that won't highlight your nobility! Apologize to me, otherwise I will beat you up until you beg for mercy!"

"Hahahaha!" Luo Li roared with laughter as he held his belly, saying, "I could laugh myself to death. You, a lowly commoner of a small world, actually dared to ask me to apologize to you? Are you worthy? Are you worthy? Are you worthy?"

He repeated thrice 'are you worthy', an assertion of his contempt towards Ling Han.

Ling Han said coldly, "This is the Left Minister's Residence. I live here as a guest of the Left Minister. You came here to the Left Minister's Residence to humiliate his guest—you are disrespecting the Left Minister!"


Luo Lie was stunned, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. 'You really know how to pin the blame on someone else. I've only just called you a "lowly commoner", and this is a fact. How did this relate to disrespecting the Left Minister?'

These words couldn't be taken to be true. Otherwise, he would be punished even if he was a descendant of the Luo Clan!

Contempt against the Left Minister was a serious crime!

"You, you are talking rubbish!" He gasped.

"In this case, then you had better kneel down!" Ling Han suddenly raised his voice.

Luo Lie was genuinely stunned by Ling Han's roar, and almost went down on his knees. Fortunately, he abruptly recovered and stopped himself in time.

'F*ck him. Aren't these two different matters altogether? Why should I kneel?'

Luo Lie came to his own realization—why should he go along with Ling Han's reasoning? His breathing quickened, and his eyes were about to spit fire. The young master of the Luo Clan was actually led around by the nose by a lowly commoner from a small world!

He took out a sword from a Spatial Spirit Tool, puffed up his chest, and said, "Congratulations, you have successfully irritated me. I will teach you a good lesson and let you know that this is not a small world. With just your little bit of strength, you only deserve to be a bastard with your tail tucked in between your legs!"

Li Weiwei was also quite annoyed. 'I asked you to come and fight. What are you rambling on about?' However, the two were finally getting into a fight, so she cast aside her annoyance.

She did not tell Luo Lie that Ling Han came by splitting open the sky. She merely played down the details, and just mentioned that Ling Han came from a small world. Otherwise, she was certain that Luo Lie wouldn't dare to fight with Ling Han.

In her eyes, she had hoped that the one who would come to fight wasn't Luo Lie, but his older brother Luo Ba, one of the three elites of the younger generation in the Imperial Capital!

It didn't matter. Once Luo Li was defeated, the Luo Clan would be humiliated. Could Luo Ba sit still and do nothing?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Based on this, it could be seen that Li Weiwei was actually quite adherent to customs. Otherwise, it would have been very easy for her to mess with someone of the Shattering Void Tier—there was an abundance of masters in the Left Minister's Residence, after all. However, it could also be seen that she was an extremely proud person, and disdained the use of status to suppress Ling Han.

One had to rise from where one had fallen.

However, Luo Lie naturally had been deceived by her.
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