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For a monarch to actually give someone the middle finger might have seemed awfully vulgar, but everyone just wanted to vent their spite.

They also wanted to say, "f*ck your mother!"

… Being treated as raw materials for refining into the Realm Pill, who wouldn't want to push the five sects of the Immortal Realm to the ground and step on them?

His Majesty was too domineering!

On the other side, in the Immortal Realm, although the middle-aged man wasn't able to hear Ling Han's words, he could clearly see the hand gesture that the latter had put out, and could not help but express anger, his killing intent blazing.

What a joke!

He was an elite of the Sun Moon Tier, and what did three Suns and three Moons mean? The ultimate supreme!

In the Immortal Realm, a tiny difference in tier level would mean an endless gap. What was the notion of his cultivation as a supreme ultimate of Sun Moon Tier? If one were to return Ling Han's strength to the Body Refining Tier, then his would be of the Spiritual Infant Tier!

Furthermore, everyone conformed to the same standard of strength; no one could bypass the ranks in battle.

There would be absolute suppression, so much so that there wasn't any basis to put them together for comparison to begin with. Yet now, a puny cultivator of the Shattering Void Tier actually dared to provoke him, which caused him to nearly explode in fury.

He immediately slashed once with his sword, releasing a three-thousand-meter Sword Ray, which, despite crossing the boundaries of two realms, still possessed great power—enough to kill anyone with a power level of less than twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier in this realm.

The difference of a single Star meant a world of difference!

Pa, Ling Han gave a casual slap with his palm, and the Sword Ray was immediately shattered to pieces. He then stood proudly like a god.


Everyone had mouthed this word silently, full of astonishment.

It turned out that it wasn't Ling Han's full strength before!


This made everyone so emotionally stirred up that their scalps had gone numb, and they genuinely felt that there was hope of splitting open the sky, that it could really succeed.

The beautiful women who had gotten acquainted with Ling Han, such as Qin Lian Yue, Lin Xiang Qin, and Wenren Qian Qian were all feeling excited and also had a sense of loss at this moment. This man was just too amazing. In the beginning, they had all hoped to win him over, but now they could only look at his heroic and domineering figure from afar.

If they were given another chance, they would recklessly push Ling Han down and be done with it so it would then be too late to change anything.

"Hehe, that brat's real strength can be more than that!" Helian Tianyun said softly. Only someone like him who often exchanged blows with Ling Han would know that the latter's ultimate battle prowess was twenty-five Stars of the Shattering Void Tier!

The stronger the strength, the more difficult it was to improve the battle prowess by another Star. The same power of the nation at Ling Han's hands when he was just at the first layer of the Shattering Void Tier could increase his battle prowess by so much as fifteen Stars, but now he could get a boost of a pitiful two Stars.

But precisely for this reason, even if it was only a one-star upgrade, it would give rise to a qualitative change as if he was completely reborn!

Ling Han wagged his index finger towards the middle-aged man of the Immortal Realm, implying: "you are too inferior, this won't do!" He then crooked his finger, which was: "If you have any more powerful moves, just use it. This young master is waiting."

This angered the middle-aged man. They merely qualified to become their "raw materials" for refining an alchemical pill, and actually wanted to rebel now? Had Ling Han quietly stayed in the Lower Realm, when the Immortals descended, they would also be suppressed by the realm powers, and not being able to defeat Ling Han would be normal.

But now that he had taken the initiative to split open the sky, allowing the Immortals to attack with full strength from the Immortal Realm, he could still act so arrogantly?

The middle-aged man slashed his sword multiple times, and three-hundred-meter-long Sword Rays shot towards Ling Han like a meteor shower. Being an ultimate supreme of the Sun Moon Tier, he could no longer stand being actually unable to kill a mere mortal.

Ling Han used one hand to split open the sky, and the other to block incoming attacks.

If limited to strength, his attack was unlikely to break through the barriers of the two realms and smash into the Immortal Realm, but to deflect the attacks coming from the Immortal Realm that had been weakened by the realm powers could be done effortlessly.

In the Immortal Realm, the middle-aged man frowned, and stopped attacking. He finally realized that he couldn't do anything to Ling Han. If he went on like this, he could only watch the other party succeed in splitting open the sky.

