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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 877 Settling Unfinished Matters

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Rong Huan Xuan couldn't help feeling tumultuous fury. A mere mortal actually dared to laugh at him?

Ling Han gave a faint smile, and said, "You are too inferior. Even my disciple looks down on you. Where did you get the courage to act with such arrogance?"

"Damn it!" With a flash, Rong Huan Xuan charged towards Ding Ping. He wanted to suck dry the blood of this mortal as punishment, and wanted Ling Han to lose a disciple so that he could enjoy the expression of agony that would appear on the latter's face.

Boom, thunderclouds were rolling in the sky. Heaven and earth sensed that he had broken through to the Shattering Void Tier, and sent down a Heavenly for visiting.

F*ck this! He would die with regrets!

In the next life, he definitely should not encounter a monster like Ling Han. To be born in the same era as him was a tragedy in itself.

Ling Han felt neither joy nor sorrow. With his current strength, he naturally would not care about defeating the Thousand Corpse Sect, but he had nevertheless eliminated an unstable element. He smashed the remaining two pieces of the Three Lives Corpse Casket with a punch.

The Pond of the Underworld was naturally formed in this realm, so it would be pointless to destroy it. It was formed from the condensed Yin Qi of this realm. Therefore, he could only seal it off below Million Treasures City using a formation technique, but it would basically be impossible for the Thousand Corpse Sect to reactivate it.

Ling Han took Ding Ping back to the imperial capital. On one hand, he had announced to the whole world that Ding Ping was his apprentice. On the other hand, he invited all his subjects for a final conference.

After splitting open the sky, he had to become a hostage. Hence, the Rain Emperor would become the regent, acting on behalf of the highest authority within the government. However, this would not bring about much difference. Ling Han had always been a ruler only in spirit. He practically never dealt with the affairs of the government. As long as he did not die, this would be sufficient. Really, his presence would cause little impact.

This made Ling Han dumbfounded. When an emperor came to this, was he a success or failure?

After splitting open the sky, some clans would definitely be tempted to collude with the forces of the Immortal Realm, disintegrating the Great Ling Empire and causing division within the nation. Therefore, a cleanup campaign would be carried out now. Those who were not loyal would directly have all their powers revoked.

This needed not be dealt with by Ling Han. He made a trip to the Kang Clan.

The Heaven Grade alchemist Kang Zishi could possibly be the descendant of his apprentice, Kang Xiuyuan. But, after Ling Han had enquired, he knew that this Kang Clan could only be regarded as a half-blood descendant of Kang Xiuyuan. The patriarch of the Kang Clan was the adopted son of Kang Xiuyuan. He had no idea how, but anyway, the latter did not enter the Immortal Realm together, but had left behind his bloodline.

Before his four apprentices were found, Ling Han did not intend to reveal his identity. He then left after bidding goodbye, causing the members of the Kang Clan to feel uneasy. What was the meaning of His Majesty?

Ling Han's current power and influence was just too great. In the past, Heaven Grade alchemists were still detached from all. There was no need for them to look up to anyone, but now that all land was under imperial authority, even Heaven Grade alchemists would have to bow their heads in submission.

The Alchemist Society no longer stood detached, but had become a force directly controlled by the government, bringing about further consolidation of the imperial power.

Ling Han also summoned the geniuses of the younger generation. After splitting open the sky, Ling Han hoped that they could go out to make their own mark and improve themselves through trials in the Immortal Realm. After they achieved success, he hoped them to return and serve the Great Ling Empire.

This was of course dangerous. In the Immortal Realm, their background mattered naught. Furthermore, the number of elites in the Immortal Realm was as numerous as the clouds in the sky. Even Ling Han could not compare. Upon leaving the Great Ling Empire, it was inevitable that they would face the risk of death.

But only in this way could the geniuses who came back later become elites.

Wen Yi Jian, Xuanyuan Zi Guang, and others were feeling rueful. In the past, Ling Han was considered to be equal to them in strength, or even inferior to them, but now? The other party had become the most powerful person in the world, but they were still merely at the Deity Transformation Tier.

This had made them acknowledge that there were some people in the world who were peerless monsters, and whom they could never be compared with.

Ling Han gave words of encouragement to everyone. These young people might be the pillars of the future Great Ling Empire, and he had high hopes for them. But, Ling Han wasn't too dependent. For the Great Ling Empire, he carried a greater responsibility. He believed in his own strength. Only by strengthening himself could he become truly powerful.

He would, of course, keep the best for his own people. Ling Han would naturally take the most care of Yue Kai Yu, infinitely supplying him with all kinds of cultivation resources, and even passed on several Mystical Powers to the latter.

However, the passing of Mystical Powers to another wasn't a simple matter. It required the mark of the secret technique to be stripped off from the mind. It was a kind of harm in itself. Therefore, Ling Han did not extensively spread the knowledge of the Mystical Powers, but only passed it on to Feng Po Yun, the Rain Emperor, and Murong, his three adopted brothers.

Taking advantage of this time, he was doing his best to make arrangements as once he split open the sky, he wouldn't have the chance anymore.

Ding Ping, as his fifth disciple, naturally was given priority in being nurtured. In the future, after Ling Han's departure, Ding Ping would follow the Rain Emperor and the others for cultivation practice. Then, he would step out of the Great Ling Empire and learn through his own experiences.

After half a month, Ling Han decided to split open the sky.

He did not invite the whole world. Not that he wasn't confident enough, but rather that he was confident in the success, and thus did not need anyone to witness his greatness.For some the name tribulation will be more familiar.
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