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"I haven't seen you for a long time. This time, I will surely kill you!" Ling Han raised his hand as he greeted and smiled at all of them. "Today, don't even think that any of you can escape!"

The Ninth Underworld King couldn't help but humph lowly. Even the elites from the five great sects would not have dared to utter such gibberish to him. Now, a junior actually dared to show him such contempt! He had never really held Ling Han in high regard—it wasn't Ling Han who had put down the five great sects, and the unification of the four seas was the credit of Helian Tianyun alone.

What did Ling Han do? Only reaping what he had not sown!

"Junior, you are too arrogant!" he remarked coldly.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Evil and unorthodox cult, appearing before me, you had better fall to your knees and accept death!" Hong, endless imperial might burst forth. Pa, pa, pa, pa, aside from the Ninth Underworld King, Corpse Two, and Rong Huan Xuan, the remaining nine people knelt down in unison.

Rong Huan Xuan's entire body was trembling, and blood vessels were even throbbing on top of his skin—the exaggerated protrusion would make anyone who saw it suffer from goosebumps.

In fact, he was incapable of resisting such mighty pressure, but his heart was truly unyielding and unwilling to submit. Thereby, he was forcing himself to surpass his limit of resistance.

Pa, pa, pa, the bones in his whole body were cracking, and tears of blood flowed from his eyes. There was blood spewing from his nostrils and ears. The disciples of Thousand Corpse Sect cultivated Corpse Techniques, and had a pitifully small amount of blood in their body. Although he appeared to be only bleeding from the seven apertures, in fact the damage was extremely major.

"Obstinately choosing to be a corpse over being a good human? Then I will just grant your wish!" Ling Han's eyes shot open, and pa, pa, pa, pa, the nine people on their knees simultaneously dropped dead to the ground.

So what if they were Heaven Tier cultivators? In the presence of his present terrifying power, quantity no longer made any difference.

"Aaaaah!" The Ninth Underworld King was about to go mad from anger. These nine people were the nine Guardian Priests of the Thousand Corpse Sect. Apart from Corpse Boss, Corpse Two, Rong Huan Xuan, and himself, they were the strongest masters and the cornerstone of the sect!

Now, they had actually died before even launching a single strike. How could he not be angered?

"Die!" He brandished the Demonic Noise Saber. Suddenly, the sky was filled with the sound of demonic whistling, which surged violently towards Ling Han.

Ling Han gave a slight push with his raised palms, and the world suddenly became silent.

So what if the other party had the Demonic Noise Saber in his hands? The battle prowess of the Ninth Underworld King was at most thirteen Stars; otherwise, wouldn't he have been able to wipe out the Sword Emperor and the others at the beginning?

"Let me do it!" Corpse Two stood out, his face bearing a cautious expression.

He was an ancient corpse returned to life, and he did not have a bottleneck. Within the Thousand Corpse Sect, he had received the dual nurturing of the Three Lives Corpse Casket and Pond of the Underworld. At present, he had actually reached the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, and his battle prowess was barely at fifteen Stars, only somewhat modest compared to Corpse Boss.

As Corpse Boss was not present, he was the Thousand Corpse Sect's strongest elite.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "If anyone here can block one strike from me, I will spare his life."

"Haha!" Corpse Two sneered. 'This is extreme madness indeed! Do you think you are that dead fatty?' Thousand Corpse Sect had remained low-key all this while not because of being afraid of Ling Han, but the seven Kings!

"What's so funny?" Ling Han said solemnly. He didn't have a good impression of Corpse Two, and directly delivered a slap.


As the single slap flew across, Corpse Two stared at Ling Han with an expression of complete astonishment. He turned to the Ninth Underworld King, and was about to say something when his body suddenly turned into a bloody fog, and directly dissipated into the atmosphere.

'This…! This…! This…!'

The Ninth Underworld King only felt a chill seeping from beneath the soles of his feet, directly rushing to the top of his brain.

Before, Ling Han had said that anyone who could block one strike from him would be spared. This was neither shameless boasting nor overestimating one's capability. Rather, his strength was powerful to the point of defying natural law.

