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However, with splitting open the sky being such a major occasion, how could it be concealed without any leakage of information? Besides, Ling Han also had no intention to conceal it. He clearly told the whole world the day of splitting open the sky, but he did not send out any invitation to others to come and observe the ceremony.

Those parties with keen ears had already rushed over to witness this valiant undertaking, and the sea race was no exception.

However, having experienced failure once, everyone wasn't very optimistic about Ling Han.

As powerful as Ma Duo Bao had been—he was the world's strongest killing formation—he still had gotten killed by the elites of the Immortal Realm. No matter how strong Ling Han was, how could he be comparable to Ma Duo Bao? At least, this wasn't something that could be achieved in the time of just slightly over a year.

If Ling Han was to split open the sky again a hundred years later, maybe there might still be a chance, but now?

Everyone knew why it had to be done now—the day of full invasion by the five sects from the Immortal Realm wass drawing closer and closer. At that time, even if there was suppression from the realm powers, these powerful elites would have the opportunity to burst forth with an Immortal-level attack. With their interference, there would be even less hope of splitting open the sky.

It had to be done soon!

People were praying in their hearts. Ling Han had to succeed, otherwise they would soon be refined into a Realm Pill, using their own lives for the benefit of improving the cultivation of the Immortal Realm's elites.

Thinking about this made them so furious that they were about to throw up blood!

If this day was to come, then they would rather commit suicide than to benefit those f*cking elites of the Immortal Realm!

… This was one of the reasons why the five great sects needed to continuously brainwash them for the past millennia. "Ingredients" ought not to be wasted.

"Brat, are you really sure?" Helian Tianyun asked solemnly. Presently, his strength had already been restored to the peak condition, and even surpassed it. His conventional battle prowess had already reached 21 Stars, which was a lot more powerful than Ma Duo Bao had originally been.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "Haven't you gotten enough beatings from me?"

Helian Tianyun could not help feeling depressed. He had fought with Ling Han before, and the latter did not even need to be boosted with power of the nation to completely defeat him—he was nearly beaten silly.

"You are such a monster, brat. Not only is your physique tyrannical, but your pure strength is also just as frightening!" He rolled his eyes continuously. "Now I am suspecting who is really the descendant of the True Dragon!"

Legend had it that the power of the True Dragon was the strongest, and that had been the reason why the Immortal Realm had used the peak strength of the True Dragon as a benchmark of strength.

He obviously did not have the True Dragon's bloodline, but his power was capable of surpassing him, a dragon descendant with the purest True Dragon's bloodline. This was simply unimaginable.

Ling Han smiled. The True Dragon wouldn't necessarily be the strongest in the Immortal Realm, otherwise the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art would be a joke. Also, one needed not look very far, but just take his fifth disciple as an example. Even if Ding Ping didn't cultivate the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, his power would be stronger than other martial artists of the same level by more than tenfold. In comparison to those of the same level, would the True Dragon bloodline be this powerful?

Therefore, in the Immortal Realm, there ought to be beings even more incredible than the True Dragon.

"Your disciple is also a freak!" Helian Tianyun evidently thought of it, and became more depressed.

As if having one freak appear wasn't enough, now there was a second one!

"But, you really have a lot of room for improvement. Why not wait longer?" Helian Tianyun advised once again. At least Ling Han had yet to cultivate the Power of Regulation.

Ling Han shook his head. After splitting open the sky, the Power of Regulation of the small world would not be applicable in the Immortal Realm. It would only be a waste of time, so he decided that he would cultivate the Power of Regulation after he had entered the Immortal Realm.

"After splitting open the skies, Ding Ping will be put under your guidance for training. I will also pass onto you the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art. If you are not able to train the kid properly, I will definitely cut you to pieces later!" Ling Han said with a smile.

