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This was extremely amazing.

Ma Duo Bao was so powerful, but his conventional battle prowess could only be twenty Stars; overcoming this limit in battle prowess was indeed terrifying beyond comparison.

… Helian Tianyun would also have an opportunity to reach battle prowess of twenty-one Stars. Given that he had nurtured his second life from the True Dragon Fang, he ought to be even stronger.

In that case, what if he was boosted with power of the nation?

Ling Han condensed power of the nation, gathering its terrifying power which pushed his power up to twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier. This was the limit allowed by the lower realm, and couldn't be upgraded anymore. This was the accumulation of the entire power of the nation of the four seas and the mainland; the limit of this power wouldn't just be twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier.

Other people would not have encountered this problem at all, because their bodies wouldn't be able to bear it, and would explode into pieces before they could reach the ultimate power of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier. However, Ling Han's body had reached the level of Godly metal, and was still unable to accommodate all of it.

Although the power wouldn't immediately come into effect within his own body, it was possible that before taking a strike, similar to how condensing Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth would enhance the power of that strike, his power would conversely be enhanced as well.

"25 Stars of Shattering Void Tier?" Ling Han wasn't sure; this kind of battle prowess was unprecedented, so there was nothing to reference.

In short, he had to be stronger than Ma Duo Bao when he split open the sky, and definitely not by just a tiny bit.

But my actual trump card is my physique! Ling Han thought to himself. When the time came for him to split open the sky, the ultimate elites of the Immortal Realm's five sects would definitely strike again. However, their attacks would be weakened by the powers of the realm, so what if they reached the level of twenty-five Stars?

He still could not be wounded!

"There's a little bit of progress with my cultivation of the second layer of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. My spirit might not have been strengthened, but it has become more stable. Intending to kill me using the heart of martial arts is completely impossible!"

The Indestructible Heaven Scroll was indeed very strange, the focal point being "indestructible."

The techniques of others would increase either their Origin Power or their brute force, but the first layer of his technique increased the strength of his physical body. The second layer of his technique was also similarly increasing the stability of his spirit rather than letting it grow stronger.

I heard that the Immortals cultivate their spirits. If the spirits are placed outside the main body, they will be like another version of the self, yet could still evolve into a gold body as tall as thousands of meters and be millions of kilometers away in an instant—it is extremely amazing.

Even though the Indestructible Heaven Scroll can't strengthen the spirit, it can steadily promote its sense of security, just like the physique.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The current me is strong enough to split open the sky!

However, I must first resolve some issues passed down through history.

Ling Han thought to himself that, upon successfully splitting open the sky and having entered the Immortal Realm, there would be countless powerful forces coming over to compete for control of the lower realm. This… Ling Han would not be able to resist.

Anyone else also wouldn't be able to resist, and would have no other choice but to give in.

According to Yi Shuang Shuang, the great forces of the Immortal Realm would not directly annex a small realm that came up by splitting open the sky, but would absorb it as a dependent country; its sovereign couldn't hold his position to oversee the country, but needed to submit as hostage.

Not satisfied? Then you would be immediately sent to war at the realm's boundary; you would possibly be dead within minutes.

In other words, after splitting open the sky, all living creatures of the lower realm could escape the fate of being refined into a Realm Pill, and even get a better cultivation environment. However, the one who opened up the sky would lose his freedom, and possibly become a country's sovereign in name only.

However, Ling Han believed in himself—shallow waters might be able trap a true dragon for a while, but not forever!

"First, let's go to Wind Moon Sect!"

Ling Han did not bring anyone else; his figure unfolded and rushed toward the Wind Moon Sect.

In the past, he had killed Hu Qing Fang, the only son of Hu Jian Yi, the sect leader of the Wind Moon Sect. He ended up being chased down by Hu Jian Yi. Later, thanks to Feng Po Yun's assistance, Hu Jian Yi had to back out. However, Ling Han said at the time that after his cultivation had reached the Heaven Tier, he would personally go to the Wind Moon Sect and uproot this evil sect.

It was only that he had been busy cultivating so far. It was only now that he finally had some free time.

His current speed was extremely fast, so fast that he had already arrived at the main gate of Wind Moon Sect one day later.

From the outside, this sect did appear rather elegant with white clouds lingering on the peaks, full of an ethereal atmosphere. Yet, this was a place where evil people were sheltered and wrongdoing accepted, hiding unrivaled darkness.

Ling Han raised his right hand, and the Rock Spirit leapt out of the Black Tower. He instructed calmly, "Tear it apart!"

The Rock Spirit immediately burst into a smile—Old Stone was really skilled in things like wreaking havoc. Peng, it rushed out, and slammed on the main gate with a punch, directly blasting it out of the way.

Suddenly, gravel flew everywhere, causing the disciples of the Wind Moon Sect who were guarding the main gate to curse incessantly. When they were hit by the gravel, the pain was so deep that they felt it in their bones—it was unbearably torturous.

"Who are you? How dare you break into the Wind Moon Sect!" they reproved while crying in pain. They would be skinned alive by the sect's elites if they turned back without confirming the identity of the intruder.

Of course, the Rock Spirit would not pay any attention to them. It brandished its long and thick arms, not even needing to smash, and a rising gale already turned those disciples of the Wind Moon Sect into bloody froth.

It had already achieved the Shattering Void Tier, and furthermore had reached the third layer thereof. Thus, such destructive power was nothing surprising.

Ling Han walked with his hands crossed behind him as he headed into the mountains.

"Who are— ah!"

"Stop where— ah!"

"Go and inform the sect's elites— ah!"

A lot of the Wind Moon Sect's disciples jumped out along the way, but they were all immediately smashed to death by the Rock Spirit; even the strong were no exception. When an elite of the Deity Transformation Tier was also smashed to death, no one dared to jump out anymore; they just looked at the Rock Spirit with a fearful gaze.

Just what kind of existence was this? So inconceivably strong.

"Kill all of them!" Ling Han said coldly.

Had it been any other party, he would have shown mercy and given them a way out. At the very least, he would not have killed all of them from top to bottom. However, the disciples of the Wind Moon Sect were an exception because they all practiced a Harvest Supplement Technique. Their lifetime of cultivation had been built upon the sacrifice of countless human lives.

Everyone had a way to kill.

Rock Spirit faithfully executed the order, and its mind shrouded the entire Wind Moon Sect, not allowing anyone to escape. For a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, doing this was just too easy.

"Stop!" Hu Jian Yi finally appeared. Clenching his teeth, he looked at Ling Han with eyes full of hatred and even more fear. It took only a few years for this young man to grow to the height that he could only look up to.

He did know that Ling Han would one day surpass himself, but did not expect that this day would come so fast.

"Stop? Whom are you giving orders to?" Ling Han said with indifference. The Rock Spirit only listened to the commands of Ling Han alone. Of course, it paid no heed to Hu Jian Yi, and kept smashing incessantly.

No matter how far the disciples of the Wind Moon Sect had hidden, it could still crush them to death using a punch from a distance; the gap in strength was really too large.

"If you do not stop, these women will be dead!" Hu Jian Yi said coldly as he pointed to a platform halfway up the mountain.

Ling Han focused his gaze over in that direction and saw that there were hundreds of women sitting on the platform. They were all very young, but now there was a sharp blade placed against each of their necks, and behind them stood a murderous Wind Moon Sect disciple.

"As long as you pledge not to make things difficult for the Wind Moon Sect, I can also swear that this sect will properly practice a righteous path of cultivation from today!" Hu Jian Yi proposed.We might've called it Romance Sect by mistake in some chapters (not) long ago. Well, Romance is another meaning of its name.
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