The Ninth Underworld King did not have the courage to block one strike. Immediately, he ducked and leapt into the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

This was the most valuable treasure of the Thousand Corpse Sect that had existed for many years—it was indestructible!

Ling Han glanced at it. He could not help but feel an eagerness to try something out—with his current battle prowess, could he smash the Three Lives Corpse Casket?

He raised his right hand and began condensing sword intent.

For smashing this kind of extremely defensive treasure, of course, the last form of the Three Styles of Black Origin's "breaking the formation" effect would be the best. However, Ling Han did not want to use a Level Ten Spirit Tool to smash it, fearing that Revere Life Sword would also be damaged.

Therefore, he decided to punch using sword intent.

He'd directly smash it using brute force!

His body was at the level of Godly metal—he wondered how many times harder this would be compared to Level Ten precious metal.

Precisely after twenty breaths, Ling Han gathered his strength to the peak before punching out.

The world was eclipsed!

Heng, the Eye of Heavenly Dao appeared, flickering above Ling Han. The power of this punch was too strong, enough to cause devastating damage to this world, thereby making the Eye of Heavenly Dao appear.


As the punch hit, the Three Lives Corpse Casket was suddenly blasted open. One could clearly see the shocked expression on the Ninth Underworld King's face—he was startled to the extreme. This was something that he could never have imagined—Three Lives Corpse Casket could actually be smashed!

However, the Ninth Underworld King was also instantly blown to bits by this terrifying power, and even the Demonic Noise Saber beside him was broken into seven chunks, its demonic patterns completely wiped out.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Ling Han's current strength had reached the point where he could smash a Level Ten Spirit Tool with his bare hands.

Ling Han turned to look at the Eye of Heavenly Dao—this wasn't the original one, for there wasn't any wound on the eyeball.

It would not die. As long as the heavens and earth were still present in this small world, the Eye of Heavenly Dao would be revived. This was only the embodiment of the will of heaven and earth. Its roots were the entire world; as the world was not destroyed, it naturally would also not be destroyed.

However, after ascending to the Immortal Realm, the Lower Realm would only be a part of the Immortal Realm. It would become part of the will of the Immortal Realm. Naturally, there would no longer be any Eye of Heavenly Dao.

"Get lost!" Ling Han said as he pointed to Eye of Heavenly Dao. With his current strength, wiping out the Eye of Heavenly Dao would be an easy feat. However, as everything had yet to be arranged accordingly, he would not split open the sky for the time being.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao exuded a chill. It represented the heaven and earth of this realm, and was the supreme ruler thereof. Now, someone actually dared to disrespect it?

However, it did not make a move, as Ling Han did not violate the rules of this world—there was no reason for it to make a move. If it did not act according to the rules, then it would also lose the meaning of its existence.

In the blink of an eye, the Eye of Heavenly Dao disappeared.

Watching from the sidelines, Ding Ping felt that his hands and feet turned cold as an inexplicable excitement arose within him. 'That is the will of heaven and earth, and it was actually ordered to retreat by Master! The greatness of Master's power could no longer be tolerated in this world. No wonder he has to split open the sky.'

"Hahaha, I have broken through!" Rong Huan Xuan suddenly yelled and jumped up. His entire body was pumped up with powerful Qi, like a tide soaring into the sky.

He deserved to be called a genius. Under intense pressure, not only did he not collapse, but he actually faced the problem head on and obtained a breakthrough. He was instantly successful in crossing over to the Shattering Void Tier—a truly amazing feat.

"Ling Han, I am also in the Shattering Void Tier now!" Rong Huan Xuan bellowed. "I am not afraid of you!"

He was full of enthusiasm, but when his gaze swept across, he could not help but be dumbfounded. 'Where are the Ninth Underworld King and Corpse Two?'

Before, he had been resisting Ling Han's imposing Qi and reached the point of full concentration. He had not realized what had happened during that period.

"Pu!" Ding Ping immediately burst out laughing. Although he had a low cultivation level, he could still see it. Rong Huan Xuan's cultivation level was still far off compared to the other two people earlier. Even those two were no match for a single strike from Master. 'So what if you have broken through, you're still a long way off.'

Was he trying to be funny?
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