He disappeared from the "hole".

"Long live!" Everyone was cheering. Could it be that the five sects of the Immortal Realm had given up? They laughed loudly. Finally, they wouldn't be refined into an alchemical pill.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Ling Han dared not be careless, because who'd send the strongest elite out at first? In the eyes of the five sects of the Immortal Realm, even if he and Ma Duo Bao had the ability to split open the sky, they were only slightly bigger ants. Consequently, they would definitely not dispatch the strongest elite to attack.

Sure enough, in just a few breaths of time, another person emerged from the Immortal Realm.

He was an elderly man, full of white hair and white beard, with a sage-like disposition. On top of his head, there was an awe-inspiring sight of four Suns and four Moons.

The perfection of Sun Moon Tier!

However, it could be clearly seen that he had a sun and moon which was smaller than the other suns and moons. From this, it could be deduced that although this old man had reached perfection of the Sun Moon Tier, he had yet to reach his true peak of cultivation.

Suddenly, the hearts of the people fell once again. Although most people wouldn't know the hierarchical division of levels and corresponding characteristics of the immortal beings, at the very least, they still had some basic understanding. Seeing that there had been substitution by another, the one who was here would definitely be stronger.

"Your Majesty, you must hold on!"

The white-haired old man naturally wouldn't say anything, and directly slashed out with his saber.


Saber Ray crashed through the barrier of the realm towards Ling Han. Although most of its power had been consumed during this process, a six-thousand-meter-long Saber Ray cut into this realm. The saber was filled with godly patterns, exuding might beyond the level of this realm.

'Mystical Powers are really the techniques of the Immortal Realm.' Ling Han nodded inwardly. He had sensed the presence of Mystical Powers from the attacks of the two Immortals. He believed that Mystical Powers were the arts of the Immortal Realm, so whether this technique was strong or weak in the Immortal Realm, it would become a supreme Mystical Power as long as it was placed in the Lower Realm.

He raised his hand, activated the Earth Overturning Seal, and pressed it against the Saber Ray.

Peng, Ling Han was suddenly made to retreat a few hundred meters with a slash.

Sure enough, the disparity of levels at the Immortal level was extremely wide. The other party was obviously a minor level higher than the previous one, but the power of this attack was completely incomparable. Ling Han believed that if these two people were to engage in a life-and-death battle, the middle-aged man wouldn't withstand one blow from the old man.

He waved his hand. It was a bit numb, but it was just that.

'You want to slash me with my physique? You had better be able to unleash Immortal-level strength first!'

The old man was also slightly surprised. In his opinion, one slash from his saber was enough to cut Ling Han into two. 'What's happening here? The strength of this ant from the Lower Realm is somewhat stronger than expected.'

Below, everyone had a feeling of indescribable anxiety. They had just realized that the success of Ma Duo Bao in splitting open the sky had been far beyond reach—the five sects of the Immortal Realm simply hadn't dispatched their strongest elite for the attack back then!

Of course, this would be unreasonable. Why would Immortals come out to prevent the splitting open of the sky? Otherwise, who would be capable of splitting open the sky?

What were they to do?

Now that they had substituted the middle-aged man with a stronger person, could Ling Han withstand it?

The old man on the opposite side was only slightly surprised for a moment. Immediately, there was a series of Saber Rays slashing towards this side. Every slash of the saber was a plain strike, without any special technique. It might be assumed that no technique could surpass the realm barriers and unleash its might on the other side.

Ling Han finally activated the full power of the nation, and raised his battle prowess to its limit.

Twenty-five Stars!

Pa, he grabbed the Saber Rays with his bare hands, and pa, the Saber Rays shattered to pieces with a smash, and even the godly patterns inscribed on them were useless.

It was necessary to know that Ling Han had activated the Earth Overturning Seal. This was also a technique of the Immortal Realm. His martial intent was displayed ostentatiously, enough to counter the godly patterns.

Below, there was a silence, and then there was a burst of earth-shattering cheers.

"Long live His Majesty!"

"Almighty, Your Majesty!"

"How domineering, Your Majesty!"

Everyone was hysterically screaming. It was only with such loud screams could they vent their repressed emotions.

Impressive! They had really vented their frustrations!
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