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Far away, Ling Han could not help but smile, and murmured, "Then let's just have things become slightly livelier."

Through the totem, he issued a few commands.

"Hehe, if Sea Girl knew that I was making trouble like this, she would definitely say that I, an Emperor, am ignoring my proper duties again, right?" Ling Han gazed at the skies, filled with even more longing for his family, parents, son, and beauties. Who knew how they were now.

Back to the topic, Ding Feiwen immediately raced to complain to the elites of the clan. Naturally, in his words, Ding Ping was despicable and shameless, and had used shameful means to plot against him. He was requesting the elites of the clan to act according to the clan rules and punish Ding Ping harshly.

This, of course, enraged the elites of the clan. This Ding Ping was really inconsiderate. Just because his status of the young master of the clan had not yet been abolished, he actually dared to look down on the rules of the clan?

"Call Ding Ping over immediately!" one of the elites yelled, obviously extremely displeased.


Ding Ping had just returned to his room, had a bath, and changed into a clean set of clothes—which was also his only other remaining set of clothes—and had not yet sat down firmly when he was summoned to meet the elites of the clan.

He knew that Ding Feiwen had to have told tales. However, he had a clear conscience, and followed without hesitation.

The two wound here and there, and very soon, arrived at the conference hall of the clan.

This was the place where the clan would confer on important matters, and also the place where punishments or rewards would be given.

"Greetings, Patriarch and Elders!" Ding Ping was not arrogant, and paid his greetings to all the elites in the hall, then stood somberly, his hands at rest on either side of him.

"Ding Ping, do you know the error of your ways?" one of the elders asked.

Ding Ping shook his head, and answered, "No!"

"Insolence!" another elder suddenly shouted. "You employed a devious scheme to injure Ding Feiwen, and you still have no intention to reflect on your actions?"

"In reply to Seventh Elder, I had not used any devious scheme. Instead, I had defeated him upright and frankly. If the elders do not believe me, I can fight Ding Feiwen again!" Ding Ping said.

"Nonsense!" An elder shook his head resolutely. How could he possibly believe that Ding Ping had a chance of defeating Ding Feiwen. This naturally was the former's deliberate duplicity of the matter.

"There is no need to consider again. I announce that Ding Ping's status as the first heir of the clan will be abolished from this day onwards," the Ding Clan Patriarch said. Half a year ago, they had already considered this issue. However, when they recalled that Ding Ping's parents and grandparents had all sacrificed themselves for the sake of the clan, they had not immediately agreed on this matter.

But Ding Ping's actions today had exceeded the limits tolerated by the clan, which angered them. Now, they no longer hesitated.

Ding Ping had long expected this; this did not cause him any emotional upheaval. However, the fact that the clan only listened to Ding Feiwen's one-sided story made him feel very wronged and angered. This was too unjust.

"I am dissatisfied!" he called out.

"Dissatisfied? This is not up to you to decide!" Seventh Elder said. "Do you think that you are still qualified to be in the position of the first heir of the Clan?"

Ding Ping said, "I am not dissatisfied about that, but instead the fact that you all should not just listen to Ding Feiwen's one-sided story."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"You think that we should believe that you can defeat Feiwen with your own power?" Fourth Elder could not help but burst out laughing; this was a colossal joke. Ding Ping did indeed have some brute force, but he would only be a match for an opponent in the fifth or sixth layer of the Body Refining Tier at most. How could it be that he would be able to match Ding Feiwen?

"Why wouldn't you believe?" Ding Ping retorted. He was still filled with youthful vigor. "Let him come, I want to have a battle with him!"

"Insolence!" Fourth Elder reproved. "Step down quickly. Someone, give Ding Ping three hundred strikes of the staff as a warning to others!"

"I am dissatisfied! I am dissatisfied! I am dissatisfied!" Ding Ping exclaimed, his head high. In this moment, he really wished that he had supreme power so he could suppress everyone else and force them to listen to his words.

"It is a decision of the clan, who are you to express your dissatisfaction?" Third Elder humphed, and said, "Take him away quickly!"

"Report!" It was at this moment that a man rushed in.

"What caused you to be so flustered? Do you not know that we are having a clan meeting?" Third Elder asked in displeasure.

"In, in reply to the patriarch and all the elders, Lord City Master is here!" the servant replied.

Shua, shua, shua. The patriarch of the Ding Clan and all the elders stood up. The lord city master was an extremely noble, highly placed figure, an existence that they could only look up to! One had to know that even the strongest elite in the Ding Clan was only in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and what about Lord City Master? He was an elite in the Flower Blossom Tier!

"Quick, go and receive him!" How could the patriarch of the Ding Clan still remain seated? He hurriedly led all the elders out to receive this great personage.

What character was this lord city master? Why would he arrive personally so suddenly? Would this bring good fortune or trouble to the Ding Clan?

They all stepped out to receive him, and saw a tall man standing at the doors of the clan residence. He looked to be only in his forties, but was exuding a frighteningly powerful aura, which almost made them feel like they were about to be blinded by his brilliance.

For them, the Flower Blossom Tier could be considered gods. They were able to fly and flee through the ground, had a lifespan of about three hundred years, and were much, much too different from "nobodies" like them. How could they possibly be worth someone like that to personally come and pay them a visit?

"Greetings, Lord City Master!" They all quickly knelt, incredibly respectful.

The city master had the surname Liu, with the given name of Zhenshi. He had immediately broke into a run to rush over here right after receiving Ling Han's sound transmission through the totem, and had not even managed to bring a single attendant with him. He laughed shortly, stretched out his arms to help them up, and said, "The Ding Clan has a great celebration, and I have especially come to offer my congratulations."

Great celebration? Where?

All the members of the Ding Clan were at a loss; why were they completely clueless about this matter?

"Could it be that you all still do not know yet? That an outstanding genius of your esteemed clan has been taken as disciple by a great figure?" Liu Zhenshi asked, smiling.


Everyone of the Ding Clan was stunned. Someone who could be called a great figure by the lord city master… how highly placed and noble was a person like that? Spiritual Infant Tier? That was right, wasn't Ding Feiwen just taken as disciple by the Crimson Sun Sect?

This damn brat, he had obviously been taken as disciple by an elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier, yet merely said that he had become a disciple of the Crimson Sun Sect.

Really, how could he be so modest? At times when he should be proud, he really should be proud.

The members of the Ding Clan all thought that they had understood, and all of them smiled in pleasure. Zeze, even the lord city master came over personally to offer congratulations. The Ding Clan was going to become great and soar high.

"Quick, go and summon Feiwen here," the patriarch of the Ding Clan hurriedly said.

In a short while, Ding Feiwen had arrived. However, because he had suffered a punch from Ding Ping, there was a black circle around the side of his eye, which caused his image to greatly drop. This sight caused the muscles on Liu Zhenshi's cheek to twitch; a disciple taken by that Lord… why would he have such conduct?

However, because the Ding Clan had gladly invited this person out, he naturally held no doubts, and quickly said smilingly, "Young Master Ding, congratulations. To be taken as disciple by that Lord, please take care of me in future."

Ding Feiwen was baffled. The elders of the clan were pandering too much, and even the noble lord city master lowered his own status, treating him like some important figure.

What was going on?

He had indeed entered the Crimson Sun Sect, but had not been favored by any great figure! Could it be that there was an amazing turn of events in the script?
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