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Ding Ping's gaze swept across those two people—one was called Ding Yuxuan, while the other was Ding Xingwei. They used to be his own lackeys; if he had asked them to go east, they wouldn't dare to go west. But now, each one of them was shameless and arrogant, not having any respect for him in the least.

In truth, Ding Ping also knew that he had a crippled Spirit Base, and therefore could not have continued to hold the position of the Ding Clan's young master. He wouldn't have found it to be unacceptable should the clan request that he abdicate the position.

But, the vile expressions on these people's faces, turning against him so swiftly, caused him to feel bitterly disappointed.

All of them belonged to the same clan—did they need to be so cold and cynical?

"Right, I forgot to tell you a piece of good news." Ding Feiwen laughed happily. "A few days ago, I went to the Crimson Sun Sect to become a disciple, and I have already been accepted!"

To be labeled a sect, this illustrated that they ought to have at least obtained the backing of an elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier, yet what was the power of the Ding Clan? Only the Spiritual Ocean Tier—this was just too wide of a gap.

Therefore, Ding Feiwen being able to join the Crimson Sun Sect was great news for the Ding Clan, no less than having one's daughter marry into royalty and become the imperial consort. It was no wonder that the Ye Clan would act so quickly, bethrothing Ye Yuan to Ding Feiwen.

This was truly a powerful son-in-law; what would Ding Feiwen's cultivation level be when he came out of the Crimson Sun Sect in the future? The Spiritual Ocean Tier at the very least, possibly stepping into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, or even… the Flower Blossom Tier!

He would be invincible within White Water Town.

"Brother Feiwen, you are so awesome!" Ye Yuan aptly expressed her admiration at that moment, resulting in Ding Feiwen having a great sense of satisfaction.

Ding Ping observed all of this with his own eyes. His heart had already calmed down.

At this moment, he suddenly let it go as he had it all figured out.

Ye Yuan had never really loved him. She was only eyeing his position of Ding Clan's young master and the potential that his clan had once held in high regard. Meanwhile, he himself had liked not the true Ye Yuan, but the gentleness which she had shown him under her pretense.

This being the case, then why should he be sad? For the sake of a woman who didn't like him in the first place… was it worthwhile?

Why bother with these people? They were just living in a pond, without any idea of the vastness of the rivers and seas.

… Although Ling Han did not explicitly reveal his identity, Ding Ping could guess that the position of this new master of his was indeed extremely high; no one could match the dominance expressed within his every movement.

One only needed to refer to the method used by Ling Han previously—in just a short span of one day, it had allowed Ding Ping to be reborn, with his current strength comparable to the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier. Revealing this would surely scare his clan members to death! Furthermore, the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art would allow him to possess the true power of nine True Dragons upon perfection, which was even more amazing.

'In comparison, how could the position of Ding Clan's Young Master compare? And what of being a disciple of the Crimson Sun Sect?'

In the midst of his thoughts, Ding Ping's mindset suddenly changed, and his temperament matured. He was no longer angry; the other party might not have regarded him as a clansman, but he still remembered their previous relations. He said softly, "Please let me pass, I would like to go in and rest."

"Pu… hahaha!" Both Ding Yuxuan and Ding Xingwei burst into laughter. 'Admitting defeat so soon? You are still Ding Clan's young master; as long as your title hasn't been taken away, you are still the leader of Ding Clan's younger generation.'

The corner of Ye Yuan's lips also revealed a careless sneer. Fortunately, she had found out about him earlier; otherwise, wouldn't she have regretted it for a lifetime if she had gotten married to him?

Ding Feiwen laughed loudly. He felt it wasn't good enough to step on this person whom he had always looked up to in the past if the latter didn't have the slightest bit of arrogance! He separated his legs slightly, and said, "Sure, you can crawl through here below me. Afterwards, I won't bully you anymore!"

"Hehehe!" Ding Yuxuan and the others were snickering, and even the two guards were also blatantly gloating.

All of them were mocking him.

Ding Ping looked at them with indifference. He said, "Don't block my way, otherwise… you will regret it!"

"Oh, I would like to see how you're going to make me regret it!" Ding Feiwen said loftily.

Ding Ping strode forward with his fists clenched tightly.

"If you intend to pass through forcefully, then you have really overestimated yourself!" Ding Feiwen snorted. He had awakened his Spirit Base three years ago, and presently, his cultivation level was that of the ninth layer of the Body Refining Tier. If it hadn't been that the barrier to the first layer of the Element Gathering was too difficult to break through, he was sure that he would have already stepped over it.

But this wouldn't be a problem. As long as he entered the Crimson Sun Sect, the sect's upper echelons would be able to give him pointers, and coupled with the provision of resources from the sect, the time for him to break through to the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier was definitely close at hand.

"Move!" Ding Ping was already approaching him.

"Are you even a match for me?" Ding Feiwen made the first move, attacking with both his palms. He knew that Ding Ping had a bizarre strength from an early age, so he shouldn't underestimate the latter's battle prowess which was equivalent to the fifth layer of the Body Refining Tier.

But it was only just that. He only didn't want to be directly hit by the other party. When it came to a real fight, his strength of the ninth layer of the Body Refining Tier would surely crush the other party.


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Peng, Ding Feiwen's palms were forcibly separated by the attack which was like a hot knife through butter as the punch slammed into his face. His muscles were suddenly undulating like water ripples, and his whole body was sent flying backwards.

He severely smashed into the wall and rebounded. He was in so much pain that he wasn't able to get up for a while.

What was going on here?

Ye Yuan, Ding Yuxuan, Ding Xingwei and the two guards were all stunned. How was this possible? That was Ding Feiwen, a person whose cultivation level was that of the ninth layer of the Body Refining Tier, the strongest person among the younger generation of the Ding Clan!

Even though Ding Ping had a strange ability, he had already been surpassed in strength by Ding Feiwen two years ago. However, the clan had been optimistic about his potential, and therefore had allowed him to retain the position of young master.

It was truly unexpected that Ding Feiwen would be defeated with a single punch.

Ye Yuan rounded her beautiful eyes in amazement. Could it be that the other party had been hiding his strength all along? Otherwise, how could he have defeated Ding Feiwen with a single punch even if Ding Feiwen had been careless or had not gone all out in the attack earlier?

Ding Ping retracted his fists and left with large strides as if nothing had happened.

Only he himself knew how emotionally stirred up his whole being was.

This punch… he had been enduring for half a year, and today he finally lashed out.

Launching a punch was easy, but to bring about such an effect had been too difficult!

'Master!' Ding Ping cried out inwardly as if he was addressing a god, full of reverence.

The attitude of his clan caused him to feel bitterly disappointed. Now, he only had one thought in mind, which was to wait for Ling Han to finish his affairs and take him away from this cold-hearted place.

… His parents and grandparents had passed away early. Although he had two uncles, they had basically ignored him for six months now.

"Brother Feiwen!" After waiting for Ding Ping to walk far away, Ye Yuan and the others went to help Ding Feiwen get up.

"That bastard actually dared to launch a sneak attack on me! I am going to lodge a complaint to the clan's elders, and have them use the clan's rules to punish that bastard!" Ding Feiwen said through gritted teeth, his face filled with embarrassment.

Sneak attack?

Ding Yuxuan and Ding Xingwei promptly nodded their heads in affirmation. "That's right! That bastard must have attacked Brother Feiwen sneakily; otherwise, how could he have defeated Brother Feiwen with a single punch!?"

Ding Feiwen immediately glared at the two—they actually dared to mention his defeat.

A glint flashed in Ye Yuan's beautiful eyes—she had to go home immediately to report this matter.
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