When it came to the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, Helian Tianyun immediately became excited. He said, "I never thought that there is such a technique in this world. I find it unbelievable that there is a kind of power that could surpass the True Dragon! Haha, you just wait until I have successfully completed his cultivation. I will definitely conquer the whole of the Immortal Realm, and make the five sects, the Ao Clan, and the other bastards kneel down and proclaim their defeat."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Haha, don't talk nonsense, or someone will say that I am procrastinating!" Ling Han waved his hand while watching the sky. Suddenly, he flew up.

"I, am splitting open the sky today!" he announced to the whole world through the totem. Once he had finished, it immediately triggered the shouts of the people of the whole world.

He did not intend for every major force to come and observe the ceremony. But, with splitting open the sky being such an important event, Ling Han had long ago informed the world that he would be splitting open the sky today. The moment he showed himself, the respective major forces waiting for a long time in the vicinity just outside the imperial capital all became anxious.

If Ling Han was to fail in splitting open the sky, then they would be forced to accept fate. Taking advantage of the fact that the five sects of the Immortal Realm had yet to invade, they would enjoy their life to the fullest. Then, when the time came, those who ought to accept their fate and those who ought to commit suicide would do so accordingly.

Their one and only hope!

Moreover, after experiencing failure once, especially when it had been incomparably close to success, everyone had developed a vulnerable heart.

He had to succeed!

"Master!" Ding Ping gripped his hands into tight fists. Now, he already knew what splitting open the sky represented, and what Ling Han's failure would signify—doomsday for all living beings! He hated himself—why was his strength so weak that he could only watch helplessly, and couldn't offer any assistance in the least?

"Kid, put great effort into your cultivation. Your future achievements will not be any less than your master's!" Helian Tianyun said. This human gave him a terrifying feeling—undoubtedly, his strength wasn't all that powerful, but it could burst forth a hundredfold. This power was amazing even if he didn't cultivate Spiritual Qi.

Perhaps a freak like him needed not cultivate Origin Power, as it would just be a waste of time. This was because Origin Power could not burst forth a hundredfold in might through his extraordinary bone structure.

Ding Ping nodded. He wanted to share some of his master's burden. He had heard that after entering the Immortal Realm, his master would be forced to become a hostage. How humiliating was this for the sovereign of a nation? Being the latter's disciple, he felt pain as if he was experiencing it himself!

'I must become stronger and be capable of becoming Master's right-hand man instead of hiding behind Master and letting him take the pressure alone.'

"You must succeed!" The Rain Emperor, Feng Po Yun, Mu Rong Qing, Yue Kai Yu, and others said with their fists clenched.

"You must succeed!" Everyone was rallying in their hearts. They held their breaths, feeling nervous and tense like a taut bowstring.

The Lower Realm could no longer retreat!

Yet, Ling Han felt extremely calm. Unless the five sects of the Immortal Realm were as strong as the elites of the Roc Palace, with the level of strength of that elite last time, he was absolutely unafraid.

The issue was that the five sects' power was only of the Sun Moon Tier, so where would a greater elite come from?

His current battle prowess was on a completely different level from Ma Duo Bao's. Furthermore, his physique was the level of Godly metal. From the attacks of the Immortal Realm, after they had been weakened by the realm powers for a while, he could totally destroy them, and they would not be able to hurt even a strand of his hair.

To him, splitting open the sky was merely a journey he had to go through.

Shua, he brandished the Mountain and River Axe.

"Long live! Long live! Long live!" The whole world was rallying through the totem, coming together to form a vast ocean.

Ling Han held onto the Mountain and River Axe. A terrifying force began circulating, and weng, the Mountain and River Axe glowed, emitting endless might.

He was currently all too powerful, and brute force and Origin Power burst forth in unison. His strength reached thirteen Stars, and coupled with the circulation of all kinds of martial arts and secret techniques, his battle prowess had already attained the height of twenty-three Stars.

He had yet to utilize the power of the nation, and it was already Ma Duo Bao's ultimate battle prowess.

Even more frightening was that he still has room for improvement.

Splitting open the sky would take no effort at all!
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