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Li Weiwei glared at Ling Han.

'It's bad enough that my father lied to me. You are just a stranger, what right do you have to bully me? How have I offended you that you would treat me like this?'

"Haha, now you must accept the consequences of losing the bet—you shall henceforth attend the Scarlet Heaven Academy. Don't keep thinking of running around!" Minister Li said sternly. He was really fearful that this precious daughter of his would lose her temper and adopt a confrontational stance instead.

Li Weiwei pouted her small lips. 'I naturally won't disobey my father's command, but this brat… humph! I won't let him off easy, and shall punish him until he begs for mercy!'

Ling Han's feelings were only expressed through his eyes. He knew that this young lady wouldn't be willing to leave the matter to rest as it was.

But what could be done? The Left Minister had already put it this way—if he were to deliberately lose to Li Weiwei, then he would be going against the Left Minister. The consequences resulting from the two choices would be completely different.

However, he had nothing to fear if it was only this kind of crafty and unruly young lady. He was only fearful if the other party would bring out some Immortal-level elite of the Immortal Realm. If Ling Han did not wish to expose the secret of the Black Tower, he could only restrain his annoyance at the moment.

'It is best not to force me!' Ling Han said to himself. He might seem to be easy-going, but this in fact clashed with his proud and unyielding character. If worse comes to worst, then let the matter be resolved in battle.

"Haha, Weiwei, you ought to learn more from Ling Han. He had come here by splitting open the sky, who knows how much greater his martial arts talent will be compared to yours!" Minister Li used Ling Han as an example with the intention to properly educate his daughter.

If this sentence had been directed to any subordinate, the other party would have shown great reverence and even put up an appearance of sincerely asking Ling Han for guidance, but why would Li Weiwei care?

Had she really intended to be obedient, why would the Left Minister have needed to put up a front and intentionally set up a trap with the bet?

Even an extremely powerful person would also have a weak spot!

The weak spot of Minister Li was obviously this young daughter, so thoroughly spoiled that he was even reluctant to rebuke her.

Li Weiwei was still groaning, staring intently at Ling Han with her beautiful eyes. Naturally, she was not the least bit convinced, but she was quite curious. 'This brat does not seem to possess any kind of remarkable abilities, why was he capable of splitting open the sky?

Every year, it was not uncommon for thousands of Shattering Void Tier cultivators from the lower realms to enter the Immortal Realm, but those who had come by splitting open the sky had never appeared before, at least not in the history of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire.

He was a man who had created history. Originally, she would have been very curious, but now she only has one thought in mind: to make this puffed up two-faced brat pay dearly for daring to trick her!

She cleared her throat, and said, "That was just him being able to cultivate to a slightly more powerful level of the Shattering Void Tier. He might not necessarily be able to break through to the Immortal level! If he isn't able to reach the Immortal level, then no matter how monstrously powerful he is, won't he still be suppressed easily? Moreover, there are five great tiers within the Immortal level, which is further divided into twenty minor layers, with each step being much more difficult than the last—that's plenty to climb, so there's nothing to be proud of."

Minister Li burst out laughing and shook his head. "You are not as skilled as the other party. You have already lost, but still dare to look down on others?"

"Oh, I was just careless!" Li Weiwei ran to Minister Li. Tugging at his arm, she stared at Ling Han, pointing at him. "Whatever 'Han', we shall have another match ten days later! But, this time it will be at the enrollment of the Northern Institution. I do not believe that I'm not able to defeat you!"

At this stage, conceding wouldn't make the other party give up, but instead make her look down upon him with even more disdain. Ling Han smiled lightly, and said, "Sure. Then we will just have another match at that time." His response was mild and lighthearted as if he did not take the matter seriously at all.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Li Weiwei was so angry that she wanted to stomp her foot. 'This outrageous brat, how dares he disregard me like this?' One should know that she was one of the three great beauties in the Imperial Capital; who knew how many juniors of generals or important officials wanted to marry her? Yet, she paid no heed to them.

'You are just a country boy, but act like a snob!

'No, I can't wait for ten days. If I have to endure such vexation for ten days, I will definitely explode!'

Li Weiwei immediately turned around and left. She had to look for someone to lend her a hand in suppressing Ling Han; otherwise, she wouldn't be able to get any sleep tonight.

This young woman was used to being wilful—Minister Li couldn't do anything about it. He really wasn't able to put on a serious face and berate her, so he could only shake his head and give a bitter smile. Then, his expression immediately turned business-like as he said to Ling Han, "Do tell me more about your small world and the situation of splitting open the sky."

Ling Han gave a mostly truthful account of the entire situation. Naturally, he mentioned neither the Black Tower, nor the fact that he had a past life. There was also some other important information which he had withheld, such as the Roc Palace and the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire, which had nothing to do with the splitting open of the sky.

The Left Minister was quite a cautious person. Only after enquiring about every detail regarding the splitting open of the sky did he nod and say, "According to Chengyun, you wish to enter the Scarlet Heaven Academy yourself?"

"Yes!" Ling Han answered respectfully. Although he had lived two lifetimes as a human, he really didn't know how many millennia younger he was compared to the Left Minister. Furthermore, the latter was also an elite of the Heavenly Body Tier, so it was only right that Ling Han accorded him some respect.

In the world of martial arts, the strong would always be respected. However, Ling Han would never bow to another. Given his proud and unyielding character, how could he bring himself to go down on his knees or bend his waist?

Minister Li smiled, and said, "Since you can split open the sky, your battle prowess must have reached 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Among the new students in this batch, your battle prowess should be the strongest. However, the enrollment of the Scarlet Heaven Academy isn't based on battle prowess, but rather martial arts talent, the strength of one's spirit, and battle skills. If you want to enter the top ten or even the top three, it will be very difficult."

He was totally not optimistic about Ling Han. How could the cultivators of a small world be more talented than the geniuses here? Not to mention that with the guidance of Immortal-level elites, there was no comparison when it came to battle skills, either. How much of a gap would it be compared to the cultivators of a small world?

And the spirit was the biggest shortcoming of cultivators of a small world—they had only begun to cultivate the spirit after reaching the Shattering Void Tier. However, descendants of influential officials like Li Weiwei would have gotten a variety of treasures to nurture their spirit from birth. So, even if it was only ten to twenty years, how many times stronger would their spirit be compared to those of cultivators from a small world?

Therefore, if it was a competition on battle prowess, then Ling Han would basically be first place. However, according to the usual areas of assessment by the Scarlet Heaven Academy, entering the top ten would be extremely difficult for Ling Han, what more getting first place.

"I am willing to give it a try," Ling Han said.

He had full of confidence in himself.

Minister Li nodded. Given his cultivation level and status, having made time to see Ling Han was really already giving a lot of face to the latter. It was mainly because Ling Han had come by splitting open the sky, which was very rare, so he wanted to meet him once.

Since he had met Ling Han, he then gave him a few words of encouragement as the latter would be his subordinate, after all.

"In these ten days, you will live here first. When you have entered the Scarlet Heaven Academy, then you may move there."

Ling Han nodded, and said, "I appreciate your hospitality."

For Chengyun, there was no need for Minister Li to speak out at all, and he had already gestured Ling Han to take his leave, saying, "Lord Left Minister needs to rest now, so I shall bring you to settle down in a side courtyard."

The two went out.

Stroking his beard, Minister Li murmured, "Even though his talent may not be the best, seeing that he could come here by splitting open the sky, there must be something extraordinary about him! If there are any skills that shine during the enrollment, it would be worthwhile for me to nurture him. After all, that time is coming soon."
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